Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Unconsciously Supported Charles Taylor

By: James Sirleaf

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 8, 2014


Sirleaf Gave $10,000 to Taylor

Editor Note:

In an interview with The Perspective, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf stated that she supported the war efforts of Charles Taylor by giving him $10,000. She said:

“We must all stand accused in some measure - those, like I, who provided some measure of support for Mr. Taylor, at some point in time; those who voted for him; those who have joined and have remained a part of his regime. That said, I reject categorically the notion that we created Taylor and provided the resources that have led us to what we are today. As you have reported before, a few of us, members of the Association for Constitutional Democracy in Liberia (ACDL) then operating in Washington DC, with the strong persuasion of one of our members, Tom Woewiyu, did try to be of assistance to Mr. Taylor when his rebellious activities seemed headed in the direction of a strong response to protect people in Nimba County from an overreaction of the Doe regime to their invasion of the country. Anyone who knows what is involved in fielding an army and conducting a war on the scale Taylor did knows the costs run in many millions of dollars. Those millions didn't come from us. You'll have to look to Libya and elsewhere for that. We raised the grand sum of $10,000, hardly an amount that could do very much. In fact, it was a mere drop in the bucket. The fact that the sum was so paltry explains why we had so little leverage over Taylor and why he paid so little attention to us, especially when we started raising questions about reports of human rights violations by his troops. Initially, we had committed ourselves to try to do more. But within six months or so, i.e. around the middle of 1990, we had withdrawn any support and any connection with Mr. Taylor and his group on account of the serious atrocities which were taking place, some affecting long standing political allies of ours.”

But the President’s son, James Sirleaf, is now saying that Mrs. Sirleaf unconsciously gave the money to Taylor. Read his rejoinder to "Sirleaf’s Economic Policy: “Chicken Comes Home To Roost”" article:

Since 2006, Liberia has now recently emerged to join and become a full-fledged part of the credible nations of the world (under Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf's leadership). During the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, this country had serious problems with monstrous levels of corruption, mismanagement in government and public corporation circles and bad governance. There were no attempts made by any previous government to rein it in.  Over the past 3 years there has been a virtual turnaround in public finance and nation development. Things would not not be rosy perfect...just yet. (we’ve had a national crisis like Ebola for example) …mainly because of the many years of destruction of life, of culture, infrastructure and so forth. It will take some time to focus on the most vital elements that will make the difference for benefitting the majority of the people. In order to properly develop the education, health and agricultural sectors, this government has had to start from scratch. It is going to take some time and it will cost much more money. I am frankly relieved and as most Liberians would rather take my chances with her.

I was incarcerated and made desolate by the evil undertaken by the Liberian security officers and military in 1985, led by the late Jenkins Scott and others. I was falsely imprisoned and humiliated and at one point almost lost my life as a consequence of “zero hour.” I was not charged with any crime and indeed was with my Mother on the 12 of November 1985 at our place of family residence. At the time I was Head of Credit at Citibank, N.A. Monrovia, Liberia on Ashmun Street and not playing any major role in Liberian politics. I spent over two months in prison without charge and was taken to military tribunal (after civil elections) without any substance. Ask yourself why?

I want to say here that I want those people who continue to place my President and my mother’s name in a line-up with the iniquitous elements such as the former warlords in Liberia, to immediately desist. I am the proof as I was there with her November 12, 1985. I can assure you not one cent of mine was spent supporting Charles Taylor or any other warlord. No conscious effort was made by any family member to support war or killings or I would have most certainly been a part of it. Let this be made very clear. She has won the Noble Prize and I can say that she deserves it more than any other Liberian for certain. I stand firm in my assertion.

She reacted to the scandalous mayhem in Liberia as most intelligent but palliated other people would. The TRC or no other Group constitutes enough authority to make the “charge-less” “charged-for.”

By:James Sirleaf (formally of Citibank, N.A. Monrovia, Liberia-1981-1990)
Manager, Citibank Regional Africa Office, ARO, Nairobi, Kenya 1991-1994
Resident Vice President, Citigroup London 1994-2001)
General Manager, Corporate & Institutional Banking First International Bank (FiBank) Liberia
Vice President, Corporate and Private Banking, UBA
CCO and MD, United Africa Trading Corporation, UATC
General Manager, Monrovia Oil Trading Corporation
Director& Board Member Blue Cross Insurance Company

Kou Gontee
James Sirleaf, whether you spent one cent or whatever is irrelevant. The issue is about your mother Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and NOT about you a mere political nobody!

