Proposal For The Establishment Of A National Christian Council Of Liberia (NCCL)

By Rev. John S. M. Russell
Paynesville, Liberia

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 17, 2014


I want the readers of this document to know that everything written in it is just a proposal to be considered by members of the Body of Christ in Liberia. The proposal contains the following:

  1. Church Council – I hereby propose the formation of a Christian organization to be known as the NATIONAL CHRISTIAN COUNCIL OF LIBERIA (NCCL). The membership of the proposed council shall include all existing Christian organizations and para church institutions operating within the borders of Liberia.  Those I can remember are:
  2. The Liberia Council of churches (LCC)
  3. The Association of Evangelical Liberia (EAL)
  4. The Full Gospel Ministers Association (FGMA)
  5. The Christian Community in Liberia (CCL)
  6. The Concern Christian Community of Liberia (CCC)
  7. The Pentecostal Union of Liberia (PUL)
  8. The Church of the Lord (Aladura)
  9. The ELWA, The YMCA, The YWCA, The Prophetic Call to Ministers (PCM). Others are Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ, Soul Cleansing Clinic Of Jesus Christ, Trinity Healing Temple, Jaireh International Church, Fatima Cottage, Seventh Days Adventist, Church of God (Victory Temple), Church of God in Christ, etc, etc.

II. The purpose of the Council – the primary purpose of the proposed council is to provide a forum that will bring together all factions of the Body of Christ in Liberia for many reasons:

  1. To meet, discuss and plan to implement major issues of national concern that may need the involvement of the Church for profitable solutions.
  2. To develop and implement a national God given agenda for the evangelization of the nation.
  3. To minimize the denominational divide that the Body of Christ is experiencing presently.
  4. To share divine dreams, visions, prayer, Bible study and fellowship time together where necessary.
  5. To recognize and respect one another’s gifts and calling to ministry for making disciples for Christ.
  6. To be the voice of conscience in the Republic of Liberia.

III. Structure – the administrative structure of the proposed Christian Council will be determined by the Body when it meets in a National Conference for the purpose of reviewing the proposal and acting for or against it.
 We hereby propose five administrative regions comprising the fifteen sub-political divisions of the Republic to enhance the saturation of the nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through preaching and teaching. The proposed regions shall be:
Region one:                                   Region Two

  1. Montserrado County                  1. Bong County
  2. Bomi County                              2. Grand Bassa County
  3. Margibi County                          3. Rivercess County

Region three:                                     Region Four

  1. Nimba County                            1. River Gee County
  2. Grand Gedeh County                  2. Maryland County
  3. Sinoe County                              3. Grand Kru County

Region five:

  1. Lofa County
  2. Gbarpolu County
  3. Grand Cape Mount County

IV.  The task of the Council

  1. Establish a national Secretariat comprised of committed, dedicated and experienced individuals in secretarial work that will be charged with the following functions:
  2. Work closely with top leadership of the body of Christ for the smooth operation of the body.
  3. Keep accurate membership and financial records of the body for easy reference.
  4. Serve as liaison between the body of Christ and the media for the dissemination of necessary information to the public.
  5. Maintain a well organized filing system for the security of the records belonging to the body.
  6. Be in charge of all incoming and outgoing communications of the body.

Record and transcribe minutes of all general meetings of the body.

  1.  Equipping for ministry – the Council shall endeavor to provide all necessary resources for the equipping and empowering of its members to effectively carry out the ministry of evangelization and making disciples for Christ. Equipping the saints of God shall include:
  2. Literature Acquisition and Production.  The Council will acquire and produce relevant literature for the training and equipping of the servants of God to enable them preach and teach with confidence and boldness. The literature to be developed and distributed shall focus on the basic areas of learning necessary for national growth and development.  For example:

Government                       Security 
Education                            Media
Religion                              Culture
Writing on each of the basic areas mentioned above must reflect the Sovereignty of God and the centrality of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For example:

