Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: The Welfare Queen Comes Begging Again

By Theodore Hodge

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
October 21, 2014


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Since the emergence of the Ebola crisis in Liberia, one policy has remained constant for the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration: Begging her friends and counterparts for donations. Does the nation deserve help from our foreign friends? Absolutely. Should the global community come to the aid of Liberians? There is no doubt. But should our government solely rely upon foreigners not only to assist but to carry the entire burden upon their shoulders? If outsiders were to bear the entire burden of relieving us of this deadly enemy, doesn't that undermine our supposed sovereignty?

When the severity of the crisis finally hit home, after a period of denial and self-deception, the Liberian president turned to the United States government to plead for help. Her letter requested help for such things as building bridges and clinics and testing centers and other major undertakings. That's quite understandable, but the government was also requesting help for such things as rubber gloves and soap and sanitizers, infrared thermometers and personal protective equipment (PPE). Perhaps one could sympathize with the government for its inability to provide essential infrastructure, but what's the excuse for not being able to provide such essential and inexpensive items like soap, sanitizers, bed sheets and personal protective equipment (PPE) for health workers?

But say what one may about the Liberian president, one thing is most certain: She is a pretty good letter writer. Put in less elegant terms, she is a very good beggar. One wonders whether she didn't take a course at Harvard titled: How To Beg Your Rich Friends For Money". But let's lay aside the commentary and admire our president at work, in her own words. She wrote to US President Obama:

"Mr. President, as you know, the outbreak has overwhelmed the containment and treatment measures we have attempted thus far. Our already limited resources have been stretched to breaking point and up to now only a private charity, Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF), has responded robustly in all the affected countries. But they too have reached their limits. Without more direct help from your government, we will lose this battle against Ebola. A WHO investigation conducted with other partners and our own Ministry of Health and Social Welfare projects thousands of cases over the next three weeks."

One has to admit that our begging queen uses eloquence in conveying a point across. She makes an excellent case in grabbing the US president's attention. Again, say what you may about this lady, one can't dismiss her intelligence in the art of communication. Some may call her a con artist, but perhaps that would be too harsh... at least the thought comes to mind. After getting Obama's attention she slowly moves in for the kill. But she does so softly. She continues to build sympathy to the point where her request must not be denied. She continues:


"The virus is spreading at an exponential rate and we have a limited time window to arrest it. Mr. President, well over 40% of total cases occurred in the last 18 days. Our message has gotten out and our citizens are self-reporting or bringing in their relatives. But our treatment centers are overwhelmed. MSF is now running a 160 bed-unit that will expand even further. This is the largest ever Ebola Treatment Unit in the history of the disease and even that is inadequate. To break the chain of transmission, we need to isolate the sick from their families and communities, but this is impossible because there is nowhere to take them. We are been forced to turn back the sick. We are sending them home where they are a risk to their families and the communities. I am being honest with you when I say that at this rate, we will never break the transmission chain and the virus will overwhelm us."

Like a good con artist does, she feels the moment has arrived to move in for the kill. After arousing guilt, s
he lays it on heavily. This is what she writes: "We need to provide up to 1500 beds in Ebola Treatment Units in Monrovia. We also need to create 10 additional sites in the outlying affected counties. This is beyond anything we are able to address on our own. Unless we significantly increase our capacity to isolate infected persons - their families and communities remain vulnerable and the transmission chain remains unbroken. With our own resources, we can only support and manage one (1) one-hundred bed treatment facility. Medecins Sans Frontiers will scale up to 400 beds, leaving a very significant gap."

But why stop there. After all, she's on a roll and she feels it. The lady knows how to go big, and she does as she writes: "I am directly appealing to you and the American people for the following:

"A) That the US government sets up and operates at least one Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) in Monrovia. Mr. President at the current rate of infections, only governments like yours have the resources and assets to deploy at the pace required to arrest the spread. Branches of your military and civilian institutions already have the expertise in dealing with biohazards, infectious diseases and chemical agents. They already understand appropriate infection control protocols and we saw these assets were deployed in Aceh after the tsunami and in Haiti after the earthquake. It is in appreciation of the difference in kind of disaster, that we requesting assistance from units with expertise in managing biohazards.

