Mr. Hodge Is Right About The Unfortunate Statement Uttered By Minister Ngafuan

By Igolima Tuboblelm Dagogo Amachree

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 1, 2014


Foreign Minister Ngafuan

Generally I try not to get involved in the arguments that others are having as I assume that they can take care of themselves in their arguments and/or expose themselves to the reading public. Mr. Hodge has been in the thick of it all and, for a long time, involved in these arguments quite intelligently even though sometimes with, not-very-necessary, acerbic name-callings that take away from the salience of his arguments. We need the Hodges of this world to make us think, sometimes like in the devil's advocate, even though we may not agree with them. They provide us with ways of thinking and re-thinking issues. We don't have to agree with them but we should listen.

In the case of the response of Foreign Minister Ngafuan, in his CNN interview with Dr. Fareed Zakaria, I agree with Mr. Hodge. Not only did Mr. Ngafuan not answer the question directly but, in trying to exculpate the government, he introduced a questionable cultural artifact. Liberia is not an isolated country. Many of the ethnic groups in Liberia are also found in Guinea, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. Unless the particular ethnic group that the Foreign Minister has in mind is only found in Liberia, the effects of that particular cultural artifact should be found also in those countries. If so, then the effects should be the same.

But it is not so. The Mano River area includes Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The total population is about 22 million with Guinea 12 million, Sierra Leone 6 million and Lberia 4 million. Thus Liberia constitutes just about 18% of the total population of the Mano River area. But then take a look at the Ebola deaths. According to the September 22, 2014 official report(and remember these are just the official reports; the unofficial reports are much higher), of the 3154 reported Ebola deaths in these three countries, Sierra Leone had 564 deaths, Guinea 668 and Liberia 1922. Liberia accounts for about 61% of the deaths from Ebola in the Manor River area. So, Liberia which accounts for only about 18% of the population of the area, accounts for roughly 61% of all the deaths. These should be sobering figures to all Liberians; sobering enough for intense and honest soul searching.

Why is this so? We should look at ourselves seriously and assign the blame where it belongs and stop blaming the victims. We should be honest enough to blame ourselves for the things we should have done but did not do and the things we should never have done but did anyway. Let us put the mirror squarely in our faces, if we are truly honest, and admit what we see and make the needed efforts to correct our mistakes. If what the Foreign Minister said is true in Liberia it should also be true in the other affected countries and the death effects should have been about the same; but they are not. We have very serious problems on our hands. Let us acknowledge them, acknowledge our part in creating these problems, put our heads and hands together and solve them for now and for the future.

Mr. Hodge is right even though I would have avoided the name-calling. His point is crystal clear without the name-calling.

Mr. Hodge is right and I agree with him on this issue.


  Igolima T. D. Amachree  is an emeritus professor of Sociology. He can be reached at

Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Mr. Theodore Hodge has since handsomely whipped up that impregnable Fergusson ode, motto, and spirit! I mean that intelligent and fear no foe Cape Palmas, Greboe, or true Liberian spirit - meeting the foe with valor unpretending! This is the time for name calling, Igolima!!! Criticism without name calling in such burning national issue gives tacit credence to such national disgrace brought upon the nation by this phony diplomat or diplomatic waste material call Agustine Ngaufuan!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 12:28AM, 2014/10/01.
Give a dog a bad name and hang it. Nguafuan seems to have forgotten that Liberia ;s name is now totally poison around the world. He then comes with his own brand of custom that does not exist anywhere in the country, (except perhaps in his family). When will these people realize that what they say about our country goes out on wings to other media outlets and portray us in a bad light? He goes to the UN and talks like a little pekin, not telling them the steps needed to help but how Liberia is losing money and falling back into decline. ( years and these incompetent corrupt people have done absolutely nothing for this country.
Sandra at 06:53AM, 2014/10/02.
Amos Frank
And this is the kind of disgracefully corrupt Ellen Johnson Sirleaf WHICH Tipoteh, Sawyer, Fahnbulleh, Commany Wisseh, Elwood Dunn, etc. etc. will serve as "supporting cast" or accomplices to this war crime criminal Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that some silly green horns or tools would dare defend as a result of their inferior complexes.
Amos Frank at 12:08PM, 2014/10/02.
Ziggy Morgan

Dr. Amchree:

Mr. Hodge has written a lot over the years. Those of us who follow his writings can attest that he does use a refined approach to present his points, and his expressions are gentlemanly, even when someone disagrees with him... he is not one to use profanity or acerbic language so easily.

So why did he so uncharacteristically go off on this so-called diplomat? I think it is because he was deeply offended; and he said so in his article. What Ngafuan said should offend all Liberians who have pride and love for their country. I'm glad Mr. Hodge stood up for the rest of us who heard his comment.

So, in defense of Mr. Hodge, I think he was within his right to use profanity, even though he still restrained himself. But had he used the vilest profanity, I would still support his view; he was quite right to set the foreign minister in his place.
Ziggy Morgan at 09:19AM, 2014/10/03.
"problem" is at a certain level, the mitiraly industrial complex (or the US Chamber of Commerce or RIAA, etc) can then step into the public eye and "solve the problem."THis is all part of the process of "manufacturing consent."So, the mitiraly industrial complex knows that their terror game is about played out, so they need a new game. They know it is likely that the Democrats will soon be in power completely, so in order to keep those war machine revenues coming in, they need a "proper Democratic war." The Democratic base are suckers for being the white knight to stop genocide. You know, this plays on that vast reservoir of white liberal race-guilt that has already been set in place by decades of pseudoLeftist propaganda.So, do not be surprised if in a few years from now we have a branding spanking new war in Darfur and that general area. And, Steve, if you do not support this new war, you are a racist (as opposed to be a pinko sympathizer or soft on terrorism, yadda yadda yadda...)For more on how the nonprofits operate, read Dr Joan Roelofs book FOUNDATIONS AND PUBLIC POLICY: THE MASK OF PLURALISM.--cryofan
Henrique at 03:52PM, 2015/12/01.
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