Open Letter To President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf…

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
August 2, 2013


Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf:

The recent state of affairs in our country seems very troubling and despicably disheartening. We have seen the return of social injustices and corruption in government, as well as your lieutenants embezzling state coffers with impunity while thousands of Liberians languish in abject poverty. It is apparent that you have no desire to curb down on these unhealthy vices that has the propensity to recreate a chaotic atmosphere in our already fragile country.

The little peace that we have been enjoying over the years was extended to us by the United Nations as a courtesy to help us rebuild our country, but you snatched the responsibility to steer the republic for seven years. Then, you became reluctant and fail to put functional and transparent institutions in place. You have chosen the old order instead, “business as usual”. And worst of all, you deliberately refused to prosecute your friends and relatives who embezzle state coffers.

Furthermore, our disenfranchised youth majority have repeatedly requested your attention in this matter to no avail. They respectfully submitted their grievances to you through our elders, religious leaders, chiefs, and even your Vice President in a democratic spirit, but once again, you and your lieutenants seem to display a passive-aggressive attitude to their cries. You arrogantly ignored their legitimate complaints. And so Liberians continue to cry for justice, staging demonstrations to protest their dissatisfaction with your wanton  attitude towards the nation. Your behavior seems to indicate that there’s nothing wrong with nepotism, rampant corruption or social injustices.

Moreover, you continue to give us bogus reasons to justify why your children, relatives, and friends should be placed in high government positions, thus redefining nepotism to suit your monarchic-trusteeship-imperialistic-presidency which is flanked with some international criminal gangs to purposely embroil the nation and deplete our natural resources even further. You seem to have no room for God or moral consciousness to align your spirit to do the right thing, and so you’re doing exactly what you had planned some 35 years ago: Self aggrandizement.

Ellen, you know fully well that interjecting God into your soul would have given you some sort of moral consciousness which would have shifted your wicked and diabolical  plans for Liberia, and compel you to do the right thing. But you have chosen to uphold the old order  to the detriment and suffering of the Liberian people.  So regardless of how much money the world contribute to the development of the Liberian economy, the economy remains stagnant.  More than 17.5 Billion Dollars has been dumped in Liberia that barely has 4 million people… You even authorized one of your cronies in your government to disseminate misleading and erroneous unemployment information in which he quoted that the unemployment rate has dropped from 80% to less than 10% during your seven years rule. And once again, your administration provided yet another ludicrous reason to justify this madness as usual. We are sick and dishearten by your inhumane, wanton and reckless behavior towards the economy and Liberian people.

During the past seven years you have been enjoying the charade as Chief Executive of Liberia. We have seen you recycle your corrupt lieutenants, friends, and relatives in the name of “cabinet reshuffles”, pretty much like what we say in Liberia, “putting old soup in new bowls”. You misled your supporters to think that you had the political will power to make a difference and so they began to call you “The iron lady”. But unfortunately, you continue to dash their hopes, and the dreams of many Liberians who had long for a better Liberia after many years of uncertainty-the uncertainty you created when you sponsored Charles Taylor to desecrate Liberia and plunder our resources including the lives of our fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters.

You knew exactly what you were doing when you decided to orchestrate a civil war for Liberia. You were bent on making our country a trust territory with no real national army or security in place for you and your cohorts to loot our natural resources.

God is not partial. He gave you the chance to do what you said on the BBC in 1990 when you told Charles Taylor to level Monrovia, and we (you and Charles Taylor) will rebuild it. Rebuild it? Ellen, you can’t even manage Monrovia. You have failed miserably. And the U.S. considers your era to be an extension of Charles Taylor criminal empire. If your lieutenants are wise enough to read the writings on the wall they will take the nearest exit and leave your corrupt administration alone.

The United Nations said they have expanded more than 17.5 Billion Dollars in Liberia. Where did it go? Where? Do you have a break down of 17 Billion Dollars? Don’t tell me it went to road projects in Liberia, because we could have built 10 highways around the country, water and electric plants, modern international airport, stimulated the economy, and still have plenty left to expand on higher education. So, how was the funds expanded? HOW?