"B) That the US government assists in restoring regular basic and secondary health services at least 10 non-Ebola hospitals. We have been told by healthcare workers on the frontline that only 80% of patients presenting symptoms at ETUs are infected with the virus. The other 20% need to be treated at non-Ebola health facilities. However, we need appropriate infection control protocols and testing facilities to protect health care workers and non-Ebola patients in these facilities. Currently, in Monrovia there are 8 hospitals, ranging from 50 to 418 beds. Across the rest of the country we need to reopen at least one large public health facility to prevent deaths from treatable diseases and prevent maternal and infant mortality.
Maintenance of air bridges during the course of the response. With airlines servicing the country down to two from a pre-Ebola total of 11, movement of personnel with expertise and equipment into the country is becoming increasingly difficult. Until private air service returns, we will require assistance with air bridges to respond to the crisis."

Can't you tell by now this lady, this our Nobel winning-president actually specializes in begging? She uses intelligence to appeal to the other's emotions; make them feel sorry for you. Then make your plea; but remember in doing so, go big. Ask for as much as you can and settle for what they're able to spare. For someone begging, she made quite an impressive case and she was specific in the assistance being requested. People should study this masterpiece letter in the art of 'How to Beg For Assistance'.


To show you how effective the letter was, it barely had time to reach the White House before the request was fully granted. Everything the president asked for was delivered without much debate, if any, in the US legislature. It was a rare moment for Republicans and Democrats to come together on a crucial foreign affair. The winner, once again, was the Begging Queen of Liberia. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had proven herself right again: Use all the national resources  for yourself and your cronies and carry a big plate around and solicit assistance from your global partners. That has proven a solid policy. Did she learn the techniques at Harvard, Citibank or the World Bank? No wonder she holds such an impressive curriculum vitae.

Psychologists and psychiatrists who study con artists will tell you that these sociopaths and psychopaths always capitalize on their achievement and victories. Once a con artist records a victory in an endeavor, the tendency is to go for a bigger catch. In line with that, what's the next move for our con-artist-in-chief? She is attempting to score bigger. Last time she appealed to the United States, now she's taking her con game to the world. She writes a letter to the world, appealing for global sympathy. She writes:

Dear World
In just over six months, Ebola has managed to bring my country to a standstill. We have lost over 2,000 Liberians. Some are children struck down in the prime of their youth. Some were fathers, mothers, brothers or best friends. Many were brave health workers that risked their lives to save others, or simply offer victims comfort in their final moments...

That's the setup. She then goes for the emotional appeal. She writes as brilliantly as ever:

"The virus has been able to spread so rapidly because of the insufficient strength of the emergency, medical and military services that remain under-resourced and without the preparedness to confront such a challenge. This would have been the case whether the confrontation was with Ebola, another infectious disease, or a natural disaster..."

Then she passes the hat around, as if to say 'Drop your dollars, pounds, yens, euros, marks or whatever you've got here.' She writes further:

"This fight requires a commitment from every nation that has the capacity to help – whether that is with emergency funds, medical supplies or clinical expertise." But the lady is not limiting her appeal to nations and the great leaders of the world. She includes everyone, from kings and queens, and presidents and ministers to the lowest of the commoners, including cab drivers and house keepers... she'd take a dollar from anyone she can con as she intends to keep what she has and use other people's money.  She writes brilliantly as she once again appeals to our collective emotion: 

"From governments to international organisations, financial institutions to NGOs, politicians to ordinary people on the street in any corner of the world, we all have a stake in the battle against Ebola. It is the duty of all of us, as global citizens, to send a message that we will not leave millions of West Africans to fend for themselves against an enemy that they do not know, and against whom they have little defense."

Now, isn't that a great finish? Makes you want to borrow some money to throw into the hat or bucket. It is almost impossible to resist such eloquence calculated to appeal to one's emotions. I'm quite sure many will fall for this scam; the money will flow again. Ebola will be defeated, but in the meantime, the con artists in Liberia will simply laugh on their way to the bank as their leader does what she does best: Appeal to the world with hat in hand.


