The National Lorma Association in the Americas Warns President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


An Open Letter To Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President Of The Republic Of Liberia


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
June 26, 2013


The National Lorma Association in the Americas, NLAA, has learned, with dismay that the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government is in the process of negotiating with an Indian company for the mining of Wologizi Mountain in Lofa County. In this light, the NLAA joins concerned citizens of Lofa in particular and of Liberia in general in appealing strongly to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, her son and our Uncle, Vice President Boakai not to turn Wologisi mountain to an Indian company or indeed any company without the full involvement of the people of Lofa County.

As sons and daughters of Lofa County, our concerns are heightened by press reports that most likely, negotiations for the exploration and mining of Wologizi Mountain have already begun. If this is true, we strongly oppose the non-involvement of our people and we unwaveringly insist on this opposition until we, as a people, are involved in negotiations for the mining of Wologizi which sits in our backyard.

We also call on the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government to ensure that benefits from the mining of Wologizi inure to the people of Voinjama District, Lofa County and indeed, the nation of Liberia, not be limited to a select few as was the case of other mining concession activities in Liberia. To that end, We strongly maintain that various companies be vetted to ensure fair competition in keeping with procurement laws of Liberia.

In closing Madam President, we cannot overemphasize how strongly we feel about Wologizi Mountain as we are the custodians of this reservoir of mineral resources. We therefore rigidly insist that we be part of the negotiations for mining the mountain, that environmental protection and other safety mechanisms are ensured, and that significant benefits from the mining accrue to our people in both the short and long terms. Anything short of these Madam President will be resisted strongly and consistently by our people. In that regard Madam President, we, as a people of Lofa county speak with one voice regardless of the number of different resolutions, press releases, etc., you receive on the Wologizi Mountain issue.

We thank you for paying attention to our pleas and pray for the best for Lofa County and Liberia.

The National Lorma Associations in the Americas, NLAA

Andrew Jallah, national President
…, Chairman of the Board

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