Dr. Amos Claudius Sawyer: The Backstabber

By: Theodore Hodge

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 2, 2014



Ellen and Sawyer

The Ebola crisis in Liberia is turning into a full political crisis in more ways than have been predicted. Dr. Amos Sawyer has become a key player, but not in a flattering way. It requires some time to sit back and fully analyze and understand the role played by this veteran political giant on the Liberian national scene. Some of the news surfacing about him is quite disappointing and disturbing… that is, if one believes what one hears and reads.

It has been rumored in the grapevine (and now officially reported in the press) that a plan to dethrone the EJS administration is taking shape in the Liberian Diaspora. Some Liberians abroad (specifically in the USA) are hatching a plan to seek and force the resignation of the President of Liberia.

The first version is an outright overthrow of the government. A former professor and Vice President at the University of Liberia, Dr. James Tarpeh, is touted to be the candidate of choice to take the president’s place. It is not clear on what basis this plan hinges its legitimacy. What makes a former college professor a clear choice for the presidency is unclear. This version is not given enough credence or the chance to succeed; the plan will die before it comes to fruition.

But according to the grapevine, there are several alternative plans making the rounds. There is another version with several alternate scenarios to materialize the scheme: There are those seeking just the official resignation of the president. In that case, the VP will be constitutionally required to step in and finish the unexpired term. But what would be the basis for requesting the president’s resignation, in the first place, I have inquired? It has been argued that the president’s handling of the present crisis has undermined her ability to rule effectively. Her inefficient policies are a result of the crisis. They, therefore, jump to the conclusion that the president’s inefficiency is tantamount to incapacitation.  I do not know how such an argument will fare in the face of a stringent constitutional probe. In my own opinion, it is a stretch; I have my doubts that such an argument holds water. But for the record, I must state here unequivocally that I’m no constitutional scholar.

The second scenario or version calls for the resignation of both the president and the VP. In that case, the Speaker of the House will be next in line to assume the presidency. The primary difference between the two plans: While the VP will be required and mandated to serve the remainder of the unexpired term of the president (three years), should the Speaker succeed, he will only be required to hold the seat for ninety days, after which new elections will be arranged.

I have learned that a teleconference was arranged by Dr. Amos Sawyer to put this rebel plan into action. Key political players, or those perceived to be key players, were invited and the teleconference did indeed take place on Saturday, 30 August, 2014. Another key player purportedly rumored to be working with Sawyer is Dr. Elwood Dunn, although according to the person I talked to, he was not present at the teleconference.


Sawyer was reportedly questioned about his role in this present administration. After all, he has been a key player in the president’s circle, presently holding the portfolio of Chairman of the Governance Commission. Did he not accept any responsibility for the administration’s failed policies, since he has been a key advisor and player? What policy advice did he give and why has there been no major changes implemented so far? According to his excuse, he has not been given any key powers to implement policies. He can only design and recommend policy, but he lacks the power to implement them. He, therefore, lays all blame at the feet (or on the desk) of the president.

But the keen observer will question this logic. If you have been in the vanguard advocating social and political change in the country, why will you agree to serve in a position where your advice is ignored? Why do you continue to serve a president in whose ability you have lost trust? If you have felt that you and the president have not been on the same page in terms of which direction to move the country, why have you not resigned? (These are not questions posed at the teleconference; these are critical questions that I’m raising and wondering why they were not addressed… We probably know why; the meeting was attended by loyalists too timid to ask tough questions).

Questioned as to whether he sees himself as that radical (firebrand) he was once was, he admitted that age has caused him to mellow. He has now transformed and should not be expected to be in his old age what he was in his youth. Maybe it’s a tacit admission that he is not up to the task of leading a national political fight. But why is he a key player in advocating regime change? Is he simply in the fight for personal preservation? One must wonder.

Dr. Sawyer now claims that the lack of reform in the country is all the president’s fault. He claims their recommendations are on the “president’s desk”.  It is the president’s failure to act that has led to the current quagmire. But the same Dr. Sawyer said in recent interview (May 2014) that the progressives are now placed to” interact with national policymakers, including the presidency, the legislature and other stakeholders” which put them in a position for “constructive engagement”.

But if he believed this just a few short months ago, when did he come to the sudden realization that the president is ineffective and must be shown the door? Isn’t this kind of hasty and convenient to suit his own interests? The question that comes to mind is: Is Dr. Sawyer a fair weather friend, capricious and disloyal to the point of abandoning a friend at the slightest sign of trouble? What kind of character is that?

