Mobilizing US$4 millionTo Identify With The Ebola Fight

Open Letter To President Sirleaf From Ruel Francis Dempster

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
August 7, 2014


President Sirleaf

Dear Madam President:

In consonance with your call for all Liberians to join hands in addressing this national emergency -the EBOLA epidemic, I have the honor to proffer a suggestion; which in my humble estimation, will provide additional resources, and demonstrate to our people and our international partners that we are overwhelmingly committed to fighting, containing and yea eradicating this plague from our country. In this connection, I would like to advance the suggestion that a minimum of 50,328 government employees from all three branches of government (Including the public corporations) be targeted to make a contribution of $4,035,000 directly to the Ebola Fund Drive through salary deduction.

This initiative, Madam Chair of the Ebola Task Force, could be executed through a consultative retreat with your colleagues from the other two branches of government. This gesture  will not only  inspire Liberian citizens in the private sector, residents and others in the diaspora to do more, to augment the financial resources now being made available to the Task Force, but will also send  a positive signal to our International Partners.  I am convinced that no Liberian official or employee will harbor reservations or qualms if you passionately/forcefully advocate for this proposition as a national sacrifice to identify with rescuing our country from the deadly Ebola virus.

Your Excellency, may I gently suggest that the breakdown takes the following form: 103 legislators contribute $5,000 each; about 20 highly paid officials ($10,000 plus monthly in benefits and salary) contribute $5,000 each; 200 other employees (making $3 – 6,000 or more in salary and benefits) contribute $2,000 each; 5 Justices contribute $5,000 each; 40,000 other employees making more than $150 contribute $50 each; 10,000 employees making more than $250 contribute $100 each. This will generate the $4.035 million stipulated above. These amounts could be deducted over a three month period – maximum. With access to actual data, a more solid and fairer distribution could be made.

Select Security personnel and healthcare workers should be exempted from this exercise; as they are on the front line.

It is my sincere hope that Your Excellency will accept this suggestion in the spirit it was given as my personal contribution to our national struggle against the scourge of Ebola and thereby muster the political will to implement same.

We must all join the “Save Liberia” efforts.


Sincerely yours,

Ruel Francis Dempster

CC: The Honorable Speaker
The President pro-Tempore
The Chief Justice
The Media

Wellington newton
In the meantime, Sir Francis, I hope you enclosed your personal check of at least $1,000. Our group, Crowd 50, is putting together our contribution. My contribution will be part of that group's.

Wellington newton at 06:58AM, 2014/08/07.
Jerry Wehtee Wion
At the Wednesday, August 6, 2014 Town Hall Meeting between Liberians in the United States and Vice President Joseph Boikai, I suggested to the Vice President that soliciting money from Liberians is a good thing but that government officials must first take the lead by donating portions of their salaries to fight Ebola. I then reminded the Vice President that the President of Sierra Leone initiated such move where he and all government officials of Sierra Leone donated portions of their salaries to help fight Ebola, and the S. Leone president also placed a ban on all government officials from traveling so that the savings would go to fighting Ebola. I told our VP that our leaders must lead and set examples and then Liberians in general would be motivated to give money to fight Ebola. VP Boikai did not bother to address my suggestion and his remarks were recorded which I will air on my LANS news program.
Jerry Wehtee Wion at 11:03AM, 2014/08/07.

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