Another Year Comes To An End

By Gbe Sneh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 17, 2009


Shall we take stock now? Yeah. The bad continues to get in our way. In the US, hecklers, tea party people, and false prophets - Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reiley, Beck,…add your own, are going all out to thwart reformation into a more caring society. .

We know false prophets are not confined to these shores (US) that millions are using for refuge. They are all over the motherlands, particularly the Third World countries. In Africa, these are the tyrants and looters; they cheat; they steal; and they kill. We have ardently pursued them, and they are on the run. The evidence is in democracies popping up across Africa. Steadfastness in opposing constitutional changes crafted to perpetuate term of office is also an encouraging sign. Now, there’s willingness to work together through regional integrations, stepping stones to an African Union dream of Continental Integration.

We must not relapse into that awful comatose mode, where we sit pat and let a few ruin it for the billions on Earth.

It is only a far fetched dream that, one day, “Peace Shall Rein Forever, And Ever”. At least, we know it is not close to happening at this Christmas under review. Wars and Hate are threatening to cause developed nations to do the unthinkable - both implode and explode. And the underdeveloped nations are besieged by looters and killers. Obviously, there’s a whole lot left to do. And we must not let up!

Maybe, next year.

This sets the stage that we must enter the coming years with renewed vigor and resolve to keep public enemies in check. (Please, we are not talking of “public enemies” of the Nixon kind!) We know who they are - they live among us! We have declared war on Public Enemy One; we must wage it, and we must win it. We just have to get tougher in our attempt to stamp out this development retardant - corruption.. It is simply a disease we must cure, come what may.

I truly believe that, for the longest time in human history, we do have a genuine interregnum taking place. A short window of opportunity now exists to aid in overturning the old order, or it could get worse. An arduous task, yet one that must be undertaken to give the world a chance at being a peaceful place for mankind. Hi-Tech is the default tool to use in effecting this change. We all saw that the Obama Campaign did with this tool. Practically everyone now owns a cell phone. How powerful! Can the WHOLE WORLD get the same TEXT MESSAGE? How wonderful! Networking to save our world is now possible. Those nations that are trying to close this avenue to their people will be left behind - they will miss the MESSAGE. How sorrowful!

So, where is Liberia in all this? That’s the main concern. Liberia has come a long way from the destructions of civil war, and the brisk rebuilding schedule has taken its toll. But despite the fatigue, we are obliged to ask, ‘What’s next?’ Running a nation is a twenty-four-seven affair. What better argument is there for paying for the president’s home! So, there’s no room for complacency. There should be no complacency while elements, both in government and the public sectors, are bent on cheating the masses. Millions being siphoned off public funds could support hundreds of low-end budget programs in our villages.

Our wish and resolution for the New Year - 2010 ought to be self evident. We wish those who are stealing will stop doing that, and we must be resolved to aggressively pursue them if they don’t.

There’s a certainty that those who are stealing from the people will not stop until they are caught. They are like dope dealers, and like my friend would put it, “The money sweet them pass!” Let’s set traps to catch some of them in the coming years - a Christmas Stocking Stuffer for Liberia.

I can‘t resist to end with this biblical quote, “By their spending habits, you shall know them.” They say some of those returning from America have introduced “bar-b-que” as a higher form of refreshments and entertainment in Monrovia. So, if you see someone burning up a lot of beef instead of putting it in the pot to stretch-cook it to feed plenty people, this Christmas, just call the police. LOL! It could be your money. Bar-b-quing amid scarcity does not sound right, and should raise a red flag.

We do hope that 2010 is “The Year Of The Law Enforcer” We hope to see headlines that read something like this;

City Comptroller Convicted of Embezzlement (pic)
Assets Confiscated (pic)
Proceeds used to build a small clinic in Chinakaleh, (hope you know your Liberian geography.)


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