The Bad Hygienic Behavior Of Some Liberians

A Letter to the Editor

From Rev. Fr. John Edgar Freeman

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
August 9, 2014


Dear Editor:

I embrace the efforts everyone is making to fight Ebola out of Liberia. 


I just want to draw our attention to a few bad sanitary behavior some of us Liberians have. Most of our people have the behavior of urinating anywhere - in the streets, open places, at the eaves of our houses or someone's house, just anywhere. Not only that, but some people take pleasure to even defecate anywhere as well or put it in plastic bag and throw it in the neighborhood.

Our people have to have toilets/latrine facility at their homes, cooks shops/restaurants, entertainment places, etc. Ebola is contracted by these means. Look at the walls at the Episcopal Church Cathedral near Broad Street. No regard for the Holy edifice of God. 

In the Southeastern region, where there is no mortuary, people use banana orchards to treat dead bodies and keep them there for months before burial.  These need to be stopped.   

I know many people will consider this to be evil: any Ebola dead body must be cremated (that is burnt) and not buried. Now some wicked people have begun to infest the wells with chemicals capable of killing people. How do we call this kind of evil? 

I understand that there is a state of emergency in the country for some 90 days. That's not bad but how will the poor people go about finding food?  The government should find some ways out to supply food for the people and distribute them according to zones in communities, otherwise there will be a rise of criminal activities, high cost of living and some might even die of hunger. Prostitution will go on a rise. All because movement of people have been restricted. 

While I stand to be corrected, but this is my opinion/view for our sweet land of liberty. 

Mary Broh was cleaning up but we booed at her and despised her for her decency. Where are we now? 

May God bless our country, Liberia and save our people and heal the land, in Jesus name. 

God's many blessings. 

Rev. Fr. John Edgar Freeman,
Worcester, Massachusetts 01602,
Cell # 313-739-4592


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