A Taxi-Cab From River Gee Dumps Ebola Victims in Pleebo

Pleebo, Maryland County

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 2, 2014




A man believed to be the chief technician at the J. J. Dossen Hospital left Harper to see his ailing family in River Gee County.  While in River Gee, he opted to take the family members, who were infected by Ebola to Monrovia due to lack of functioning health care facilities southeastern Liberia

En route to Monrovia the taxi driver was asked by checkpoint security of Grand Gedeh County to return the Ebola patients to River Gee County.  But, instead of returning to River Gee, they chose to take the patients to J. J. Dossen Hospital in Harper, Maryland County.  Before they reached Pleebo, the man and his four-year old daughter died from the deadly virus in the taxi.  The taxi cab apparently bypassed the official checkpoint between River Gee and Maryland Counties.

The dead were immediately buried and the other occupants of the taxi were taken to a clinic in New Pleebo, the only clinic operating in the city.   There is no testing center in the county.

It was also reported a few days ago that a man from Sinoe, infected with Ebola, surfaced in Pleebo and was treated at a private clinic.  The man later on passed away and was buried.  The nurse who unknowingly treated the patient without precaution was taken to Monrovia for testing. The clinic was closed upon learning that the treated patient died from Ebola.

Meanwhile, the dreaded ERU (Emergency Response Unit of the Liberian National Police) and the local police are harassing the people of Pleebo-Sodoken District under the pretext of enforcing the curfew recently imposed by President Ellen Sirleaf.  Those who miss the curfew deadline (9:00 pm) are beaten by the police and the ERU. An ERU member only identified as RB forcibly entered a cold storage in Pleebo and brutalized a security officer of the entity.  She also extorted US$100.00 from the owner of the cold storage. She has been sent to Monrovia for further investigation.

In another development, the money raised by the government of Liberia to fight Ebola is not cascading to Maryland County.  The acting county administration has, therefore, decided to use Maryland County’s County Development Fund to fight the plague, while the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Monrovia under, the leadership of Morris Dukuly, is doling out thousands of dollars to some so-called Ebola outfits.

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