What is the purpose of life's journey? Asks Senator Taylor

A Presentation at the launching of NDC

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

May 31, 2011

Mr. Chairman, Officers and Members of the National Democratic Coalition of Liberia;

Distinguished Platform Guests;

Members of the International Community;

Officials and Members of other Political Parties;

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen; well wishers, Friends;

Fellow Liberians;

Standing here today, on the verge of a new chapter in the history of our Nation, let us pause and give thanks to the Almighty God, by whose divine Mercy and Grace, our paths have crossed and our feet set upon a journey of Faith. I am of the abiding faith that our God who has preserved us, will continue to keep us until our task is complete. Today I pray for God’s unfailing love and mercy to continue to flow in our Nation and to every Liberian citizen. To God alone belong honor and glory – for he is indeed worthy of our praise. Amen.

Fellow Liberians, today marks a fresh start in the history of our Nation; one pregnant with new hopes and a renewed determination to continue to march forward with greater dedication; thereby utilizing all of our energies and capacities for the rebuilding of a more prosperous and equitable Nation.

There are times that all of us ask ourselves, what is the purpose of life’s journey? I believe the answer lies in these words:

“To assume the economic and social wellbeing of all Liberians without exception; as well as to create a secure enabling environment for our foreign friends who reside within our borders and to extend a hand in friendship and love to our neighbors and the general human family.”

With this statement in mind, today as we prepare to embark upon this journey of Faith, permit me to pay homage to those fallen sons and daughters who have gone before us, their life’s blood paving a way for those of us who follow; granting us an opportunity to stand upon their shoulders. They are indeed the giants of today, whose lives and experiences have opened our eyes to see farther and clearer; and our ears to hear “the Nations heart wrenching cry for equality, justice and peace; thereby enabling our hearts to respond to this cry with our unwavering commitment to duty and purpose. May we all stand as we remember the Patriotic sons and daughters of Mama Liberia, both living and in sainted memory.

I thank you.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, fellow Partisans, I am exceedingly humbled and gratified to have been given this unique opportunity, to make special remarks on this auspicious occasion, the launching of the National Democratic Coalition (NDC). I am however grateful to be a part of our history at this critical juncture in our Nation’s continued quest for equality, peace and progress. With this in mind, permit me to say, that even today in our Nation the cause for the elimination of the struggle of our people continues and so one may repeat the slogan of yesteryears – In the cause of the people the struggle continues.

Today, as we begin our forward march, and set on a quest to engage the incumbent in a decisive presidential and legislative elections, all Liberians must be proud, that the all-participatory democratic process that began years ago by political stalwarts; like D. Tweh, Juah Nimley and others; have been actualized and has taking solid roots in a society once alien to multi-party democracy and full participatory governance.

I am proud to say, that those of us alive today are beneficiaries of this noble heritage. As a result of the struggle of our people – centered political movement, all of our people from Belle Fassama to Wakpeken; from Feesibu to Sanquin; from Zoe-Geh to Tuzon; from Pleebo to Giogor; can now participate in the decision-making process of our Nation. Through the blood, sweat, and tears of Liberians around the Nation and in the diasporas, we can now truly say “that never again will the decision making process in our Nation be the exclusive prerogative of an insensitive, privileged few, but will instead be the legitimate right of all Liberians”. This right will be exercised in October 2011 and the people will make a wise decision as to the way forward for all Liberians.

Distinguished Liberians, fellow partisans, well wishers and friends, I am of the opinion that we have gathered here today not only to witness the beginning of the activities of the National Democratic Coalition of Political Parties; but more importantly that we gather at this place in time to agree to seek a common platform that would allow every Liberian to:

“Look back in history,
See the realities of today, and
Consider the limitless possibilities for tomorrow.”

And in so doing accept that there is now more than ever before, a compelling need for the practical demonstration of the spirit of reconciliation, genuine friendship and love, and a recommitment of all of our resources to creating a more equitable Nation. With this realization the challenge we have is change and how to achieve the results we all want to see.

“Change for a truly better Nation. For I can say without fear or favor that the existing conditions and trends have become intolerable for a majority of our people, and therefore unacceptable.”

The quest of the participants of the NDC is for the fulfillment of this National need. This need is exemplified the cry that resounds throughout the length and breadth of our Nation; that can only be quenched by the sheer will of all of us, in a joint struggle for true National Unity, Equity and Reconciliation. Fellow Partisans, permit me to say rather bluntly – that in order to make our long sought National dreams a reality, we must and cannot work from the narrow premise of who we are or where we come from. We must instead act collectively upon the positive basis of what we stand for and what we will do to bring the dreams and aspirations of our people to reality.

My message is simple: For those of you under the sound of my voice who remain fearful or, doubtful or carefree, or distressed or discouraged. Let me resound that the time is at hand to set again the National compass for a sterner course, one demanding true sacrifices for the attainment of our compelling national objectives. My friends, fellow Partisans, the hour is late and we must move forward with lighting speed; and chart a course of determination and courageously move ahead with speedy implementation to fulfill the dreams of our people. There must be no deviation from our path, as we work together in the interest of our common patrimony. Beware that in doing so, we shall not countenance incompetence and inefficiency; corruption in thoughts and action; dishonesty in practice and anarchy in comportment. But upon the central point of a direction now set – we must with muscle and mind, build clear across the National landscape, the machinery for greater productivity, provide the enabling conditions for full participatory governance and develop the systems for greater enlightenment of all our people; remaining steadfast in our crusade to bridge the ever widening gap between the haves and the have not’s.

