President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Expresses Utmost Dismay and Total Dissatisfaction Taken by NSA Director Fombah Sirleaf

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
May 26, 2010


President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf expresses utmost dismay and total dissatisfaction with the action taken by NSA Director Fombah Sirleaf, in an attempt to arrest a staff of the GAC commission.

The President reaffirms that this government does NOT and will NOT resort to the infringement of Human Rights or arrest of anyone without due process.

One can understand the frustration of many whom have been accused by the GAC, but they too, MUST follow the rule of law and exercise their constitutional rights under the rule of law, if they feel the accusations by the GAC are unfounded, or untrue.

The President has always conveyed to the Auditor General that the use of the media as a means of getting their message across undermines the processes that will address the ills in the society particularly corruption.

The President has conveyed a message to the Vice President, to ensure that tempers are cooled and responses are restrained on all sides.

Signed: _________________________

Cyrus Wleh Badio
Press Secretary to the President
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