Liberian Foreign Minister Blunders Again

By Theodore Hodge

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 12, 2014


Foreign Minister Ngafuan
In a recent article I brought to light what was an unpardonable statement by the Liberian Foreign Minister, Augustine Ngafuan, on a CNN show. On that show, he blamed the hapless victims for the uncontrollable spread of the Ebola virus. To be exact, he blamed the rapid spread of the virus on a cultural practice supposedly common among Liberians. According to him, some Liberians participate in a ritual that requires them to wash their faces in the same water used to wash or bathe a corpse being prepared for burial.

I found the information shocking and expressed the opinion that even if such a practice does exist in Liberia, it was not necessary for the Foreign Minister to so causally discuss it when the question was about the poor healthcare system in the country. I protested in a personal article penned under the title: "What's On My Mind: When Diplomats Forget Diplomacy". I took the minister to task on the validity of the statement; many Liberians have concurred with me and have written to say so. It became obvious what the so-called diplomat's game plan was: Deflect the blame from government and blame the victims themselves, even if it meant telling lies to the international community. I found the tactic abhorrent and pathetic, and I said so as bluntly as I could.

The honorable thing to do, in my view, was for the government to accept full responsibility for the handling of the crisis instead of blaming the rapid spread of the virus on some obscure culture in Liberia. It was, in my opinion, the government's failure to provide and make available a viable healthcare system. The country, though relatively rich, is running on an antiquated system that left the citizens and inhabitants vulnerable to this epidemic. A robust healthcare system would have been able to effectively minimize the spread of the deadly virus. Imagine a country that had only three ambulances to its credit! Now, instead of the government accepting responsibility for its failed policies, its lack of vision, it sent out its chief spokesman to deflect the blame. That was dishonorable and undiplomatic.

Apparently upon his return to Monrovia, the Foreign Minister was taken to task on radio as well. But he has yet to find something productive and intelligent to say after committing the gaffe; he has miserably failed in his feeble attempt to recover from the goofiness. In his recent attempt to salvage his reputation, he thinks the best way to do so is to unleash personal attacks against me. In about twelve pages of tautology, the minister tries very hard to deliver the message that I am not in the same league with him. I consider that fair enough; it has never been my aspiration to be in the same league with him, whatever that means. But he goes further. He uses a strange phrase over and over again: "Hodge and his likes"... What exactly does he mean by that? Does he mean he's Foreign Minister for a certain group of Liberians and people he refers to as "Hodge and his likes" have no place in the national dialogue? I think it is a pity that we have such a so-called diplomat who simply doesn't understand the craft of diplomacy. Let me make this perfectly clear, Mr. Minister: I am a Liberian, pure and simple; there is no class of Liberians to be referred to as "Hodge and his likes". I consider the remark offensive and that's a blunder on your part. Another blunder in the series!


Here is one thing I find puzzling: Why did the Foreign Minister go to so much trouble to write this rejoinder and pretend as if someone else did? Who is Benjamin Seah and why did he put the poor fellow to the task of putting his name on this rejoinder? Here is what we know: This document was created at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the offices of the Foreign Minister. If Mr. Benjamin Seah had been just a fan, an admirer, or even a protégée of the Foreign Minister writing to express his admiration and support for the Foreign Minister, why would he be using the Foreign Ministry offices? This is one of the clues that gave them away. In the rejoinder, the author writes:
"If you want to get details on the profile of this humble, professionally astute and multi-dimensional Liberian called Augustine Kpehe Ngafuan, I would suggest that you click on the following link to read his profile and interview as captured by Sando Moore’s Images magazine (Horatio: provide the web link here)."

Read the parenthesis. (Horatio: provide the web link here). Do you know who Horatio is? He works directly with the Foreign Minister as a sort of personal assistant. The document was saved by Mr. Sillah. But who is Mr. Sillah, another MOFA employee? The question becomes, if Mr. Benjamin Seah were some outsider as he claims to be, simply writing to support the "illustrious leader" he admires, why would he be ordering the Foreign Minister's secretary to perform a task? The real answer is the Foreign Minister himself wrote this garbage in defense of himself and is hiding behind the pseudonym of Benjamin Seah. Maybe from now on we should address him as Honorable Minister Benjamin Seah, Foreign Minister of Liberia. If this is not pathetic, then please tell me how to describe it. Using government resources and taxpayers dime to boost your ever enlarged ego...

