Ivory Coast To Open Its Borders With Ebola Countries

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September 30, 2014




Ivory coast intends to start to authorize air traffic with countries affected by Ebola, after having suspended them in mid-august to stop the spread of contagion and will open its ports and airports to American contingents.

 “We envision to start air traffic with our neighbors as early as next week,” announced the Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara at the UN, in a speech published by the government newspaper Fraternite Matin on Friday. “We envision as soon as next week to start flights with our neighbors”, he stated.

Abidjan has also “authorized” the use of (Ivorian) ports and airports to receive the American contingent,” he said, emphasizing the constant solidarity of Cote d’Ivoire with its neighbors.”
Some 3,000 American military personnel are now being deployed in Liberia, the country most affected by the epidemic. 

“The Ivorian government had announced on August 11 the suspension of all flights coming from countries affected by Ebola.”

Ten days later, it decided to close its borders with Guinea and Liberia, the two countries most affected by Ebola “in view of the reactivation of old cases.” On September 1, Cote d’ivoire announced the opening of humanitarian corridors with its two affected neighboring countries.”

“The closing of the air and land borders was strongly criticized by the countries affected, denouncing the lack of solidarity of their African neighbors, which put them in a forced isolation.”
“WHO on many occasions criticized these negative measures that tend to economically strangle the affected nations.”

“Ivory Coast has no case of Ebola, notwithstanding its proximity with the epidemic which killed more than 3,000 since the beginning of the epidemic according the latest WHO latest report.” About 40 people were tested and showed no sign of Ebola.”

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