New DSRSG Impressed with GAC Work

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Atlanta, Georgia
December 17, 2009


AG Morlu (L) and DSRSG Soumare share notes
Wednesday, December 9, 2009 was celebrated worldwide as Corruption Day and the independent corruption- exposing and system and control reform agenda setting entity,the General Auditing Commission(GAC) on this same day received the new Deputy Special Representative for Recovery and Governance(DSRSG) of the United Nations Mission in Liberia(UNMIL), Mr. Moustapah Soumare who came on a get acquaintance visit.

The DSRSG who was recently appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon held talks with the Auditor General (AG)of the Republic of Liberia,John S.Morlu II and expressed high compliments to AG Morlu and his team of auditors for the professional work they are rendering to guarantee that public institutions have well-organized and effective system and control that will enhance sound fiscal management and that the fight against corruption is sustained for the best interest of the Government and the people of Liberia.

DSRSG,Soumare said that he was impressed with the model practiced by the GAC in terms of secondment and tapping into the resources and skills of other supreme auditing institutions in producing the set of audits done in li\ne with international auditing standard.

Mr.Soumare:I am greatly impressed with AG Morlu achievements in this short period of time and at least appreciate the government concern for the fight against corruption. I see a will power on the part of government in the fight against corruption as attested by the dismissal or suspension of public officials for corrupt practices.

Quizzed by journalists about what he thinks is the greatest challenge of the GAC,he observed that the challenge is the next robust and concrete step that ought to be taken after audit.

Soumare noted that everybody must join the fight against corruption.He said the Executive,Judiciary and Legislative branches of government must go the extra miles in ensuring that all of the over 400 audit reports recommendations captured in the GAC audit reports are implemented for the smooth enhancement of fiscal propriety,system and control and efficiency in public sector.

The DSRSG further praised the Auditor General and the GAC for not merely restricting their works to audit but other vibrant areas of reform like governance,structural reform, internal control,system and process,draft budget review,institutional reform,etc;all intended to prevent the occurrence of corruption.

The DSRSG then reaffirmed UNMIL commitment to assit the GAC .He recounted the collaboration between both entites in the GAC validation of audit recommendations captured in the 25 audit reports produced by the GAC and UNMIL technical support.

For his part,AG Morlu thanked the DSRSG for his get acquaintance visit.This, he said,will provide the platform for direct insight of the GAC.

He then lauded the collaborative effort of United Nations in the GAC validation program.

Commenting on GAC’s five years Strategic Plan(2009-2013),AG Morlu averred that the European Union and President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have expressed willingness to assit the Commission in the successful implementation of the Strategic Plan.

He also highlighted World Bank,UNDP and the assistance of other international partners to the GAC.

Morlu then intoned that the sole intent of audit is not for punishment ,but limits the opportunity for public officials to siphone public monies and create the appropriate platform to put into place effective system,process and control that will deter and prevent waste,fraud,missue of public fund and fiscal mismanagement.

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