The fact is that since 2006 Liberia became doomed a failed state "on a dangerous path to destruction" as was categorically made public by the Chairman of your mother´s party Cllr. Varney Sherman in his National 2013 Independence Day Oration and recently posted on this very site by former senior member of the National Election Commission of Liberia Ambassador Gerald B Coleman that "Liberia has lost confidence in your mother Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her leadership- an incompetent, and corrupt leadership which has plunged this country into a failed state"!

Secondly, your mother Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is on worldwide record as not only being a war lord but in fact a war criminal running away from prosecution as a notorious fugitive. And you know it! Please be reminded that it is your mother who made her self a warlord and no body else by funding and commanding the slaughtering of thousands of innocent civilians and commanding her bandits to level Monrovia.

As for your silly final statement that she is charge-less; if she is charge-less why can´t she go to face justice? She can´t because she would eventually end up spending the rest of her life in imprisonment!
Kou Gontee at 12:34AM, 2014/09/08.
Anthony Cofrancesco
Could someone remind James Sirleaf about the interview on BBC (focus on Africa) with Mrs. Sirleaf during the heat of our Civil war;when the world felt Liberia was becoming a grave yard and some action was needed to stop it from happening. It was Mrs. Sirleaf who said, level Monrovia; and "We" will build it back.Charles Sirleaf,The word "WE" in this statement made your mother an inclusive member of the warlords club. Mrs. Sirleaf is a warlord; and must defend herself at the War Crimes Court for Liberia.
The Noble Prize was a political goodwill gesture by the Western countries to promote her re-election champagne to win the presidency in order to continue giving away our natural resources for little or nothing to them.
Anthony Cofrancesco at 09:54AM, 2014/09/08.

James Sirleaf dat dat dat dat.......General Manager, Monrovia Oil Trading Corporation.

I rest my case!
felton at 03:27PM, 2014/09/08.
i knew it.President Silrleaf is vendetta>Now I know one of the reasons she did not help Jenkin Scott and and rot to death eating garbage on the streets..your family time coming soon the Sirleafs...
Lee at 06:21PM, 2014/09/08.
Dr. J. W
Kou, what is wrong with you and your instant justice system? Stop being a judge without regards for a jury! I understand you are used to uncontrollable environments. You know who allowed Taylor into Liberia and those who supported and "water his garden"during the onset of the war.

As a trained and perfectly reared child, talking about one's mother has to be done with respect for one's own parents-especially a lady. Who is eligible to cast the first stone Kou? How many of your kinsmen actually killed or hurt someone and today sit and only boast of it under palmwine trees? Talk to me woman!

Finally, please the next time I read you on here, be positive or else you will pick up a certified mail with your ticket to Liberia.
Dr. J. W at 09:01PM, 2014/09/08.
Pinky Browne
Please it is better to be silent than to open a pandora box.
You know pretty well your mother's contribution to the death of over a quarter of a million of our people. You know how much she lusted after the presidency no matter the price be it legal or illegal.
just shut your mouth and eat your ill gotten wealth. Nemesis will catch up with you.
we are preparing for a state funeral. watch out.
Pinky Browne at 09:23PM, 2014/09/08.
B. K. Washington
So this James Sirleaf is just another big fake after all, like his mother who exaggerates about being a "Harvard-trained economist"... Okay, so what does he mean by claiming that "she has won the Noble Prize"? Noble Prize? Doesn't he know that there is no such thing as a NOBLE Prize?

Anyhow, the prize Ellen Sirleaf neither earned nor deserved, but probably paid dearly for and received without embarrassment, is called the N-O-B-E-L Prize, named after the Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel who founded and endowed it.
B. K. Washington at 01:45PM, 2014/09/12.
Henry Davies
Why is James sirleaf listing all is work experience. I thought one is supposed to list your current position first but instead he listed the oldest. The sirleafs are upside down, confused and corrupt.
Henry Davies at 03:18PM, 2014/09/12.
Massa Donzo
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and her children are not only evil in heart and mind, they have no shame and conscience.

This is the most demonic family to ever have the leadership of Liberia, and her election or power grab is the biggest mistake we have ever made in our country's history.

She is self-serving, manipulative, deceitful, greedy, dangerous, and full of vengeance.

She is dividing the Liberian people, and to my fellow Mandingoes, stop following and blindly supporting this greedy and evil president because you are turning our other Liberian brothers and sisters against you. We have been there before.
Massa Donzo at 02:53AM, 2014/09/19.
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