The Right to Criticize Without Proposing an Alternative Plan for Government


The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
September 9, 2014



During the last few weeks, we have been quite critical of the way the government of Liberia has handled the Ebola crisis. We have consistently expressed the opinion that the catastrophe or calamity (the current hyperbole in vogue) could have been avoided, or lessened, had the administration designed and implemented effective (workable) policies. For example, we argue that the government has not improved healthcare delivery and services; the government has not improved the education system; the government has not improved the environment to produce jobs in the country; and worst of all, the government has allowed corruption to run wild in the country, with impunity, we might add. We further argue that the poor policies and reckless leadership have led to the impoverishment of the citizenry... We, therefore, conclude that the government fosters an environment that is ill-equipped for the effective handling of such a crisis as the Ebola epidemic.

The above summarizes our viewpoint here at The Perspective.

But to counteract what we have put forth as reasoned analyses and arguments, there is this whacky proposition now being advanced: That in times of crises, such as this, individual citizens do have equal responsibility as government officials for the containment of such crises. They argue that it is irresponsible for private citizens to vehemently criticize the government unless they can put forth a plan of their own. In other words, don't criticize the government unless you have a credible plan to deliver us from the crisis... Because we are all in this together and we share equal responsibility to find solutions. Put forth a workable counter-plan or remain silent on the sidelines and pray for our fellow citizens presently in the danger zone.

The proponents of this strange argument see us as unpatriotic for criticizing the government at this crucial time. They take us to task for being unable or unwilling to take on the difficult tasks facing the government, the nation. Surprisingly, these people come from various walks of life; some of them even see themselves as intellectuals... what they all have in common is their stupendous illogic.

What sense does such an argument make? We are not the ones selling the natural resources of the land and pocketing the profits. We are not the ones receiving funds from foreign sources, targeted for developmental assistance, and then pocket and use the funds for ourselves.  We are not the ones who have failed to build a functioning healthcare system. We are not the ones responsible for a dilapidated school system. We are not the ones responsible for fostering a corrupt environment that leads to impoverishment. Did anyone elect us to run and manage the country? Do we collect and manage tax dollars? No.

How could such a preposterous idea be advanced in the first place? Those people who hold such a flimsy viewpoint demonstrate their naiveté, perhaps their ignorance. Those who agree with them show their ignorance and gullibility as well. The truth of the matter is the government has full responsibility to handle the crisis and protect its citizens and residents. After all, the president was elected by the people and she formed a team we call her administration. She made promise after promise to the people... She would do this, that and the other because she was the best qualified among the list of candidates. The people reposed the trust in her. All funds belonging to the people are channeled through them (the president and her administration). The government was formed with the promise that it had the ability and desire to improve the plight of the people. If things remain bleak and dismal after nine continuous years, it is the government's fault; not that of the individual citizen.

To hold the individual private citizen, living at home or abroad, equally responsible as the president and her ministers is a ludicrous notion. We don't pay ourselves exorbitant salaries to run the government; they do. The right to criticize is a sacred tenet of democracy. The citizen has the right to critique his or her government without having the burden to propose alternative measures. And that remains our position. We shall criticize this government and those people who liken criticism to a lack of patriotism have yet to understand the meaning of patriotism; they have yet to understand the citizen's right.

Kou Gontee
These gullibles, sycophants, cronies, opportunists, and other fools in their naivety and fooly believing individuals, the Press, and the public, do not have "The Right to Criticize Without Proposing an Alternative Plan for Government" which gives credence to the continuity of a dangerous government, FAIL to realize that besides this magazine - The Perspective Right to criticize whatever Government without giving any alternative plan has PRUDENTLY, TACITLY and RESPONSIBLY, given an alternative plan as is the case with THE PRESS IN TOTO, PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS, AND THE PUBLIC AT HOME AND ABROAD which have since given THEIR COLLECTIVE explicit and expressed alternative plan which is:

THE REMOVAL OF THIS RECKLESS AND CORRUPT GOVERNMENT - a plan not only consistent with the Liberian Constitution and the democratic political creed across the globe, but indeed, stipulated in Article 1 Section 1 of The Liberian Constitution.

This "alternative plan" articulated in Article 1 section 1 empowers, mandates, requires, and authorizes, THE PEOPLE (in such a threatening situation as this) to execute "AN ALTERNATIVE PLAN" OF REMOVING SUCH A DANGEROUS AND INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT.

And this in itself is The Right to Criticize Without Proposing an Alternative Plan for Government which allows such a dangerous and reckless leadership or government to stay in power - an act inconsistent and indeed anathema to commonsense and ARTICLE 1 SECTION 1 OF THE LIBERIAN CONSTITUTION!
Kou Gontee at 01:44AM, 2014/09/09.
Frederick Mulbah
This Editorial has settle the matter once and for all. The Liberian situation is one of rueful and completely unacceptable. It usually becomes moronic when folks justify the irresponsibility of the government by pointing to the wrong people.

People holding individual citizens equally responsible for the poor management of the country, I wonder where does such idea comes from? Something must explain the reason for this poor thinking-maybe they went to school at night. I like this simplification: "We are not the ones selling the natural resources of the land and pocketing the profits. We are not the ones receiving funds from foreign sources, targeted for developmental assistance, and then pocket and use the funds for ourselves. We are not the ones who have failed to build a functioning healthcare system. We are not the ones responsible for a dilapidated school system. We are not the ones responsible for fostering a corrupt environment that leads to impoverishment"

Frederick Mulbah at 12:42AM, 2014/09/10.
Anthony Cofrancesco
This Government does not listen to suggestions or encourage the viewpoint of others for improvement on managing issues of the country.Do you know why? the child was born great and She knows it all.The Media and other citizen forums have made many suggestions to this administration.Have the administration done something with the suggestions?or else we would not be in the mess we are in as a country.The citizens viewpoints and suggestions landed on deaf ears.
What should the citizens do? seeing their country go down the drain with poor Healthcare system,poor Education system,poor Financial system and poor infrastructural system.In short, Liberia lacks the basic structures to survive as a nation and is a failed state.
After nine years of this administration deceit and fraud,it is only fair to say that the citizens have been served a bad hand from the deck of cards.What comes next, when the hand you've been served is bad.
Anthony Cofrancesco at 08:23AM, 2014/09/10.

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