Congress for Democratic Change NEC must stop political gallivanting

By Charles B Russell

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
May 9, 2014


The National Executive Committee of  the Congress for Democratic Change letter sent to presidential hopeful, Benani Urey suggests that the CDC popularity amongst the younger generation is eroding at a fast speed and can no longer bragged as a strong opposition political party  in the Republic of Liberia. Evidently, CDC is strongly built around one man’s personality and if you doubt me, minus George Opong Weah, CDC political fashion show will come to a closed. CDC must stop these small time political gallivanting games with the people of Liberia or be prepared to pay a political price this 2014 and come 2017. Obviously, we know what a strong political party is in a modern democracy.

Be aware that an opposition political party is a sin quo non in a democracy as it serves the people’s interest by making the government of the day put its feet on the ground to deliver quality leadership but disappointedly, the Almighty Congress for Democratic Change is focused on attacking fellow partisans in the media thereby creating division and disunity within the party. Notwithstanding, most of those who ran on the CDC ticket and got elected are only pretending to be opposition within the National House of  Legislature; but in actuality, they are in political matrimony with the ruling Unity Party. Bet! They traded themselves for presidential travels, wine and dine with the status quo and let us not forget the big brown envelopes in exchange for allegiance. Furthermore, CDC continues to fading the hope and aspirations of those Liberians who had put their trust in the leadership of CDC. Opposition is not always necessarily a dissenting voice, but must proffer workable alternative solution to society problems for good government in waiting when the government in power inability to deliver basic social needs to the people.

I am not certain that Mr. Urey is being listed as an official of the Congress for Democratic Change but let us agreed he is a partisan, a donor or sympathizer, he does not need to seek permission from the Executives of CDC to express his interest to seeking the highest office in Liberia. And those of us who are not members or least sympathizers of CDC sees it fit to support his desire and referred to ourselves as “Friends of Benani Urey;” let all hear that we are determined to give him our unflinching support. We are entitled to that as Liberians under our freedom of choice.  I can unequivocally say that in no uncertain terms that Mr. Urey will not resist a group of volunteered Liberians to honestly support his presidential desire.

Therefore, it is no secret that the “Friends of Benani Urey” are working to solidify his political strength in the Diaspora and across Liberia and the world over. It is no doubt that the momentum is growing in every city, town and village. The “Friends of Benani Urey” believes that a good politician must be able to negotiate from his position of strength and if the National Executive Committee of CDC sees it as a political threat to Mr. George Opong Weah, let them retreat from politics. What is disappointing to many of us who believes in the democratic value is, the National Executive committee of the Congress for Democratic Change without any party primary is hand picking Mr. George Opong Weah as their party standard bearer and no other party member should challenge Mr. Weah. Senator Joyce Musu Freeman is an example as she was axed by her fellow CDcians and now vowed to run for reelection as an independent candidate for the Montserrado County senatorial seat.  This CDC NEC is driven by pragmatism rather than principle and their undemocratic action undermines democratic value in every shape and form. Accept this as an advice.

Charles B Russell

James Wright
That is correct mr. Russell,they are disorganized and do not know what to do.
James Wright at 05:47AM, 2014/05/15.
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