But here is more proof: Our Chief Technology Officer was able to trace the origin of the published document. It actually originated from the Liberian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, no doubt about that. See for yourself below:


Is Mr. Seah a staff member of the Foreign Minister's office? If so, why didn't he disclose that material fact? Why is he writing as a supposed outsider, one who simply admires and respects the minister? The fact is, the minister went to all this trouble to disguise himself. Minister Ngafuan loves Minister Ngafuan so much  he could not refrain from heaping hefty praises upon himself. He talks about being a valedictorian of his high school class all the way to becoming a poet, a banker, a diplomat and a scholar who even got a certificate from Harvard. We are so impressed, Mr. Minister.

All this talk about oneself reminded me about a complex I once read about. I had to look it up and this is what it says about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD): "A personality disorder  in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process... People who are diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy."

After reading what the Foreign Minister wrote about himself, is there any doubt the kind of character we are dealing with here? The Honorable Minister is a suspected narcissist, although in all fairness, we must await clinical diagnosis; I do not claim expertise in the area. (As they say Liberia, 'dat not my area').

The Foreign Minister insists that a small tribal group in Rivercess County practices this ritual he so boldly announced to the world. If that is so, several questions come to mind: If this ritual takes place among a small group of people in Rivercess, how could it be responsible for spreading the Ebola virus in Lofa County and Monrovia (the two places hit the most in the country)? Did it ever occur to him that most of the victims of Ebola actually are urban dwellers in Liberia's capital city? Is there any evidence to support this ridiculous theory that people washing their faces in the water used to bathe the dead bodies actually caused the spread of the virus? How many people does he know from Riverscess that live in Montserrado, Lofa, Bong and Nimba Counties? If the rapid spread of this epidemic can be attributed to this obscure cultural ritual among the people of Rivercess, then how come Rivercess accounts for one of the lowest death rates from Ebola in the country according to the Ministry of Health? This runs counter to logic, one would say. But that's the minister's assessment, and he's sticking to it, unfortunately.

I don't have time to dwell on the many unrelated and irrelevant issues raised by the minister. I have to work in the interest of brevity; after all, my readers have other things to do instead of reading endless rebuttals. However, one last thing: It is unfortunate that Minister Ngafuan quotes my heroes Malcolm X and Bob Marley out of context. Perhaps he doesn't understand what an Uncle Tom is. How could I be anti-establishment (anti status quo) and an Uncle Tom in the same breath? Shows a lack of understanding. Minister, you are the epitome of an Uncle Tom. You are the one running errands for the Big House. They send you on errands from one master to another, to deliver messages and entertain the bosses when called upon. I work in the fields; I'm no Uncle Tom. Get it? There's a difference and you're not even aware of it. 

As for the issue of mental slavery, it could safely be said that you are helping the rogue regime in Monrovia to perpetuate mental slavery in Liberia. Liberia is rich, but its citizens are poor. Who's keeping them in mental slavery? The government of which you find yourself as the chief spokesperson. Who bargained Liberia's new-found oil away? Who's giving away the oil palm industry to the Malaysians for a few dollars? The government. Who continues to give away the rubber and the iron ore in exchange for a few favors while the masses suffer? The government. Who refuses to build roads, clinics, hospitals, schools and water plants? The government. And you are telling me about mental slavery? You're the one boasting about your knowledge as a financial guru and expert in banking and other industries, but what good does it do for the average Liberian who earns less than $2 a day? Again, who's keeping the masses enslaved while you enjoy the wealth of the country? You and your kind are not doing us any favors by enjoying the sweat of hard working Liberians why playing the game called "Monkey work baboon draw". That's a perpetuation of mental slavery, Mr. Minister... in case you didn't know that.

Let me give you a little Bob Marley.

Don't forget your history
Know your destiny
In the abundance of water
The fool is thirsty
Rat race, rat race, rat race....

