GAC Employees Asked To End Go-Aslow

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
May 26, 2010


I am asking all GAC staff to come to work. I believe in your professionalism. I see no reason why state security should arrest anyone at GAC for doing his or her official duties. This is a country of laws. While I support the decision of senior management to slow down on work to avoid any violent clash between GAC and NSA, again I see no reason why state security will come and arrest a staff of the GAC for doing his or her official duties.

The situation of Saturday with NSA was unfortunate. I understand the frustration on the part of the GAC staff of being constantly attacked and intimidated. But due to the type of work you do as Supreme Audit Institution, you are bound to be attacked. Exposing corruption is not an easy task anywhere in the world. We have been through this for the past 3 years and appreciate that you have continued to exercise outmost professionalism and integrity in your work at the GAC.

Again, all GAC staff should return to come today and continue your normal daily routine.


John S. Morlu II

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