I've got one question for the madam: Are you willing to donate your share of the Nobel Peace Prize take? Have considered donating at least a year's salary towards the Ebola Fund? Have you asked your high-salaried cronies to do the same? (Did I say one question?) That would be a nice way to start the rally. But knowing the reality, I'm not counting on that. The con game works best with other folks' money.

One more thing, Madam President or Africa's Jewel, You have a son who is a medical doctor. You are now appealing to Americans, Cubans, Chinese, French and German doctors to come help Liberia fight this deadly virus. Where is your son, Dr. Adama Sirleaf? I heard he said it's too risky an undertaking; he has precious young children. As a matter of fact let's quote your son directly: 'the symbolism of me going here and potentially getting Ebola when I have a nine and a seven-year old at home isn't worth it just to appease people." The quote comes from the Wall Street Journal. One wonders whether this Dr. Sirleaf knows how many young doctors with children of their own are enlisting for the fight. Isn't that a selfish statement to make?

Madam President, you also have a sister who is a nurse. Does she dare put on a glove now and go near a commoner afflicted with Ebola? No, she wants to run JFK Hospital, but she's way beyond being enlisted for the national fight against Ebola. Right? Your family must really make you proud and you think no one is noticing.

Madam President, you talk about your belief in the Almighty. I'm sure you've read the Good Book, the Bible that is. Do you recall it says somewhere in there that "Charity begins at home"? A word of advice: Before you go carrying that hat or bucket around begging for funds and writing all those fancy letters to your foreign friends and strangers alike, start with what you've got. And God Almighty knows you've got a lot. Give a little of yourself and ask your family to lead by example. Charity begins at home.


Zaye Gonyon
She´s actually a vain and wicked witch as her own photograph here aptly portrays her person and mindset. One would understand or appreciate the satirical description of a "welfare queen" given her lazyness and incompetence.

But taking into account her heartlessness, she can best be described a vain and very wicked witch as can be seen in her quest now to use the ebola situation to abuse her powers with impunity via some unnecessary emergency powers - "her next move",if we may respond to your interrogative statement "what's the next move for our con-artist-in-chief?"
Zaye Gonyon at 12:36AM, 2014/10/21.
According to the Wall Street Journal "Until the 1970s, Liberia was a middle-income country with 3,000 medical doctors. Aspiring physicians from across West Africa trained at JFK, the country’s top hospital. But a coup in 1980 set off two decades of civil war that tore Liberia and its health infrastructure apart." This is true and was a remarkable achievement by the Tubman Era; which many Liberians seemed to forget.The WSJ took me back to the once prosperous country;where lots of foreigners went in search of a better and prosperous life.

What can we say about the "welfare Queen" and all the experiences she brought to the job of the Presidency;just begging and begging our national pride away and exposing Liberians to international ridicule.
Anthony at 10:45AM, 2014/10/21.
Harry Conway
Mr. Hodge, they say, if you cannot help a person don't harm him/her.

Is your hatred for Ellen and her government so deep and bitter that you denigrate whatever she or officials of her Government do, no matter how good the intention? The last time it was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, today it is the President. Tomorrow I wonder who it will be.

If you posses all the solutions to the myriads of problems facing us as a nation,why are you not on the ground in Liberia, other then to just criticise?

One of the challenges our country faces is "we have people who pretend to know it all only be empty vessels when push comes to shove".

If you cannot leave the comfort of wherever you are, kindly give the Government a break to fight the EVD, even it that means going 'CAP IN HANDS' to well meaning people. And show some respect to the Office of the President AND elders, please.
Harry Conway at 12:28PM, 2014/10/21.
Cora Coleman - Lee
If criticizing a President is hatred for the President then Ellen´s hatred for Tolbert, Doe, Bryant, and Taylor, was more than "deep and bitter". For she criticized them for everything they did, no matter their individual intentions, Harry. And everybody is ware of this, probably except you.

She told the Liberian people she had "all the solutions" to the nuanced of plights and or problems the country faced, to the extent of financially sponsoring a war which killed hundreds of thousands of her own people. Here she is here today notorious for been the worst President Liberia has ever had, and in fact, an "EMPTY VESSEL" if we may quote you.

