Dismissed Staff of the General Auditing Commission Call for the removal of Auditor General Robert Kilby

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 12, 2012

Illegally dismissed staff of the General Auditing Commission are demanding the immediate removal of disgraced Auditor General Robert Kilby on grounds that he lacks integrity and the requisite professional competence to manage the Commission.

Evidence gathered glaringly indicates that the controversial Auditor General has grossly violated the public trust via his involvement in diverse financial and administrative malpractices which is punishable under Chapter 53 Section 2 of the Executive Law of 1972 which states that the Auditor General shall be removed by the president for gross malfeasance or gross nonfeasance in office or for mental or physical disability or incompetence.

Thus returning to the GAC under the administration of Kilby is not an option. We see it as complete selfishness should we agree to return under Kilby who is grossly hungry to conspire with rogue elements of the regime to dump the country and its people.

Our battle to oust Kilby is purely based on principle intended to protect the resources of Liberia and ensure its efficient and equitable distribution that will improve the living standards of Liberians.

The almost 50 redundant employees say Kilby decision to dismiss trained and experienced auditors is a full scale declaration of war on transparency and accountability and by extension the people of Liberia with the key objective to conspire and loot national resources and to derail the peace and stability being enjoyed currently.

It is absolutely unrealistic and unacceptable that the Auditor General will cite economic and budgetary constraints as reason for laying off almost 50 youthful professionals in the face of continuous economic growth. Kilby's lazy argument demonstrates that he does not understand the domestic economy and has implicitly accused the Central Bank of Liberia and its Executive Governor Dr. J. Mills Jones for cooking the numbers on the performance of the National economy.

In the current 2012/2013 national budget both the President and the National Legislature allocated 4.715.625 million for personnel cost with an increment of US$852,709. This indicates that Kilby's claims of budgetary constraints is a complete misrepresentation of facts intended to incite the public against the Legislature and the Executive.


Aggrieved Concerned Employees (ACE)

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