Oceanic Blockade Imposed By Ivory Coast Has Been Lifted

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Atlanta, Georgia
August 17, 2014



According to a press release issued by the Authorities of the Port of Abidjan, the so-called economic blockade against Ebola countries, including Liberia, has been lifted.

The oceanic blockade recently erected by Ivory Coast against Ebola countries of West Africa has been lifted by the Ivorian authorities in the following press release sent to all shipping lines, brokers and shipping insurance companies:.

Port of Abidjan

This is to inform shipping lines, brokers and shipping insurers that the measures previously announced and which banned ships from Ebola infested countries to dock in Abidjan are hereby lifted.
Therefore, any ship which meets the usual contractual agreement may dock in Abidjan if they wish to do so.

Furthermore, health safety measures to be taken regarding ships coming from the above mentioned countries will be communicated at a later date.

The decision is effective immediately and rescind the previous decision referenced as 0265/DGPAA/DOMS/DS/SS/TFC


E. K. N'gban
Managing Director Of The Port Of Abidjan


Sylvester Moses
Are we surprised by the attitudinal about - face - turn of Ivory Coast, and the other countries; no. Forget kinship, friendship, membership to AU, etc and, instead, think self - interest. The various pharmaceutical research endeavors that have sprouted to manufacture a vaccine, drug or whatever cure for Ebola could eventually benefit Ivory Coast, because we share the same dietary habits.

Moreover, Ivory Coast ought to have learned that when a neighbor’s house is on fire isn’t the time to sell gasoline; rather one should be calling the fire brigade, and fetching water to help. In 1989 they were conscious, willing, an active partners in launching horrendous violence upon Liberia, but 13 years later they had a taste of what horror meant, and the embers are still warm in that country.

We, therefore, take this time to congratulate those countries who’ve relaxed restrictions, initially ordered, admittedly, for safety purposes. When other races for humanitarian reasons are racing to the epicenters of the raging epidemic, it was ludicrous for our own brothers to act like morons. Membership to AU, MRU and ECOAWAS ought to mean more than forum for festive reunions.
Sylvester Moses at 12:20PM, 2014/08/18.

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