Pleebo-Sodoken District Reaffirms its Support to SIFCA Investment Operation in Maryland County

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November 18, 2010


Editor’s Note:
George H. Nubo
A youth delegation of the Nyanbo Development Association headed by its advisor, George H. Nubo, left for Pleebo-Sodoken District on the 17th of October 2010 on a Conflict Resolution Mission aimed at finding a mutual way forward for the District and the SIFCA Investment that has been given the management amenities for former Decoris. After five days drive from Monrovia due to the bad road condition between Nimba and Maryland Counties, the team arrived in Pleebo on the 23rd of October and began work on the 26th.

Government has given the former Decoris to SIFCA, so the message of the team was a reaffirmation for

the acceptance of the company by the people of the District and to carve a resolution highlighting strategic issues that the District needed SIFCA to do in terms of the short, medium and long-term social, economic and development benefits of the locals.

Equally important was efforts aimed at uniting the people (Nyanbo people) of the District because the SIFCA issue had created rift amongst the locals.

Achievements of the trip include the following:

 Commitment by the County Authority to drop charges against the people who demonstrated “illegally” against the company

 The issuance of motorbikes by SIFCA to all Clan and Paramount Chiefs and commissioners of the District

 The unanimous decision for the carving and presentation of the resolution published below

 Commendation for the presentation of the Resolution by the SIFCA Management, terming it as a very good document that would be used as a working tool and copy to be sent to the company’s Board Members for perusal.

 Commendation for the presentation of the Resolution by Senior Senator John Ballout of Maryland County.

Members of the delegation Include:

Stevenson Dweh
Ezekiel H. S. Nubo
|Nathaniel Chilaquia Wilson
George H. Nubo
Benedict B. Williams

The Resolution:



Whereas, having had conflict resolution and peace building consultative meetings with a cross section of the Gbolobo, Klebo, Pleebo citizens, spearheaded by the Nyanbo Youth group under the banner of the Nyanbo Development Association in Monrovia.

Speaker Solomon Nyanati of the Klebo Chiefdom
Meeting Held in Sedeken
Oldman Gbuoh Wleah Doteh makes a point in Gbolobo
sedeken meeting
Whereas, we the citizens of the Six (6) sections of the Pleebo/Sodoken District, having met on Saturday, October 30, 2010 in Sedeken the headquarters of the Pleebo/Sodoken District in a Conflict Resolution and Peace Building Conference, do hereby resolve to reaffirm our support to SIFCA Investment operation in Pleebo / Sodoken District, Maryland County, Republic of Liberia.

Additionally, we commend SIFCA Investment for its commitment to roll-out a plan that includes the following planks:

1. Preference for employment opportunities for the Citizens of Pleebo / Sodoken District

2. Tribal reserved Land of 25 acres of Land for each of the 9 Towns in MOPP operational areas.

3. A Scholarship Scheme under which SIFCA has already made the first payment of US$29,000.00 to the Federation of Maryland University Students in Monrovia, and

4. The compensation for the existing crops on the Decoris Land.

In furtherance, we wish to present the following concessions in addition to the above mentioned for your immediate and prompt action to address them.

1. To finance complete construction of a District Commissioner Compound or Administrative Building in Sedeken, the headquarters of the Pleebo Sodoken District. We will submit the blue Print in due course.

2. To rehabilitate existing roads and bridges and construct new roads where the need is necessary to allow our people to have easy movement within the District.

3. That a scholarship grant be given to the students attending the Tubman University (TU) in Harper from Pleebo Sodoken District, Maryland County, Republic of Liberia.

4. That the Administrative Structure/ Management and offices of MOPP be separated from that of CRC; meaning the office should be relocated from the premises of CRC and have a different management.

5. That SIFCA assist the Pleebo / Sodoken District in engaging the Government of the Republic of Liberia to pay the cash value for the properties and crops that were damaged by the former Decoris Oil Palm Company. It is believed that Government of Liberia conducted a survey on this issue and gave the document of Claims to the victims, but regrettably the Government has not addressed the issue. We strongly believe that this is one of the primary causes that propelled some citizens in the initial resistance to the Company’s operation.