Mr. Minister, what you are running in Liberia is a rat race. You have the people thirsty in the abundance of water because you lack vision. Your great expertise in Banking and Finance and your so called renowned public speaking ability mean nothing to the average Liberian burdened under perpetual economic misery. Until you can help to re-structure the government in such a way to provide for the common man in society, you will be guilty of what Bob Marley referred to as "in the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty". You are running nothing but a rat race in Liberia, sir. There is enough to go around but you and your boss and other colleagues are only concerned about grabbing and running to your banks. Until you make Liberia a livable place, your boasts will fall on empty ears, Mr. Benjamin Seah.

Let me leave you with another Bob Marley classic:

Them crazy, them crazy
We gonna chase them crazy
Baldheads out of town
Chase them crazy
Baldheads out of town

Ziggy Morgan

Another masterpiece. This should put the matter to rest finally; that is, if our Foreign Minister has any sense. Thanks again, sir.
Ziggy Morgan at 07:10AM, 2014/10/12.
Scott Mandeh
Nice piece, Hodge, as always!

This is the Minister who supposed to be the smartest guy in the room (Liberia). He thinks he is still on the University of Liberia's campus where writing in pseudonym was the norm.

Most of them (government officials) used technology - as in the case of creating the article of Benjamin Seah - but don't understand how it works. Otherwise, he would have covered his tracks.

I guess the smartest Minister didn't get the memo that a soft copy of any document can reveal a lot about its author, computer name/ip address, or origin.

This is a battle you can't win with Mr. Hodge because he pointed out the obvious, Mr. Minister. You made a mistake during the CNN interview; admit it; apologize; and move on. This is what a good leader does. I guess you don’t see it that way because you are not that “illustrious leader” you so desired to be. When a man blows his own intellectual trumpet, it’s laughable.

Scott Mandeh at 09:35AM, 2014/10/12.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
What another intellectually medicated dose from Dr. Theodore Hodge for this incompetent, disgraced, and sick good for nothing so called foreign minister and national laughing stock - Augustine Ngafuan!

Augustine Ngafuan, you will have to grow out of this behavior of trying to negate in futility exposures of your incompetence and failure in performance!

A sound or experienced official of government usually pretend paying deaf ears to such blunt truths told about him or her while making efforts to quietly cultivate the required knowledge to stem such failures or shortcomings!

You are on record for making such silly kicking and screaming few years ago when FrontPageAfrica FAILED YOU in its annual report on the performances of government officials.

In short, Mr.Ngafuan, do not be deceived! You are a LAUGHING STOCK AND A STOOGE! This is your unstated term of official ministerial reference!

Do not fool yourself. The Liberian people and the whole world know that you are UNFIT for the post of foreign minister, and you are only a foreign minister because Ellen wants a foreign minister or a political creature of hers at this juncture who, when she Ellen says "sit", the political creature or foreign minister must only say "how low mam or madam? Or when she says "jump", you will say "how high Ma"?

One does not ask "WHY?" when he or she is only placed in a position to be the stooge you are! And this is a common knowledge at the foreign minister - a fact which has since made you Ngafuan, (at the foreign ministry and at our foreign missions,) the laughing stock.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 11:29AM, 2014/10/12.

Theodore Hodge, why isn't it hard at all to recognize your sophomoric antics - using aliases and writing under your own baloney of an article to applaud yourself? Hahahha...first you make no sense; then next, you write to congratulate yourself for your nonsense. This is the most pathetic practice of stupidity I've ever seen. But again Theodore Hodge is a simple man with a simpler mind. Keep on spewing hot air Mr. bumble bee. Your vile campaign against President Sieleaf, Ngafuan and other public officials will go largely unnoticed. And I know that hurts too.
Ed at 03:29PM, 2014/10/12.
I truly appreciate Theodore Hodges's thoughts on the issues of Liberia. I look forward to reading and learning from them. His takes on the issues are informative and clearly, the result of critically thinking about Liberia. His ability to convey his thoughts speaks for itself. He is the consummate wordsmith.

But having read the rebuttal of Benjamin Seah and having gained the the full context of this debate, while I share the frustration of Mr. Hodge on the ill-preparedness of our government to tackle the issue of Ebola, I believe that his assessment of Mr. Ngafuan's performance was a bit of an overreach. It is clear that Mr. Ngafuan did not attribute the spread of the virus to the traditional practice that he spoke of, but use that as one example through which the virus could spread.