So Mr. Conway, if you have nothing meaningful to say, just keep quiet; since according to you, the implementation or exercise of Article 15 is a display of hatred. Well, as I mentioned above, if according to you criticizing a President implies hatred for that President, then according to you, Ellen is guilty. Keep up the excellent patriotism, Mr. Hodge!
Cora Coleman - Lee at 01:37PM, 2014/10/21.
Aloysius J. Morris
Mr. Theodore Hodge,
What are you? what do you do for a living? where do you live? What i am sorry to conclude is that you are an unpatriotic, evil hearted disinherited and well pronounced idiot who takes glory from denigrating public officials to maybe appease his pay masters.
It pains me to read such ridiculous comments about your Head of State; what have you contributed to your country's fight against the scourge? Nothing but empty and ill words for great personalities who are in the front line of defending a nation plagued by a faceless killer. Mr. Hodge because the only tool you have is a hammer, you've tried to see all of your problems as nails. Beware my brother this is where you call home. I would rather beg to defend my people than to live an entire lifetime as a refugee.
Aloysius J. Morris at 04:23PM, 2014/10/21.
Sarr Abdulai VANDI
The Welfare Queen and Warmonger is at her best Vocation ~ Buccaneering and Squandering Donor Largesse shall be her Legacy.
Sarr Abdulai VANDI at 05:24PM, 2014/10/21.
Ed Carter

Theodore Hodge,

I don’t know what to make of your latest outburst. But you once again confirm only one thing: your luminous stupidity.

For all your so called intellectual prowess and eloquence, all you've done in this 2,665 word piece of yours is sharpen your anti-regime reputation and objectify your lack of common sense. You've also demonstrated your unpatriotic pedigree.

You hate this woman so much that in addition to lampooning her occasional missteps (which we all agree she has), you also try to rub her of any deserving credit she and her administration has earned over the years (and there are numerous of them).

Beyond your morbid hate for her, you have also demonstrated your eagerness to bury Liberia on account of your greatest enemy – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It’s like throwing away the baby with the dirty bath water, as we say in Liberia.

As someone who religiously commentate its politics and socio-economic life, you profess to love Liberia and its people. And yet nothing you write here demonstrates that love. You find it impossible to move beyond your pathological hate of this woman, in order to feel some compassion for your fellow Liberians dying of Ebola who are the ultimate beneficiaries of ratcheted U.S. assistance. For you Hodge, living in the relative safety and convenience of America (your flat-screen TV, your car-loan, with cheap food and subsidized medical care) is all that matters.

Theodore Hodge’s only contribution to the Ebola fight is his incessant vitriol against our president and her officials who are doing their best to mobilize international assistance against the disease. Accusing them of being beggars of the highest cast. For Hodge its okay that thousands of our compatriots die daily of Ebola; and many more will fall to other preventable and curable illness.

Theodore Hodge, you are indeed fiendish to the highest order.

But perhaps your biggest shortcoming is your monumental ignorance about much of what you write, including about the Liberian government.

If only you understood the level of scrutiny and accountability that most donor partners insist upon in the management of their funds, perhaps you would understand that donor funds isn’t that easy to eat; and that any Tom, Dick or Harry can’t just walk away with it.

You also seem ignorant of the the ongoing Ebola crisis was only the icing on the cake following 2 back-to-back budgetary shortfalls (caused mainly by exogenous shocks), making it difficult for Government to adequately finance the numerous projects contained in the budget.

In short, the Liberian Government is indeed cash striped, and therefore the sensible move by President Sirleaf to call upon the US and the wider international community for help has yielded fruits, because unlike your Water-side stupidity, President Obama, the IMF, World Bank, UN family know better.

I look forward to one day locking you eye-to-eye, and peering into the abyss of your hate, in order to understand its true motivation. Until then, please have mercy on us Liberians and permit our President to continue beg in order to help save our lives.

Theodore Hodge, you objectify stupidity in a very dangerous way.

I mourn for you!
Ed Carter at 09:21PM, 2014/10/21.
Cora Coleman Lee
Mr. Ed Carter,

You must be a government job seeker, a gullible, or simply out of your mind, or just downright ignorant to write that "donor funds isn’t that easy to eat; and that any Tom, Dick or Harry can’t just walk away with it." Mr. Carter, what happened with the EU donor funds just to remind you. You are making a clown out of yourself Mr. Carter. Where is your conscience? WHERE ARE YOUR PRINCIPLES? I hope Mr. Hodge will not give any attention to your childish rubbish.

