Liberian Refugees Stranded?

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

April 9, 2004

Photo of stranded refugees sent by Harry S. Bah, Jr
According to information (purportedly sent by the spokesman of a group of Liberian refugees from Mali) received by The Perspective, about three hundred and sixty-five Liberian Refugees enroute to Liberia from Mali have been “stranded because of the refusal of the Guinean authority to allow them entry passage to Liberia” via Guinea. The refugees are also said to have been denied entry into Burkinafasso on their attempt to enter Ghana.

“There have been hunger, sickness as the result of the cold.” A lady subsequently “lost her seven mouth old baby.” We are calling on both Leaders to let us pass through.” The e-mail, sent to media houses also appeals to the International Community to come to the aid of the refugees. “President John K.Kufour of Ghana and also Chairman of ECOWAS, we are dying to go back home,” the e-mail stated

There has been no independent confirmation of the claims. The Perspective has made several attempts to contact one Harry S. Bah, Jr., who claims to be the spokesman for the refugees but to no avail - we got a busy tone on every attempt.