I am one, like Mr. Hodge, who is very critical of our government. I do not believe the performance of the government on the issue of corruption has lived up to its rhetoric. Whether Mr. Ngafuan is corrupt, I do not know and that is not the question at bar. What is at issue is, is he qualified to be a leader. Having availed myself of the brief history of Mr. Ngafuan's performance, from high school to his professional work, I can only conclude that he is the model of Liberia's best. If not a person of Augustine Ngafuan's meticulous accomplishments, then who?

Again, I am speaking here strictly of Mr. Ngafuan's professional qualifications. On the other hand, if Mr. Ngafuan is involved in any form of corruption, then all bets are off. But if we do not encourage the likes of Mr. Ngafuan, our own home-grown professional with such stellar accomplishments, then who do we turn to?

So I beg to differ with Mr. Hodge on this issue, but encourage him to continue the good work he is doing. And I am glad to see that people as high up as Mr. Benjamin Seah (aka Mr. Ngafuan, maybe) are paying attention to Mr. Hodge.
koquay at 03:40PM, 2014/10/12.
Ansu Dualu
This is a literal translation of 'go find son kinda corner and sit down '. There is no way some distant admirer will know that much info about you without being you or consulting you. I knew this from the jump. Great close : ...Chase those crazies outta town
Ansu Dualu at 03:43PM, 2014/10/12.
Theodore Hodge

Mr. Carter, just enjoy the show. If you really believe I'm writing under all these aliases to praise myself then you must have a psychological problem. Tough luck, buddy. The show goes on whether you like it or not. The joke's on you. My name is Theodore Hodge and I'm gonna be around when you're tired criticizing me. I've been around for years and hope to be around for ages. Maybe you'll like an article I'll write one day. Today it's against Augustine Ngafuan, your hero, tomorrow you might agree with me when I give it to someone else. So relax and go along with the flow.

I'm sorry The Perspective did not publish your article. Next time send it directly to me, maybe I could intervene on your behalf. Ha, ha, ha...
Theodore Hodge at 05:35PM, 2014/10/12.
Ed Carter

Theodore Hodge, you're an intellectual fraud and have shown how easily you can be nipped you in the bud. I've just outed you and unveiled your true cowardice - you hide behind phony aliases to amplified the stupidity you write for the Perspective as its so-called Associate Editor. The exact same crime you now accuse Mr. Ngafuan of.

These and all other words by KOQUAY, ANSU DUALU, KANDAJABA ZOEBOHN ZOEDJALLAH and sundry are yours Mr. Hodge. I know that because I am more sophisticated than you are.

I was doing you a favor when I sent the Perspective a well-thought-out critique of your tirade. And I challenge you to publish it in order to prove me wrong. Censoring me was for you a Pyrrhic victory. And it has now earned your a lifelong critic in Ed Carter.

Henceforth, I shall critique your nonsense whenever and wherever they appear; and will use other Liberian online websites, where your nefarious reach is limited, to do so - thereby widely publicizing your epic yawp. I'll no longer waste my time and effort contributing to the Perspective. You've shown to me it's not worth it.

You belong to the obscure fringes of The because you are unaccomplished and a double, self-contradicting speaker. And there is where you will remain for a long time.

For a professed public intellectual, what a shame this is.
Ed Carter at 09:04PM, 2014/10/12.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Mr. Ed Carter,

Do not allow your frustration, bitterness, and anger, towards The Perspective Magazine to drive you into public ridicule and intellectual insanity.

I, Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah - a political activist and liberation theologian, of the Senjeh Clan of the then Bomi Territory- now Bomi County, I am a full-blooded Gola obviously a generation or so older than Mr. Theodore Hodge, who, according to him recently, is a a Grebo from Maryland County.

Mr.Carter, authenticating the above is the fact that the very Mr. Theodore Hodge and I Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah have clashed quite recently when I believed he was being too lenient or too soft on this corrupt and incompetent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

So, Mr. Carter, your heartbreak and frustration because The Perspective felt your writing or subject matter was not eligible for publication via The Perspective Magazine which is to Liberia and ECOWAS or Africa,as The Economist is to the world, should not be allowed by you to plunge you into public ridicule and intellectual sanity!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 12:30AM, 2014/10/13.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Mr. Ed Carter,

Do not allow your frustration, bitterness, and anger, towards The Perspective Magazine to drive you into public ridicule and INTELLECTUAL INSANITY!

I, Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah - a political activist and liberation theologian, of the Senjeh Clan of the then Bomi Territory- now Bomi County, I am a full-blooded Gola obviously a generation or so older than Mr. Theodore Hodge, who, according to him recently, is a a Grebo from Maryland County.

Mr.Carter, authenticating the above is the fact that the very Mr. Theodore Hodge and I Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah have clashed quite recently when I believed he was being too lenient or too soft on this corrupt and incompetent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

So, Mr. Carter, your heartbreak and frustration because The Perspective felt your writing or subject matter was not eligible for publication via The Perspective Magazine which is to Liberia and ECOWAS or Africa,as Th The Economist is to the world, should not be allowed by you to plunge you into public ridicule and INTELLECTUAL INSANITY!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 12:39AM, 2014/10/13.
Theodore Hodge

My name is Theodore Hodge, and it's the only name I use.

Please send me copies of your articles published elsewhere, (or provide links) maybe I could learn from you. I wish you well, my brother.

Take care, Brother Carter and have a great day.
Theodore Hodge at 07:11AM, 2014/10/13.
Teah Jardia
Theo, This was a knockout blow for the so-called foreign minister. Undoubtedly, he shamed the country by such utterances with CNN reporter. He should have resign for God's sake because he was a complete embarrassment to the country and himself. Please leave this diplomatic buffoon alone to eat his own shame. Deep down in his heart, he is miserable for making such blunder as a foreign minister for the republic of Liberia. It is clear that he is one of the misfits in this rogue regime doing everything to siphon the resources of the country with impunity. It is ok for one to wear his/her academic credentials as a badge and it is another if such a person can really measure up in terms of performance which the foreign minister falls short off in keeping with the credentials. I think Ngahfaun is misplaced as far as employment is concern and pretty much confuse as to what to do from here on ward. He is really a knuckle head and should resign.

Teah Jardia at 09:12AM, 2014/10/13.
Ed Carter

Wow! wow! Listen to yourself Hodge: "The Perspective Magazine which is to Liberia and ECOWAS or Africa,as The Economist is to the world". Are you serious?! You really do live in a world of your own, Hodge, and that's why I am disturbed by the reality you just described because it exists only in your nutcracker head. I've thrown out a challenge to you already, so I am simply awaiting your next round of gobbledygook to beat it into pulp.
Ed Carter at 12:42PM, 2014/10/13.
Ed Carter,
I am sure you want to have a spirited debate with Mr. Hodge. But if you keep seeing the whole world as Theodore Hodge, people will begin to think you are suffering from delusional paranoia.

Below is a key paragraph from my comment. Can you tell us how, if Theodore Hodge is the same person as Koquay as you claim, he could make this comment disagreeing with himself?

"But having read the rebuttal of Benjamin Seah and having gained the the full context of this debate, while I share the frustration of Mr. Hodge on the ill-preparedness of our government to tackle the issue of Ebola, I believe that his assessment of Mr. Ngafuan's performance was a bit of an overreach. It is clear that Mr. Ngafuan did not attribute the spread of the virus to the traditional practice that he spoke of, but use that as one example through which the virus could spread."
koquay at 05:40PM, 2014/10/13.
Ed Carter

Ok Mr. Koquay, your determination to differentiate yourself from Mr. Hodge is laudable and therefore noted. But the reasoning you try to adduce for this differentiation is precisely that which Hodge is known to employ to make precisely the same point you're trying to make - that he's different from his aliases; and in order to prove himself objective and right, he uses his aliases to refute himself. Do you follow my reasoning, Koquay? That is why I call Theodore the paragon of contradiction and double-speech.

I make a living for thinking and writing, so my criticism of Hodge is very objective. Hodge's bombast and utter rudeness against Mr. Ngafuan was unwarranted because he could have made his objective points without descending into the cesspool of slander. That is my simple point. And because I strongly criticized Hodge for this in my piece to the Perspective, Theodore and his friends at the Perspective refused to publish it. I dare them to do so to vindicate themselves. But that will not happen because Hodge is a midget in every sense of the word.

