Liberians Should Learn to be Accountable for Their Actions or Inactions


A Letter by Raymond Jallah

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 19, 2004

Dear Editor,

I am compelled to write you this commendation because I have been a regular visitor to your web site. Most times, I have actually enjoyed reading the articles you carry on your site. I like the way you follow up on issues and continue to keep the world informed.

I particularly took interest in the "Weah for President" saga and have followed the arguments and counter arguments very closely. I particularly enjoyed reading the article "George Weah: Education, Character and Commitment are Important" by John S. Morlu II. This article is so full of information that I think it should catch the eyes of every Liberian. I also hope the information contained in the article is true, correct and not fabricated.

Liberians need to open their eyes to reality. Any Liberian Citizen who meets the requirements of the elections commission who wishes to aspire for any position should have the opportunity to do so. Equally so, it is the responsibility of every nationalistic Liberian to expose the character and past and present deeds of would be leaders of Liberia. To knowingly conceal schemes that have the propensity to plunge Liberia into another senseless war would mean that we did not learn anything from our past mistakes. My opinion is that right now many of our so-called political aspirants are greedy, self-centered opportunists with the primary of enriching themselves under the guise of the Presidency at the expense of Liberia. I think we have suffered enough and need a break.

I actually hope you could convey to the different writers this simple message: Please be prepared to objectively present factual criticism on all of the Presidential hopefuls. We need to discover the wolves in sheep's clothing. They need to be exposed. I think the same level of analysis, critique and background information presented on Weah and his compatriots, going back to how "Weah for President" all started and trying to follow where it is going should be applied to all of the other would be aspirants. I believe the debates are healthy and should pose challenges to the so-called aspirants to respond to the assertions and critiques. We need to know where they stand.

Finally, I like to say to Mr. Morlu, you struck an important and nearly forgotten area, the Legislature!

This is where we actually need educated people who have the competence to legislate for the people and not for themselves. Right now, most if not all of the past legislators have been sycophants, financially poor, can easily be bought and have served at the pleasure of the President instead of actually representing the populace. Many of them did not even know what they were legislating, they were only interested in the benefits that came with the office. Look at the past and present composition of the so-called legislators, how many of them were lawyers or had any remote exposure to law? How many of them actually understand the issues put before them? I think Legislators should be voted into office and they should remain as long as they carry out the mandate of their constituents. They should be voted out irrespective of their 4 or 6 years term if they fail to carry out the mandate of their constituents.

Mr. Editor, once again, thank you for your informative web site and thanks to the various contributors who have made sacrificial efforts to keep us informed about developments in Liberia. Right now in our history, everything and everyone needs to be exposed. Liberians should learn to be accountable for their actions or inactions.

I am a Liberian from Lofa County. I worked for the Liberian government from 1980 prior to the Coup to 2003 when circumstances compelled me to leave Liberia. I currently reside in the US and feel very frustrated to see Liberia continuously destroyed by unpatriotic individuals who continue to divert the country's resources and plunge Liberia into war for selfish reasons. Although it hurts to read about the continuous destruction of Liberia by certain individuals, it is good to know the real enemies of Liberia. Keep up the good work!


Raymond Jallah