You have denied our people of basic social services, more importantly, the health services. You take the liberty of flying out of Liberia to seek medical attention in other countries while leaving our hospitals to be poorly managed, and in some cases managed by some of your incompetent friends.

Tell me, how many times have you visited the John F. Kennedy Hospital or other hospitals in Liberia during your seven years jamboree? You drive by J. F. K. many times during the week that is if your feet are not in the air to an unknown destination that only God knows where and why.

Today, most of our productive citizens who desperately need medical services fall short by seeking attention from John F. Kennedy Hospital. Liberians continue to refer to J. F. K. Hospital as meaning, “Just for killing”, because of the poor medical services at the hospital. So Ellen, where is your heart? Do you have a conscience?  Under these circumstances your name ‘The iron lady’ fits you perfectly. You’re heartless! You do have an iron heart towards our country. Furthermore, the Liberian civil war that destroyed our country was through your instrumentality as chief architect; this is what we call annihilation.   

You took an exception to John Morlu’s claim that your administration was ten times more corrupt than Charles Taylor and Samuel Doe combined. Do you still intend to trash his findings? You lack the clear-cut vision to resuscitate the economic life of the nation; unable to empower the Liberian people; you’re shortsighted.

It’s a shame that Africa has lots of decent women, but you were able to manipulate the political stage in Liberia to masquerade as the first African female president. What a pity… The child that will be great… You claimed greatness in your book. But let me ask you some thing Ms. Sirleaf, great in what context? What’s your definition for great? Hitler destroyed so many lives. Was he great? You orchestrated a war that destroyed so many lives just like Hitler comparatively taking into consideration the population of Liberia.  Have you asked God for His mercy? Have you truly asked the Liberian people to forgive you for your horrific style of annihilation? Do you still think you’re a great person?

You have become a tyrant and refused to look in the mirror. You have admitted to having knowledge of the 2005 elections fraud which worked out in your favor, and the results from the 2011 elections still speak volumes. Former U. S. President Nixon had to resign because of the “Water Gate”. Do you even have an ounce of his consciousness? NO… You don’t. No wonder why you have been behaving like a monarch in a make shift democracy where a senior senator tells the world that he got you and the elections chairman to manipulate elections results. Do you really call yourself our leader, dictator, or tyrant?

Mahatma Gandhi said, “When I despair, I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it, always. Whenever you’re in doubt of  God’s will, the way the world is meant to be, think of it, and then try to do it His way.” Self aggrandizement is not the Liberian way.  Is it? Do you think God’s will for Liberia is for you to mulct the nation with impunity of its wealth and natural resources? 

Sad to say, but I have absolutely no respect for your kind-no respect for one who hides behind feminine gender to make our country a haven for economic genocide, while clinging on to avaricious self aggrandizement. Get out!! You and your cohorts or so-called progressives took us for a ride for thirty-five long years; you had more than seven years to purge yourself, and your crony Amos Sawyer had five but did nothing. Now do the math for the rest of the wasted, none productive years you’ll gave us. You’ll put us 100 years backwards and still refuse to quit.

Get out! RESIGN IMMEDIATELY. This is not a request, but a divine revelation for you. Pray and you will get your confirmation! Your position as Commander-In-Chief of Liberia is spiritually terminated with immediate effect, because you never had the right spirit to do the right thing for Liberia, and refused to purge that manipulative anarchic spirit that dwells in you. GET OUT…THE LIBERIAN PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN, YOU MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY.  God has spoken also. RESIGN NOW.

You will be charged for economically sabotaging the state. You will have your day in court. And I pray that God keeps you healthy and alive for your trial. You will be prosecuted for economic genocide against the republic in the presence of international observers.

May Almighty God bless our glorious land of liberty and put our nation on the right path-the path you and your failed lieutenants deviated us from for so many decades.


I remain a Liberian forever

D. Garkpe Gedepoh

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