In Violation of the Constitution, Sirleaf Sent Ebola Measures to the Law Makers After 2 Months

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 9, 2014



On August 14, 2014, The Perspective carried an article that questioned the Liberian Government about the measures that were to be taken under the state of emergency as stipulated in the Liberian Constitution. These measures were to be provided by the President Sirleaf within seven days after the imposition of the state of emergency. The writer of the article observed that:

“What is absent in the proclamation of the state of emergency are the MEASURES: actions that would propel us to defeat the Ebola menace.  It is unfortunate that since President Sirleaf proclaimed the state of emergency, she has not come up with any action plan, apart from amassing members of the Armed Forces of Liberia at checkpoints to stop people from the affected areas from entering Monrovia.  If no comprehensive action plan is put in place, Ebola will continue to spread regardless of the barricades erected by the army against the free movement of Liberians.  The government needs to inform the people.  It is their right to know what the government has in store for them for the three months.”  

“According the constitution, the president has up seven days to carve and present the measures to the legislature.  But this is not the case: the House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate have already endorsed the imposition without requiring the “measures” as stipulated in the Liberian Constitution.”

After two months of slumber, the president has sent the following communication to the law makers:


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