Dr. Sawyer was on a list of government officials outside the country as the Ebola crisis dominated the affairs of state. The president issued an executive order requiring all high level officials to return to the country or risk being fired… The president went out of her way to grant him and few others an exemption. Now, how does he repay the loyalty reposed in him? He is busy organizing and devising a plan for regime change. Shouldn’t there be loyalty among friends, even among thieves?

I have been quite critical of the president lately, but I do not condone such acts of disloyalty. People who play such double-faced and double-tongued games should never be trusted. Dr. Sawyer, though suspected of being a backstabber for a long time, has now officially become one in my book; no doubt whatsoever.

Lastly, I hereby state for the record that I do not advocate forced regime change, especially one manipulated by outside forces… even by Liberians in exile (forced or voluntary). Any change of the status quo in Liberia must be initiated and channeled by Liberians on Liberian soil. The country belongs to all of us, both at home and abroad, but it does not belong to elitist or perceived elitist groups. Any change that does not take into account the equation involving the masses on the ground is fruitless and unappealing to me.

The O’Jays, a popular R&B group in the 60s and 70s sang a popular tone :
Back Stabbers
They Smile in your face
All the time…
They wanna take your place
The back stabbers

Author: Theodore Hodge can be reached at imthodge@gmail.com

Kou Gontee
If such teleconference was actually held with such Ellen´s cronies as Sawyer, and Dunn, my hunch or in fact instinct is that it is Ellen herself making such arrangements from which she ensures her clemency from her war crimes punishment of life imprisonment.
Kou Gontee at 01:45PM, 2014/09/02.
Sylvester Moses
We promised to not ever look at this site because of the censorship of our response to a commenter in a debate on its “Things Fall Apart” editorial. But someone drew our attention to this newest of Theodore Hodge’s character assassination assignation entitled “Dr Amos Claudius Sawyer: The Backstabber”, which we couldn’t just resist.

And after reading his brew of unseasoned “Tabata”, the question should be: is this guy interested in fleshing out the truth to deepen the Liberian political narrative, or just a sleazy propagandist? For example, initially talking about Amos, he said “Some of the news surfacing about him is quite disappointing and disturbing… that is, if one believes one hears and reads”. Fair enough, one would say to that observation.

Then without providing any evidential support except to say that a phantom told him, he hisses like a rattlesnake “I have learned that a teleconference was arranged by Dr. Amos Sawyer to put his rebel plan into action…” What is troubling for us about this allegation was that we were, with a female friend, guests of Dr Amos Sawyer and his wife at the Maryland residence of his sister that Saturday, August 30.

And the dinner topic of our conversation was containing Ebola, including general ideas of the national security challenges facing Liberia when Unmil leaves after the 2017 presidential elections. Between 1991 and 1994 we served this man as national security advisor during the tenure of the IGNU, and it is wicked to suggest that he would ever think of backstabbing a colleague and boss he has so much regard for; shame on you, Theodore.

Sylvester Moses at 06:34PM, 2014/09/02.
Dr. J W.
Theodore, Kou and Ted, why were you not part of this "teleconference"? The suggestions listed for the dethroning of Ellen and her Unity Part government seemed as those you will like to see come to fruition.

Theodore, don't sit there and exploits hearsay at you disposal. You have long for action and now it is beginning to grow wheels and engine. Just prepare for you return to Liberia and take you Information Minister post. As for you Ted, you may take your unappointed seat as the Chairman of the English Dept. at the University of Liberia. Kou, you will serve as Border Commander at Logatuo border.

I sensed that the heat is on in your kitchen and you are running out of accusations against Ellen. It appeared you now know that you propaganda is baseless and stupendous.

It is very distasteful for our country to have divisive minds like your during a natural catastrophe of this magnitude. Leave Ellen alone and go after EBOLA. You will be appreciated.

My wife just call and my future is ready. Got to go....

May God guide the leadership! May God bless the bless the People and save the state...

Dr. J W. at 07:11PM, 2014/09/02.
Sarr Abdulai VANDI
There is no loyalty among thieves, only an association for convenience. In naked politics, it is envy, strife, crudity, and confusion.

The crafty Engineer is up to his old tricks and mischievousness again. He is joined by the usual suspects. However, the plot is DOA, not that I oppose the immediate ejection and removal from power of the corrupt and incompetent Régime.

Besides, the obsolete and vagabond ACDL gang is to be indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Amos SAWYER and some notable members were given free passage by his TRC protégés and underlings.
Sarr Abdulai VANDI at 07:14PM, 2014/09/02.
Dr. J W.