  1. The Gospel and good governance
  2. The Gospel and people of other faith
  3. The Gospel and culture
  4. The Gospel of Freedom with Justice and Security
  5. The Gospel and the acquisition of Knowledge
  6. The Gospel and God’s Financial Principles
  7. The Gospel and the media – Print and electronic

1. TrainingAll recognized seminaries and Bible schools and colleges will be used and supported by the Council to implement the equipping and empowering plans of the Council for the effective spreading of the Gospel throughout the land.  The Council will train its members based on its own developed curriculum.  There will be great emphasis on the conduct of seminars and workshops in all the administrative regions on a regular basis in order to keep the momentum high among the servants of God.

 2.  Church Construction –The Council will endeavor to generate funds nationally and internationally to renovate some existing churches that are financially weak and low in membership and construct new ones in places where there are no churches as people respond to the preaching and teaching of the Gospel. This approach will strengthen the unity of the Council and the oneness of the Gospel message throughout the nation

3. EDUCATION - The most important role the church has to play in developing cable leaders to serve in decision making positions is education. The church must jointly strengthen its existing schools and universities and increase their number. Providing quality education should be a number one concern of the body of Christ. All required disciplines of global educational system must be included in all church related schools and universities in Liberia.  Every top decision making position in Liberia requires trained and qualified citizens.

The church must encourage its members to be broad minded in choosing their Professional fields of study.  It has been said that “no knowledge is wasted.”  
  1. Evangelization and Discipleship

Saturating the nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer; preaching and teaching the word; building descent places of worship; encouraging inductive bible studies in churches and homes; and conducting national crusades. The emphasis must be on the salvation of souls; helping people to live peacefully in good health and safe environments; and experiencing the joy of having an intimate relationship with God..

  1. Develop and promote biblically based family life ministries for use in every church and home.
  2. Encourage church related school administrators to teach the fundamental elements of Christian worship and discipline in the schools.
  3. Encourage the employment of “Born Again” Christian men and women who have been trained and equipped with biblical knowledge to teach in all public schools across the nation.
  4. Conduct seminars and workshops for pastors and church workers in basic theology of Christian worship and practice in the contemporary church.

Conclusion: I am pleased to distribute this document to all my colleagues in ministry and lay members of the Body of Christ in Liberia as a way of sharing some thoughts that I believe are worthy of their reflection.  We read in II Chronicles 16:9 that:
 “The Lord Keeps close watch over the whole world, to give strength to those whose hearts are loyal to him…” (Good News Bible)
May the Lord find us fit for the gift of divine strength, wisdom and knowledge for the production of an accurate and acceptable document that will fully embodied the vision and plan of God for our beloved country, Liberia.

God bless you!

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John S. M. Russell, retired clergy person of the United Methodist Church
CONTACT:  If you have a question or comment, you may call 0886 556 729/0770273211 or email us at

Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Rev. John S.M.Russell, you must have plenty of time on your hands. Isn´t the Liberia Council of Churches THE NATIONAL CHRISTIAN COUNCIL OF LIBERIA OR A NATIONAL CHRISTIAN COUNCIL OF LIBERIA?

Or you simply want another new group masquerading as national christian council of Liberia to come and tell us the ebola epidemic is the result of the sins of the people and not the failure of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who thought the disease was just one of those concerns she and her government would use as a ploy to INFLATE THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS in foreign banks and so buried her head in the sand!

Look good friend, the Liberia Council of Churches aka the National Christian Council of Liberia is enough of a tool of corrupt governments - especially this one of corrupt Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 09:40AM, 2014/10/19.
OK, I’ve got to testify. I have been hitrung for over a week my left shoulder has been on fire. I woke up this morning not even wanting to get out of bed. But I went to church anyway. I could barely stand it through the Praise time. But as I was leaving church I realized the pain was gone. Seven hours without a pain pill and still no pain. Praise God!!
Tallat at 04:53AM, 2015/10/16.
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