This generation owes it, not only to ourselves, but to generations yet unborn – to once and for all create the Liberia of our dreams. I am of the deep conviction that the vehicle for doing so is the National Democratic Coalition; made up of ordinary Liberians with extraordinary dreams to indeed complete the task that lies ahead. Being ever cognizant that a great Nation can only be built by all of its great citizens – Not only a few.

Fellow partisans, as we commence this struggle let each of us beware that the eyes of our people beam down upon us, because we embody their aspirations for a rapid upliftment from the deep pit of poverty, inequality, ignorance, and hopelessness. We must not, and can not disappoint them. Keeping in mind:

“That the end of the institution, maintenance and administration of government is to secure the existence of the body politic, to protect it at all costs, and to furnish the individuals who compose it; with the power of enjoying in safety and tranquility their national rights and blessing of a fulfilled life; and whenever these great objectives are not obtained, the people have a right to alter the government and to take peaceful measures necessary for their safety, prosperity and happiness.”

Today, I ask each of you here and under the sound of my voice to join us in utilizing this right to change this government through the democratic process of your votes.

For this reason we will endeavor, under the banner of the National Democratic Coalition to walk by the ways and highways of our Nation with our message; in a fight to uplift our Nation to its noble destiny. As we begin this march let us therefore be ever watchful of those who would seek by wicked and devious design, to divide us with empty promises of gain that will be only an empty bag at end. Let our energies; rather, be applied to putting into place constructive efforts aimed at improving the quality of life of our people, and the preservation and enhancement of the unity and solidarity of our state.

As exciting as this may sound fellow partisans, we cannot achieve our goals unless we join forces and ensure a united front. We must, each of us, do everything within our power to unite all patriots under one big canopy; with an unfailing belief and trust that indeed there is room for all of us.

Let me say to:

• Tamba the wheelbarrow man;

• Sayti the young woman with big dreams;

• Tunape the market woman;

• Gbehzongar the farmer;

• Saa the builder;

• Mary the young Liberian millionaire;

• Hawa the house wife;

• Asatu the trader;

• Jebolo the student activists;

And others,

That the die is cast, join this progressive fight to restore our Nation to its true owners, the people of Liberia.

Stalwarts, Patriotic Citizens, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, the amalgamation of opposition forces is a sure formula for a resounding victory in 2011, one that signifies the beginning of the end To Broken Promises, some of which were:

Promises made
Promises broken
Corruption will be public enemy number 1 Today it is public friend number 1
Papa will come You are not qualified to work
Liberians will be able to afford to take

Proper care of their families; there will be

Jobs everywhere

Homelessness despair, unemployment, downsizing of key members of our society
Every Liberian will be able to afford and have access to basic services No affordable and accessible basic services like Lights, Water and Hospitals
No opportunity to work You have only a University of Liberia Education
And many more.

For these and many more broken promises, I say to all of you vote a resounding No to a one party rule and an end to policies of exclusion. Yes, my brothers and sisters, our great union will certainly bring an end to lost dreams and aspirations.

This ripple imbues a reaffirmation of faith and renewed determination to move ahead for the common good of all. Let me say:

• To those without a party – join us;

• To those who were members of political parties but are now disenfranchised; join us;

• To those who have lost their leaders in the scramble for top party positions – join us;

• To those seeking a home – join us.

• To those who have been booted out of their parties-join us

• To those who are ready to lift their sleeves and work to create a better Nation – join us.

• There is room for you at the National Democratic Coalition (NDC).

I am convinced that opposition political parties working in concert, with determination and consistency of purpose, will succeed in this new era; where together we will work to secure the fulfillment of the most cherished dreams of our people. Our dream of returning the Republic of Liberia to all Liberians, irrespective of social, political or economic stratification is not just a dream that is possible, but one that is just and right.

We want a Liberia in which all Liberians will have equal access to opportunities - whether you are from the Diaspora or not. A Liberia in which, whether you are a Yana boy, an ex-combatant, a rural farmer, a pen pen rider, an ex-warlord, a traditional chief, a businessman or even a bourgeois; you too can pursue your dreams and aspirations without stigmatization, fear or favor and that you will be granted the same opportunities afforded other Liberians.

Distinguished Partisans, we must therefore seize this opportunity, uncompromisingly, to reaffirm our commitment, as a united force, to the new and existing challenges that lie ahead; we must henceforth maintain a tenacity of purpose and exemplify the dominating influence of our philosophy.

In closing, permit me to call upon all of our people, in every place, and in every way – to be a part of this struggle for change; to be breakers of all walls that divide us, and builders of all the bridges that are needed to unite us. Coming together as a single united working force; let us march throughout the length and breadth of our Nation with our message:

“That the NDC is the bridge that will carry our Nation into the destiny long desired by our people”.

Join us in carrying out this sacred duty, adhering to the maxim that “the art of progress is to preserve order admits change and to preserve change admits order”. Let us make new positive history for our beloved Nation, by building upon the inheritance left by our forefathers.

“With God above, our Rights to prove, we will over all prevail”.

God bless our Native land.

I thank you.