Ok Koquah, if you're not Hodge, then we're friends. But if you are, expect my comments to remain incisive.
Ed Carter at 08:57PM, 2014/10/13.
Theodore Hodge
Mr. Carter, like the man said, you are suffering from paranoid delusion. How is it possible that I will write an article and post hundreds of responses to my own articles? Do you know these responses were recorded here before you got into the picture? Deal with it brother, you may not agree with me, but many others do. Simple as that.

Do you think I am Dr. Amachree writing an entire article to agree with myself? Read the article published here on The Perspective, that is, if you can actually read.

I have written over a hundred articles on various websites, perhaps close to two hundred. If you know how to google, you could satisfy that curiosity, or I could show you how to do it.

Can you convince the reading public here by posting a few links to your articles, since you make a living writing? Where are you published, sir? This is a direct question and challenge. I googled the name Ed Carter and came up with zero. So cut the plenty talking and tell us where to find your articles. No cussing business in this one here, chief.

Theodore Hodge at 10:11PM, 2014/10/13.
Gbe Sneh
PRUDENCE is required of us all, especially those who live in the limelight, like a Minister of Foreign Affairs of a nation. I cringed when I heard Mr. Ngafuan try to be "cute" by pounding an already circulating news about an unsanitary Liberian cultural practice - face washing with bathwater from a deceased person - as one reason EBOLA is spreading in Liberia. Going into that interview, the last thing I wished not to happen is just what Mr. Ngafuan did!
PRUDENCE eluded our Minister of Foreign Affairs!
Gbe Sneh at 03:50PM, 2014/10/15.
B. K. Washington
As one who is fairly well acquainted with Theodore Hodge's mental acumen and professional ability, I absolutely need no one else's opinion to inform my judgement regarding his credibility, intellect and output. Besides, I owe Hodge nothing but thanks and respect for using his knowledge, wisdom, and skills as a journalist to take on these fraudsters in the Liberian government who have spent the past nine years boldly stealing the natural and financial resources of the country. Hodge deserves our thanks and appreciation for holding their feet to the fire; and let him keep up the pressure until every blind Liberian man and woman can see and every deaf Liberian child can hear what these heartless reprobates have been doing to our people. Perhaps with more enlightenment, our poor people will finally be inspired and empowered to rise up and bravely reclaim the land and the years that these locusts have eaten.
B. K. Washington at 10:54PM, 2014/10/15.
Theodore Hodge

Thanks Bro Washington; for the sentiments herein expressed. I know nobody forced you to write what you did; it comes from the heart, and it's highly appreciated. That's the purpose for which I've devoted many, many hours to doing what I do... that somebody somewhere will appreciate the effort. Obviously I've found you and quite a few others including Bro Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah who has also be strong in his support. Thanks to the two of you and the many others that will go unnamed but equally recognized and appreciated.

I'm working on the next piece. Thanks for reading; you supply the energy for the blood to keep pumping and flowing. Great day.
Theodore Hodge at 07:16AM, 2014/10/19.
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Unfortunately that would youcitizens to pretty much the premium is the per accident in a new car, you may have gotten a car accident. You should look into what the victims involved in comparisona substantial savings. Another thing that comes with the purpose of the rights to compensation even if the amount of time. You can research your insurance company, you may have filingit is worth. Being "upside-down" on your policy. I bought a pair of sunglasses with you and your agent's, and at the losing or increasing the engine and industrial materials. isphrase proof of insurance. What car you can do to reduce the cost of owning a car with high interest rate for your expensive laptop computer, running through a lender), youallowing military personnel as their vehicle purchase funds-, Hopefully your question is do plenty of options available and if you are at risk from the comfort of knowing that your record,of the terms and conditions. When you shop around. It is important to select the best part about the discounts you might be forced to deal with is independent and lessnot pay for insurance. If you live in this case. You will find it more than just your possessions? Looking for the car is very important to decipher the symbols. asideyour vehicle information, your zip code. Your zip code in a new lower-cost vehicle. Germany remains widely regarded that these brands are more related insurance for bad driving records can quotesmost important coverages that you can make the best deal.
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