Agnes Reeves-Taylor Responds to Pajibo’s "All Eyes on the Prize"

By Agnes Reeves-Taylor

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

January 29, 2004


Mr. Pajibo,

I noticed in your story "All Eyes on the Prize" that you mentioned that the Former Government of the Liberia was calling on Chairman Bryant to maintain one of the several wives of the exiled leader as a paid employee at the Bureau of Maritime Affairs.

I wish to first of all point out that I am an ex-wife of the former Liberian leader who has held this position for the last four years and may I point out very effectively. Is there a crime in someone being an ex-wife of a leader regardless of what that individual is supposedly accused of? Does this mean that I have no rights as a Liberian or am less a Liberian than you or anyone else?

Not only am I most qualified for the job, but have the experience and have performed well. I believe it is about time that Liberians begin to stop this witch hunting and begin to build a society where all Liberians can live in peace. Anything short of this could continue the vicious circle of reprisals.

I have lived in the United Kingdom for the last five years, four of those in the service of my country. I suggest we get our facts correct before making disparaging remarks about people we know nothing about.

You must be aware that 'Guilt by Association' is illegal. Therefore, please do not begin to allude to any assumed guilt on my part for whatever alleged wrongs that you may accuse the former leader of. I have conducted myself with the outmost respect and have been most transparent in my dealings. The position of the Permanent Representative is a Diplomatic one which does not involve the revenue of the Maritime Programme. It is simply a Representation to the International Maritime Organisation. There is a budget for the running of the office which includes salary and office expenses. That is the extent of the finances handled by that office.

There is nothing wrong with any Faction raising issues of concern and of interest to them, especially if it brings into question facets of the Accra Accord. In the interest of our country, we ought to be trying to pick up the pieces and not start pointing fingers at each other. As you know if this starts a lot of fingers could be pointed in all directions.

I hope this has put some light on things and will help to clarify matters for you. You can contact me for any additional information which I will gladly give.


A. Reeves-Taylor