Cora Coleman Lee at 12:39AM, 2014/10/22.
Robert Johnson
Mr.Ed Carter is acually Edward Carter, once a so-called mayor of Bentol who resides in Minnesota.He had hoped to be appointed mayor of Bentol againg. But the position was given to Christain Tolbert Norman by the president. So, he is now campaigning for another position which he hopes to be appointed to by defending the Liberian president. Good luck, Edward Carter.
Robert Johnson at 04:58AM, 2014/10/22.
Ed Carter

I meant what I said Cora: "donor funds aren't that easy to eat".

Indeed, there have been many occasions now and in the past of misappropriations of funds, sometimes outrageously. But the general picture is significantly different from what Theodore and his anti-regime clansmen glibly paint for their reading audience.

First of all, the EU and many other donors have folks on the ground in Liberia who supervise the overall management of these aids; and maintain stringent reporting and accounting requirements, usually sending in auditors after the fact to audit project management. Where such supports are direct budget contribution to Government, donors watch for mid-term and end-of-year budget performance reports which they usually independently corroborate.

If for any reason the EU, or IMF or USAID or DFID isn't satisfied with a particular project management or budget performance, it has the option of demanding accountability or withholding future assistance. But the fact that donors continue to pour assistance into Liberia year after year suggests that much of the corruption stories you hear in the media are half-truths which the unaccomplished Theodore and his cohorts are happy to feed off of from their matchbox apartments in Atlanta and elsewhere.

As for you, Robert Johnson, I am my own Ed Carter. So keep guessing...

Until the Perspective.org refrains from censuring critical views like mine and agrees to publish them on its front spread in the same manner it does Theodore Hodge gibberish, I will remain dedicated to the singular goal of unmasking the anti-regime gimmicks of its star-writer in these and other back channels.

Theodore Hodge is an intellectual fraudster; and I shall go to great and innovative lengths to present him as he is.
Ed Carter at 05:45AM, 2014/10/22.
I apologize to continue the discussion on "donor funds"
but it seems to surface as an issue on this forum.

It is confusing when the President acknowledges corruption in Liberia,and others argue that it doesn't exist; or some restrictions are put on donor funds for stealing.

I recall,a recent topic of discussion about funds provided by our donors for police cafeteria which was illegally given to the President's friend,when she did not win the bid.She is also accuse of pocketing most of the money with disregard for the intended purpose. Is this fund separate from what is term "donor funds"? or it is different from what the President spoke about? when she said "corruption is our number one enemy."
Anthony at 09:37AM, 2014/10/22.
One wonders if President Sirleaf does not see the irony of her begging the president of the United States for help when she is paying people in her government higher salaries than the US president makes.
koquay at 04:27PM, 2014/10/22.
Most of you guys that think it is sin to to be critical of ellen are the ones that are unpatriotic and blindly loyal to her. I humbly admonish all ellenites to read her book ( This child will be great) and compare what she wrote to what is happenning now in liberia. Theo, good job, keep it coming...
moore at 08:40PM, 2014/10/22.
Robert Johnson
Edward Carter, I know who you are and the reason for which you have constantly defended this administration. For you to cowardly deny that you are the Edward Carter, who served as an incompetent and clueless mayor of Bentol, is very disappointing. Be a man of honor and admit that you are the Edward Carter that I know. You are a liar and coward hiding behind the name Ed Carter. You are not your own "Ed Carter." I know all about your record when you served as the failed mayor of Bentol.
Robert Johnson at 12:03AM, 2014/10/23.
Robert Johnson
Edward Carter:
You are not your own "Ed Carter." You are a liar, cowardly hiding behind "Ed Carter." I got to know you very well when you served as the mayor of Bentol. In that position, you proved to be an incompetent fool who had no vision and failed miserably. I agree with you that Hodge goes over board with some of his criticisms. But your reason in your challenge to him has much to do with your interest in securing a job in government, perhaps, at the junior minister level where there are openings now because of the recent dismissals of people who abandoned their positions because of ebola. So, Edward "Ed Carter" Carter, you can fool some, but not me because I know you. I know you because I am from Bentol.
Robert Johnson at 12:28AM, 2014/10/23.
We will only take her seriously if her son, the so called doctor, stays in Liberia and fights Ebola with us. Anyone can stay in Atlanta and coordinate if they are lucky enough to gain US residence. Unfortunately many of us Liberian will never be lucky enough. But for us it is our country and we fight for another day. If our president's son cannot fight with us but believes he can hide in the US, we have lost all respect.
james at 03:51PM, 2014/10/23.
Amos Frank
Mr. Robert Johnson, you have made a sound observation on Mr. Ed Carter - a man who never collected while it was raining, but decides to do so while dew is falling.

