Voice of the Voiceless

By Wollor E. Topor, PhD.

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
Posted July1, 2014


Oh brave Liberian Media
Take advantage of press freedom
No need to fear and never hesitate  
To expose and correct wrongdoings
Thwarting serious efforts of
Prosperous dreams for which Liberians
Offered their lives, and that Lion did not ran away
But defeated in battle and caged
Yet still the aggressive and treacherous Hawk
Has made us its prey, having deceived us
Oh Mother Land, you’re the wealth and treasure
That we have craved for so long
But the crooks have denied you from us
Even though you’re ours
Heavenly Father, give us strength and unite us as One
Against those who desecrate our land
As our native land is not yet free

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