Resolution Of The Executive Committee Of Liberty Party

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
May 11, 2010


WHEREAS, the Liberty Party (the “Party”) realizes that on all aspects of governance—the fight against corruption, accountability and transparency in fiscal management, reconciliation, or the general quality of governance under her leadership—the Sirleaf administration has proved wanting, and the government has been an utter failure; and,

WHEREAS, the failure of the Sirleaf administration, be it evident by rampant corruption that has characterized her government, land dispute that her government is unable to settle, ethnic or religious strife that her government fails to resolve, refusal to hold municipal elections, or outright abuse of the Constitution and laws of Liberia, has begun reawakening and energizing the inequities which led us down the path to civil unrest; and,

WHEREAS, but for the assistance of the international community—security stabilization by a United Nations force, international debt relief and waivers, internationally sponsored health programs; internationally sponsored capacity building programs, among others, Liberia would have remained a failed stated; and,

WHEREAS, the Liberian nation and people are urgently and desperately in need of change of leadership with a sense of direction; and,

WHEREAS, a group of farsighted Liberians have constituted themselves as the Organizing Committee for the formation of the Democratic Alliance of political parties (DA); and,

WHEREAS, the Organizing Committee has resolved that shall serve as an umbrella entity for bringing opposition political parties together, and shall not become a political party; and,

WHEREAS, the DA has further resolved that no person with presidential ambition shall be a member of the Organizing Committee of the DA, serve as an executive of, or hold any other position in the Organizing Committee.

REALIZING, that the ensuing Presidential and Legislative elections are less than eighteen months away; and,

REALIZING FURTHER, the call of Liberians from all walks of life to opposition political parties and opposition politicians to put selfish ambition aside, come together, and rid the nation of the failed administration of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

NOW, THEREFORE, the Executive Committee of the Party convened on Saturday, May 8, 2010, in a Special Meeting, upon the call of its National Chairman, Israel Akinsanya, and resolved as follows:

1. That the Party shall without delay proceed to work and collaborate with the Organizing Committee of the Democratic Alliance (the “DA”) to ensure the full and successful realization of bringing opposition political parties together to contest the ensuing Presidential and Legislative elections.

2. That the Party designates its Chairman to serve on the Executive Body of the Organizing Committee of the DA. The Chairman, with the advise and consent of the Executive Committee, shall designate three other individuals to serve on the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee of the DA..

Dated this 8th of May, 2010.


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Israel Akinsanya Marayah LWM Fyneah


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