6. That SIFCA also assist in engaging the Government of Liberia and related organizations to look into the issue of former Decoris Workers’ compensation.

7. That Pleebo be considered and included in the plan for your Company for reserved Land in CRC operational areas,

8. Rehabilitation of existing schools and clinics within the District.

9. The rehabilitation of road linking Gbololu and Gbolobo and the construction of a bridge over the Nedilloh (Decoris River) adjacent to the proposed factory site of the former Decoris Oil Palm Company. This road was constructed in the early 1980’s by the Decoris Oil Palm Company. Prior to the civil war, it facilitated the movement of people and goods in the area, residents had access to markets, hospitals, clinics, business partners and relatives in other parts of the country.

10. It is believe that some chiefs are receiving assistance from the Company, this assistance should be done openly and across the board and documented so as to reflect social contribution of the company to the District. And since the commissioner being the head of the district should first be prioritized.

11. To assist the County Government to layout the City of Pleebo and construct a football stadium for the City of Pleebo.

12. To construct a clinic within the Gborlorbo Section of the Pleebo-Sodoken District.

13. That the District Committee on application vetting particularly the Pleebo Sodoken District representatives including Lawrence Kyne, Dennis Wah Russell and Orland Karbeh should be given the authority to do the selection for those seeking employment. This will reflect transparency in the employment preference for the District. We have observed that the District Representatives’ function has been usurped by some Chiefs and Adsima, Field Manager MOPP.

Done this 30th day of October in the year of our Lord 2010, in the City of Sedeken, the Headquarters of Pleebo/Sodoken District, Maryland County, Republic Of Liberia.

Members of the Resolution committee are as follows:

1. Ezekiel H. S. Nubo -------- Representative Youth Group NDA, Monrovia

2. George H. Nubo ----------- Advisor, Youth Group NDA, Monrovia

3. Stevenson K. Dweh-------- Representative Youth Group NDA, Monrovia

4. Jacob B. Wah--------------- Member

5. Nathaniel C. Wilson ------ Representative Youth Group NDA, Monrovia

6. Lue W. Nyemah-----------------. Member

7. Annie P. Hne--------------------- “

8. Victor N. Williams ---------------- “

9. Samuel W. N. Scott -------------- “

10. Thomas H. Wilson ---------------- “

11. Lawrence B. Y. Kyne ------------ “

12. E. C. Wa-Weh-Seh Aggrey ------ “

13. Nathaniel N. Nimely -------------- “

14. Nyemah Cooper ------------------- Representative, NDA, Harper City


1. ___________________________ 3. _______________________________

Hon. Jacob B. Wah Hon. Sunday Hne Cooper

Clan Chief – Pleebo/Gbolobo Clan Clan Chief – Gborlorbo Clan

2. ____________________________ 4. _______________________________

Hon. Christian N. Williams Hon. A. Bodio Gedeh

Acting Clan Chief – Twansiebo Clan Paramount Chief

Klebo Chiefdom

5. ___________________________ 6. _____________________________

Hon. Isaac C. Heney Hon. Edward Nyema

Clan Chief – Gedetarbo Acting Paramount Chief

Twansiebo Chiefdom

7. ___________________________ 8. ___________________________

Hon. Joseph S. Williams Hon.John Dennis

Clan Chief – Klebo Clan Elder Twarsiebo Chiefdom

9. ___________________________ 10. ___________________________

Hon. James Weh- Toe Hon. Gbou Wleah Doteh

Elder Gedetorbo Elder Pleebo / Gbolobo

11. ___________________________

Hon. Solomon Q. Nynetee

Klebo Clan

Attested: _____________________________

Hon. Aloysius T. Hne, Sr.
District Commissioner
Pleebo/Sodoken District
Maryland County/Republic of Liberia

Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President Republic of Liberia
Minister of Agriculture
Superintendent, Maryland
Maryland Legislative Caucus

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