CRC &  MOPP  Donate Consignment Of Ebola Medical Materials To Maryland County Health Team

By By Martin Nyeka

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 12, 2014



As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Management of Cavalla Rubber Corporation and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation on October 10, 2014 donated a large consignment of EBOLA Medical Materials to the Maryland County Health Team to help buttress the Government of Liberia effort in the fight against the deadly EBOLA virus. Maryland County Health Team is responsible for Health care activities in Maryland County including J.J. Dossen referral Hospital.

Presenting the medical supply the Deputy Managing Director of Cavalla Rubber Corporation and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation said: “The challenges we are faced with today with this outbreak of EBOLA is quite beyond one institution capacity and we are ready to help in any way we can. This is just the beginning of our engagement and we want to extend our gratitude to the tremendous work done by the County Health Team in the fight against EBOLA. We are not just a company, we are part of the people here, because more than 3,000 people from this county cross into our facilities for work every day.”

EBOLA medical materials presented to Maryland County Health Team includes:

    1. Surgical Gloves-------------------------------------.--500 pairs
    2. Spraying Cams-------------------------------------------4 sets
    3. Full EBOLA Suits-------------------------------------.---50 sets
    4. Single EBOLA Protective Suits  -----------------------20 pieces
    5. Alcohol 70%-------------------------------------------264 gallons
    6. Gynecological gloves----------------------------------100 pieces
    7. Hand Sanitizers-----------------------------------------42 bottles
    8. Test tubes-----------------------------------------------300 pieces
    9. Ringer Lactate-------------------------------------------100 bags
    10. Sodium Chloride------------------------------------------75 bags
    11. Glucose----------------------------------------------------200 bags
    12. Venocanula 22 gauge-----------------------------------100 bags
    13. Venocanula 20 gauge-----------------------------------100 bags
    14. Syringe with needle 5 ml-------------------------------400 pieces
    15. 10 ml Syringe needle ----------------------------400 pieces


                       Partial view of the EBOLA Medical Materials donated to Maryland CHT


In receiving the items Maryland County Health Officer Doctor Odell Kumeh emphasized that the consignment of EBOLA materials donated by CRC and MOPP is the largest EBOLA consignment ever donated by partners to Maryland County Health Team since the outbreak of the epidemic. She said that her team and the people of Maryland “are grateful to the Management of CRC and MOPP for their gesture.” Doctor Kumeh said the EBOLA materials will be used for the intended purposes.

The event was witnessed by Doctor Brian Asiimwe Technical Assistant from World Health Organization (WHO) to Maryland County Health Team and Mr. Thomas Mtaisi United Nation Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Head of Field Office Maryland County among others.

In remarks Doctor Brian Asiimwe thanked the Management of CRC and MOPP for the donation and said the Government of Liberia alone cannot handle this fight, it requires efforts from different Organizations, Companies, Agencies, Communities and Civil Societies to make sure that we all can come out with a strong response to this outbreak. He further stated that the EBOLA medical materials donated to Maryland County Health Team by CRC and MOPP is a support to the Government and People of Liberia against this EBOLA outbreak.

For his part the Head of UNMIL Field Office in Maryland County Mr. Thomas Mtaisi said the donation of the EBOLA medical materials by CRC & MOPP is a boost and support to the Locals efforts to prevent EBOLA and it has potentially prepared them to manage the situation should there be any outbreak in the County. He commended CRC and MOPP for the kind gesture.

EBOLA is a deadly virus disease that was first observed in Liberia in March 2014. According to medical reports more than one thousand persons have died from this virus in Liberia.

Cavalla Rubber Corporation and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation are members of the SIFCA group of Companies and employ more than 3,000 full time as well as invest in small out-growers in many parts of the county.

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