Ed, Ellen is finished now! Even the "tayblay" is gone. Can´t you see even those (Corkrum, NIC Boss - Wortorson, Amos Sawyer, Neyor,Gongar etc. etc), who were so very close to the bad and incompetent old lady have distanced themselves from her to the extent of exposing her and telling her to step down!Read Frontpageafrica letter column, there you see Dr. Batum Kulah a blind loyalist to Ellen is telling her she must resign immediately!!! Explain it, Mr. Carter.
Amos Frank at 01:10PM, 2014/10/24.
B. K. Washington
I had not intended to add anything at all to Hodge's very brilliant critique of two of the most disgraceful letters ever written by a Head of State - one to a fellow Head of State and the other to the Whole World. But quite apart from the portrayal of the writer of these absurd letters as a "con artist" (which Ellen Sirleaf is, no doubt) what is equally, if not more, troubling and painful to a proud patriotic African man like me is the awkward manner she casts herself as a destitute shameless prostitute, on her knees, begging everybody in the world for a measly crumb of bread.

As poor, sick and ignorant as Liberians may be, the one thing they have always been is proud. So how dare this incompetent, corrupt, greedy, and uncaring imp foolishly expose the Liberian people to such ridicule and scorn? Was it not enough that she and cohorts Charles Taylor, Amos Sawyer, Thomas Woweiyu, and others practically decimated the country in fourteen years of waging a stupid and needless war against the people of Liberia? Indeed, this con artist has done it again - this time, by besmirching our dignity, good name, and image as a sovereign and independent member of the comity of nations. That is treason!
B. K. Washington at 05:13AM, 2014/10/27.
Shad Pelham Campbell
My own friend Theodore has written a rather satirical remark against my President: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in which he referred to her as a Welfare Queen. I think his description borders on comical, to say that the president begs to improve the lives of the Liberian people is wrong is rather a classical definition of insanity.
Shad Pelham Campbell at 09:53AM, 2014/10/27.
J. Flomo Matthew
So my dear brother Hodge, after reading your analysis and indictment of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, may I ask of you, what is your solution? I rather President Sirleaf raise a plate begging, then try to do it herself, something she has not been able to do, at least not yet.
J. Flomo Matthew at 07:18PM, 2014/10/29.
sylvester krah
let me use this occasion and extend profound gratitude to Mr. Theodore hodge for his extemporaneous writing. one key point i really picked up in his presentation is the portion that his to do with charity begins at home and ends abroad. over the periods the ellen led administration has instituted massive failue with respect to wrong national economic priorities,evidence by wasteful expenditures on government vehicles.the major problem facing our nation is not the lack of resources but rather the mis appropriation of those resources. our national budget is in the tune of $ 500 million plus but government is still unable to make strategic investment in areas such as health, education ,road etc. all of your points are directly specking to the prevailing socioeconomic realities of our nation. every well meaning liberian must objectively appreciate the realty of issues you are presenting without any political sentiments. Liberia will have more begging to do if she does not make the proper budgetary allotment that will adequately addressed the highly hit sectors of the economy. what is the economic significance of appropriating funding in the national budget for the executive mansion renovation, when in fact the entire health sector is at a collapse?
sylvester krah at 07:56AM, 2015/01/14.
People nolrlmay pay me for this and you are giving it away!
Marcia at 06:33PM, 2015/12/01.
Well I guess I don't have to spend the weekend figuring this one out!
http://the3aminos.com/progressiv at 01:57PM, 2016/02/04.
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