Liberian Ambassador In France Brutalizes Housekeeper, Breaks Victim's Teeth; Liberian Community Complains to President Sirleaf


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
January 25, 2013

The leadership of Liberian Association in France is appealing to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to take drastic action against the Liberian Ambassador to France, Mr. D McKinley Thomas for brutalizing and breaking the teeth of his house-keeper, Mr. Joseph Richards.

The Ambassador’s brutality against this poor Liberian shocked the entire Liberian Community in France.Ambassador Thomas has accused the victim of stealing his One thousand United States Dollars which he later found in his coat suit the same day the incident occurred.

The incident which took place in April 2009 has reduced Mr. Richards to using false teeth while Ambassador shows no concern to underwrite the medical bill of the victim. The case was compromised by the staffs at the Embassy to avoid Ambassador Thomas from being arrested by the French police and subsequently expelled from the country. Instead, the case was reported to the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of state for Presidential Affairs in Monrovia but nothing came out of the complaint.

We want to inform the President that it was the former Secretary General of the Liberian Association in France, Mr. Richard Parjloh and his Cameroun wife, Martha Parjloh who used their hard earned personal cash to take the victim to the hospital for treatment.

We are appealing to President Sirleafto please take strong action against this Ambassador to serve as a serious deterrence to other public officials from assaulting and abusing their workers. We are also asking the President to protect the victim because the Ambassador is planning to have him dismiss if this case was brought to light.

We also want to inform the peace loving people of Liberia that Mr. Randy Jones who is on an official visit in Liberia is the legitimate Secretary-General of the Liberian Association in France. In 2010, he replaces Mr. Claude Parjloh who resigned his post as Secretary of the Association due to family’s engagement.

Mr. Jones recent press statement in which he exposed Ambassador Thomas’ ill-treatment of his domestic staffs and workers meets our full support and consent of the leadership of the Association.

We are also cautioning the Liberian people especially the media not to dignify any statement from Mr. George Carr Nyemah who is impersonating as president of the Association. Mr. Nyemah was expelled from the Association on June 10, 2009 for criminal act and also dismissed in 2005 from the Liberian Embassy in France by Ambassador Thomas for forgery.

Mr. Nyemah, a paid agent, belly-driven and an imposter, has received a One Thousand Euro bribe from Ambassador Thomas to protect hisunpleasant deeds from the sight and ears of the Liberian people. Mr. Nyemah has criminally embarkedon discrediting the Liberian Associationas a means of confusing and misleading the public over Ambassador Thomas’s brutality against his house-keeper. He promised to reward Mr. Nyemahwith a job at the Embassy by replacing him with the First Secretary, Mr. Albert Amet who died recently.


We also want to inform the public that the statement that was published in several local dailies early this week by imposter GeorgeNyemah was sponsored and prepared by Ambassador Thomas in the presence of Mr. Nyemah on Sunday at his Ambassador’s residence on 12 Place du General Catroux.

We are challenging Ambassador Thomas to prove beyond all reasonable doubts that he did not brutalize and break the teeth of Mr. Richards. We have official medical report in our possession to that effect while eyewitnesses are willing to testify against the ambassador. The Ambassador is using his influence with top brass at the Foreign Ministry and money to suppress the case while Joseph Richard is living with life time wounds compelling the victim to use false teeth.

Another situation of a serious concern is the case of Mr. David Williams, Chief Cook of Ambassador Thomas who went blind from cooking. Mr. Williams was blind for four months and needed One thousand –Five Hundred Euros (1,500euros) to undergo eyes operation based on doctor’s recommendation but Ambassador Thomas shows no concern and deliberately failed to assist his cook to undergo eyes’ operation to regain his sights.

It was again Richard Parjloh and his Cameroun wife, Martha Parjloh who used their personal cash for the Ambassador’s cook to undergo operation and regained his sight. This is the Ambassador Mr. Nyemah is defending because of One Thousand Euros.

Finally, on behalf of the leadership and members of the Association we want to extend our thanks to Mr. Claude Parjloh and his wife, Mrs. Martha Parjloh for underwriting the medical needs of Ambassador Thomas’s House-keeper, Mr.Joseph Richard and the Chief Cook, Mr. David Williams.

The Parjloh’s family has been very helpful to the Liberian Community in Paris. The attached official’s documents from the Embassy and the Association debunked Ambassador Thomas and Mr. Nyemah’s claims.

Below is the contact for the victim and others: Joseph Richard (House keeper) 0033-634-298-494; Claude Parjloh(who took the victim to house) 0033-7601-97436; David Williams (Ambassador Cook)0033-6100-30759 and YatahTuoway(President of Liberian in France)0033-66166-8184.

The diplomatic officers at the Embassy are fully aware of the incident and should be contacted to clarify while they compromised the case to the detriment of their fellow workmate Joseph Richard; they need to speak out because their continue silence gives different interpretations. There is a report that the Ambassador may likely bribe them or threatens them with dismissals as the case of imposter George Nyemah who promised his integrity.It is a disgraceful that diplomatic officers at the Embassy will sanctioned the brutality against their own Liberian without them reporting the case to the Liberian Government.

Approved: YatayTuoway


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