My wife just call and my fufu is ready. Got to go....
Dr. J W. at 07:15PM, 2014/09/02.
Ted Allison

Take that degree back and get your money. You might be able to buy some more fufu.

This is called intellectual fire power. You stand short. Lie-lie doctor.

I'll really like to see you do a full article... but I guess that will be asking too much. Stay on the sidelines, where you belong.
Ted Allison at 04:42AM, 2014/09/03.
Ted Allison

Sylvester Moses, you will be denying yourself a pleasure were you to stay away from this site for any prolonged time period. You enjoy being here too much. That is demonstrated by the number of responses you've made. Nobody will miss you, but you will miss the site.

I believe there is a difference between "censorship" and monitoring the site. The owners must keep it clean; they have a right to do so. If you must exchange views here, you must conform to deportment. Nobody's censoring you; you've been at liberty to write and write and write. For someone who doesn't enjoy the stuff posted here, you have a strange way of showing it.

Anyway, it is clear what your sole interest is: Preserving your Mosquito Police contracts. You cry for the government so you can continue to do business with it. You don't care about the Liberian people, nor do you care for Liberian politics. You are a Freetown Borbor and Sawyer has Freetown connections too. That's your beef. I know it.

As for your disparaging remarks made here, I hope you'll be ignored. These people have serious work to do instead of falling for your distraction. Perhaps you should visit the "Sa Lone" websites and make your comments there.

You're a Mosquito Police. You did your job protecting Amos Sawyer before. Now he's on his own. Just watch the show, chief.
Ted Allison at 04:58AM, 2014/09/03.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Mr. Moses, with such a mindset as you, shackled in such chronic limitations, but serving as National Security Advisor, no wonder why Amos Sawyer had one of the worst interim governments!! Now we know what a little naive mind and opportunist you are!

So, simply because one would have "much regard for his boss and colleague he would never think of backstabbing such a colleague and boss." What a naive thought and gullible utterance!

Have you forgotten Brutus! Have you forgotten about the hundreds of Palace coups within familiies, ruling parties, single party countries, monarchies, etc. etc.? With such a layman mentality as you, no wonder why Sawyer had one of the worst interim governments!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 05:16AM, 2014/09/03.
Anthony Cofrancesco
Theodore Hodge is in the real world and Sylvester Moses is naive to what is happening in the real world.He thinks he knows "Moose" but he doesn't.Let him keep thinking that way.Ellen has not forgotten that Dr. Sawyer had influenced in the decisions of the TRC report; and it came to her as no surprise that he had a teleconference to unseat her.This is the politics that has brought Liberia to where it is today.Theo and his colleagues are the new brand of progressives we are hoping will do better to uplift Liberia to another level above self ambition.
Anthony Cofrancesco at 09:01AM, 2014/09/03.
Kou Gontee
Mr. Sylvester Moses,trust is a deadly device whether in politics or war! Hence, if we may add to what Mr. Zoejallah responded to you: Do you think SATAN OR LUCIFER never had "much regard" for his boss Jehovah God?

Or better still, do you think current dictator of Equatorial Guinea never had "much regard" for his uncle whom he unmercifully overthrew? Or still further, do you think Ellen never had much regard for her boss Tolbert when she busied herself on undermining him in the 70´s? Look my friend, in politics or when it comes to the struggle for power actual trust or loyalty re actually non-existent!

Well it is true of the saying that " be silent and let people assume or be in doubt as to whom you really are than open-up and then you give them the confirmation of your fooly.

Secondly, Mr. Sylvester Moses, so it was you as security adviser for Amos Sawyer when one of Liberia´s then finest journalist John Vambo was brutally murdered/slaughtered between your desk Amos Sawyer´s desk, and that of the ECOMOG Commander?!

Well,all along international human rights movements and other "watch dogs" entities including Human Rights Watch and the International Commision of Jurists have been speculating as to who was this Moses.

Now that you have made this public confession yourself, you have seriously complemented for us what we needed viz the recommendations of the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission regarding exactly what we needed on you Sylvester Moses.

Ask Ellen. She met us at the World Bank when she was senior loan officer. We also worked together at the very UN when she served as Director for the Africa Bureau. She knows Kou Gontee an individual who says what she means and means what she says!

We are aware, this info will certainly run you out of town and in fact far away from all of the sites on which you spew your trash. But guess what? You have been caught!!!

Kou Gontee at 03:03AM, 2014/09/04.
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