University of Liberia President Induction Set for December 1st




By Josephus Moses Gray
Monrovia, Liberia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

November 23, 2004

Finally, a date has been set for the inaugural ceremonies for the induction of the newly appointed President of the University of Liberia (UL), Dr. Al Hassan Conteh, whose appointment in recent weeks trickled confusion at the nation's highest institution of learning, the University of Liberia. This particular convocation ceremony will put to an end the long standing dispute and counter-claims over the University of Liberia presidency.

Recently, the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) and Visitor to the University of Liberia (UL), Charles Gyude Bryant, in consistent with Article 4, section 1 of the Charter of the University, nominated and appointed Dr. Conteh.

But Dr. Conteh's appointment created a serious split within the ranks and file of the UL Faculty Association, one segment rejected to the appointment, while others welcomed it.

Those who were against Dr. Conteh's appointment brought several charges against him. The allegations include alleged financial impropriety, poor human relations and lack of leadership ability; but the accused has denied all allegations and challenged his accusers to substantiate their claims by making public documentary evidence.

Initially, when Dr. Conteh name was announced as the successful candidate for the presidency, ULFA vehemently rejected to the appointment on grounds that
they wanted someone within their system and not an outsider.

But Chairman Bryant who is also the Visitor to the University of Liberia (UL) and Chairman of the power sharing National Transitional Government of
Liberia (NTGL) said the appointment of Dr. Al Hassan Conteh as president of the University was irreversible.

Chairman Bryant made these statements when he addressed a recent news conference at the Executive Mansion on wide range of national and international

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the UL Board of Trustees, Madam Theresa Leigh Sherman has revealed that the UL Faculty Senate and council have endorsed the inaugural ceremonies of Dr. Conteh, an occasion which is expected to be attended by dignitaries, academicians, diplomats, heads of political parties, representatives of foreign missions, government officials including members of the three branches of government, students populace and friends of the