A Melancholy of the Dead to President SIRLEAF on July 26, 2014


By Cecilia Hippe

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
Posted On August 3, 2014


"... I would like to introduce you all to our Liberian Sister, Ms. Cecelia Hippe…. Who has written this powerful piece of prosaic work ….welcome, and get a load of what the spirits are saying to her …she calls it A MELANCHOLY OF THE DEAD TO President Sirleaf on JULY 26, 2014".
By Richard ELLIS


Cecelia Hippe

Dear Old Ma Sirleaf,
We are still waiting to hear from you oh. Your time is running up and our wounds still hurt. We have all lost our bodies but our souls and spirits are hanging around carrying the little parts of us they can hold. We are still Liberians oh. Why no one is talking about us?

Fahnbulleh will not talk for us.
Sawyer will not talk for us. 
Tipoteh will not talk for us and 
Mathews is no more around oh. 

It is hell here oh. Our souls and spirits are still in Liberia with you. Those of us with feet are walking in the rain and mud hopping their steps would be heard. Outside of your window looking toward the beach, a whole family was dumped there. Their babies are still in their mothers arms crying for breast milk. There are many spirits of children walking around in Monrovia looking for their bodies. On the bridge and around Providence Island many people are sitting and waiting but no one is telling them "Come Home!" Many are stocked kneel deep in the mud of the Du River. They are frozen in time. Some are running along the highways but going nowhere. There are many young girls who were raped and their souls are waiting for the babies to be born. This gloomy war is still around here. The sounds of guns, people screaming, running, crying, falling, bleeding, and even jumping into rivers or forest. Some are still running into homes of strangers who are very weak to protect them.

Why no one is talking about us? We are still Liberians. We hear cars go by, the calling of church bells, people dashing in the bushes to poop, and all the noises of the markets. We want to join you people but we are only bodiless spirits and souls. Some of us have tried running to JFK Hospital hoping our wounds will be treated but the dark stairways tripped us. Plantains, bananas, cassava, pawpaw, and rice all around us. We see and smell them, but no one giving them to us. We are hungry oh. Our heads are down hopping to be noticed because we are voiceless. 250,000 dead people walking around Liberia. It is cold, wet and dark here. We are very scare. President Sirleaf please take the lead and advocate for us 250, 000 dead Liberians so we can finally rest in internal peace.

Johnson can no more protect us.
Kromah can no more protect us. 
No one sees Konneh, Roosevelt, or Boley and 
Taylor is not around again oh.

So Old Ma Sirleaf if you too can no more help us like Fahnbulleh, Sawyer, Tipoteh, Johnson, Kromah, Konneh, Roosevelt and Boley, come join us so 251,000 Liberians will be waiting for someone to talk for them. We are still here.

We are Liberians too.

Happy Independence Day this July 26 2014.

And remember our souls and spirits are hanging around Liberia waiting for someone to talk for them.

Culled from FaceBook, and posted by Richard ELLIS, 1 August 2014

Sarr Abdulai VANDI
Authentic voices from the netherworld by a credible intermediary who knows the truth.

Are the culprits listening?

Sarr Abdulai VANDI at 08:07PM, 2014/08/03.

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