Who is Inviting VP Joseph Boakai to Minnesota? Russell’s ACER or Erasmus’ Renegade Unity Party?

By Varney Anderson

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia

June 11, 2011

The Vice-President of the Republic of Liberia, Honorable Joseph N. Boakai is due in the United States in the next couple of days. Since his visit was announced, huge controversy has been growing regarding the planned visit.

The controversy is surrounding the fact that no one knows for certain who is behind the Vice-President’s visit, who extended him the invitation to visit the United States. Moreover, what is the actual purpose of his visit? To be clear, the Vice-President’s visit is supposed to take him to Minnesota and Maryland. The head of the so-called group – “African Career, Education and Resources Inc (ACER)”, Mr. Winfred Russell, has admitted that the invitation to the Vice-President did not originate from his group, and that he came into the picture very late. According to Mr. Russell, he and his group (ACER) were brought on board to organize the Vice-President’s visit due to his “expertise.”

However, Mr. Russell has not come out outright to state who brought him and his group on board to organize the Vice-President’s visit. Another twist to this whole saga is that Mr. Russell was apparently brought on board to only plan the Minnesota program, but his group name was put on the flyer for the Maryland program.

To complicate matters further, one Mr. Samuel Cooke of Minnesota – who is a member of Mr. Erasmus Williams’ Minnesota renegade Unity Party---stated that it was his group (the Minnesota Renegade Unity Party) that invited the Vice-President to Minnesota. Mr. Cooke is on record for saying that Mr. Russell is a member of the Minnesota Renegade Unity Party-- and that at one of their meetings---they appointed Mr. Russell as chairman of the planning committee.

But to their utmost surprise, Mr. Russell took things and ran with it and made it appear like it was his so-called ACER that was inviting the vice president to the Twin Cities. But looking at how things are shaping up, it certainly appears like ACER is the renegade Unity Party in disguise, because the top leadership of ACER is part of the renegade group. Renegades are renegades; no matter the name they take (ACER, MLA, LMA, etc.).

Mr. Russell even went as far as making it seem like he had collaborating partners in the Liberian Ministerial Association (LMA) of Josef Howard, the Liberian Women Initiative of Doris Parker, the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM), etc,. But to the amazement of everyone, none of these groups knew about the details of the Vice-President’s visit. Mr. Russell apparently put these groups under the pretense that the Vice-President’s visit to Minnesota was non-political, and that the trip was meant for the Vice-President to establish a sisterly relationship with the City of Minneapolis and Monrovia.

As I stated in an earlier piece, the Vice-President’s planned visit to Minnesota is once again showing the true color of Liberians – division, and our so-called national leaders are at the forefront. Our so-called national leaders are destroying Liberia! To get a full grasp of this whole mess, you’ll have to fully understand the mess that our beloved MAMA Liberia is in.

Liberia is being run like a friendship club. Our national leaders are running Liberia purely on friendship and family basis. The invitation to the Vice-President to visit the U.S. appears to have come from Mr. Gayah Fahnbulleh’s version of Unity Party, which the Renegade Unity Party of Minnesota falls under. Mr. Fahnbulleh is apparently a close friend to Vice-President Joseph N. Boakai and his Public Policy Adviser – Sando Wayne. So, because of their close friendships, our Vice-President of the Republic of Liberia decided to use Liberian taxpayers’ money to serve the interest of his friends, even if he ignores all established protocols.

My fellow Liberians, you will agree with me that a country is not supposed to be run this way. Our sweet land of Liberty deserves better! These guys are killing Liberia. It is like everyone is seeking relevance. It is not about what’s best for Liberia, but what’s in it for a connected few. The Vice-President should be ashamed of himself by undermining the interest of Liberia.

Liberia is bigger than any one person, even Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. It is okay for them to have division in their Unity Party, but they shouldn’t put Liberia in the mix. If the Vice-President has something against Cllr. Varney Sherman, Liberians and Liberia should not be the victims.

For all I care, they can go ahead and backstab each other in the Unity Party, but Liberia’s interest should always come first! Liberia is too good for all this nonsense, so please stop!