Falsehood in Disguise: A rejoinder to “Erecting Checkpoints against falsehood”


By Sheikh Kafumba Dukuly, II

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 4, 2004

It is indisputable that human understanding is the most elevating faculty of the soul. This assertion induces me to pinpoint the flaws that are gravid and replete in Isaac Jackson’s “checkpoints”.

Jackson avers that Tweah is blindfolded when he himself is a chauvinistic supporter of Cllr. Brumskine, a man who claims to be a democrat but lacks a competitive spirit as evident by the LUP’s saga.

Jackson displays a complete travesty of human analysis, by asserting that a vast majority of the Liberian people frown on Ambassador Weah entering politics. This assertion is completely unscientific and Para logical and triggers my agency to wonder on what foundation is Jackson reading jurisprudence. Is this hasty generalization the result of an opinion poll? The answer is irrefutably a No.

Discernibly, one would say that Jackson is apprehensive because his demigod (Brumskine) is sinking into the quicksand of the Liberian political landscape, and the phenomenon of a true patriot is evolving.

I am disappointed in Mr. Jackson. Even if he differs with Samuel Tweah who used to be his mentor while in the undergraduate program (they were both members of the Student Democratic Alliance-STUDA), his conscience should impel him to admit Amb. Weah’s successes for Lonestar, while serving as its Technical Director.

George Weah single-handedly rescued us from shame using his personal cash to settle Liberia’s indebtedness to international football institutions. It is even needless for me to endeavor to enumerate the immense contributions of Amb. Weah to the Liberian society.

Is Jackson saying that Amb. Weah weakness outweighs his strength? Or he is only circumventing reality to expose his prejudiced opinion.

If Steve Biko and Walter Sisulu were flag bearers of south Africa’s heritage and sovereignty, and George Weah hailing from a country of political paradox, was lifting our banner far in Europe, are incomparable, then he needs a deliverance.

When Taylor was emptying our coffers, was Brumskine refilling it? Or he was collaborating with him to boot ECOMOG out of Liberia? Jackson is a fanatic of Brumskine, so why is he simulating to be a free thinker.
It is glaring that my friend is a hater of human development that is why he refuses to accept the receptivity of our constitution.

Which eternal principle is Isaac Jackson building when he only believes in Brumskine? I wonder from whence Isaac Jackson’s intellectual construct comes. If an individual says that “Higher level schooling is not a sufficient guarantor for successful leadership”, does it means that he is succoring illiteracy? Or is education only defined by obtaining LLB, MSD., MA and bla bla bla?

Jackson also laments a George Weah leadership and describes it as a curse. Who is so clairvoyant to determine which leader will be democratic or dictatorial or may be industrious or unproductive?

Jackson assertion founders into self- congratulatory delusion and contradiction. He vaguely analyses the event leading to the ascendancy of President Tubman and insinuated that President Barclay was blindfolded to facts by leaving out Clarence Lorenzo Simpson who according to him was the alternative to the Liberian Presidency. But after all his diatribes on Amb.Weah he could not provide an alternative.

I am saddened that a “Democracy activist” will push an argument to somersault into a farcical nonsense.

How can you appeal to the equity of the Liberian people to spurn their flag bearer, a man that is nationally and universally acclaimed?

Jackson asseverates that a vast majority of the Liberian populace frowns on a Weah presidency. What a contradiction.

My fellow citizens, when a man stands in desecrated vicinity to preach pieties, we need to serve as a mirror to reflect to him his vacuity.

After all the years of manipulation and mass neglect by a selective few, the Liberian people need a nationalist, patriot and reconciler. A person with an unblemished character and personality coupled with respectability.

A leader who will usher in a masses-driven and people-centered leadership to alleviating the suffering of our people.

Finally, I am calling on my friend to reconstruct his political theory. To my fellow Liberians, let us support a populist movement to effect the needed change in our society. Let us not try to disenfranchise anyone but endeavor to reaffirm the beauty of democracy-the vox populi.