Cavalla Rubber Corporation And Maryland Oil Palm Plantation Join The Campaign To Help Safe Maryland County From Ebola Epidemic

Donates another consignment of Ebola preventive materials to Pleebo Ebola task force

By: Martin Nyeka

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 8, 2014


Donation made by CRC and MOPP to Maryland County

The Management of Cavalla Rubber Corporation and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation has joined the campaign to help keep Maryland County safe from the Ebola epidemic.

On October 25, 2014 the Management donated another consignment of Ebola Preventive materials this time to the Pleebo Sodoken District Ebola Task Force. The District Task Force is responsible to carry on contact tracing and sensitization and report all suspected cases to the Maryland County Health Team.

Presenting the Ebola Preventive materials the Deputy Managing Director of Cavalla Rubber Corporation and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation Mr. John Y. Barkemeni said “This donation is in response to your request made to the Management of CRC & MOPP”. Mr. Barkemeni said Management of CRC & MOPP is deeply concern about the health crisis in Liberia. He also stated that CRC & MOPP will continue to buttress the Government of Liberia effort by providing assistance in the fight against the epidemic. The DMD encouraged members of the Pleebo Sodoken District Ebola task force to continue the fight until Liberia is declared freed of the Ebola virus.

The Ebola Preventive Materials donated to Pleebo Sodoken District Task Force by CRC & MOPP are:

Item Quantity
Motorcycle 1 piece
Chloride 3 cartoons
Klim Tie Soap 3 cartoons
Buckets with faucets 50 pieces
Rain Boots 20 pairs
Large size Hand Sanitizers 6 bottles
Ebola Flyers 300 pieces

In receiving the items the Deputy Commander of Pleebo Sodoken District Ebola Task Force Mr. Patrick Manneh commended the Management of CRC & MOPP for the kind gesture. He said the donation was timely and is a boost to the work of the task force.

The event was witnessed by the Acting Superintendent of Maryland County Nathaniel Toe, The Mayor of Pleebo City, President and Members of Rotary Club Harper among others.

In remarks the Acting Superintendent of Maryland County Nathaniel Toe expressed thanks and appreciation for the donation and said “We must fight Ebola in Maryland County until Liberia is declared free of Ebola by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Of recent Cavalla Rubber Corporation and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation donated a consignment of EBOLA medical and Protective materials to Maryland County Health Team in buttressing the Government of Liberia effort in fighting the deadly Ebola epidemic.
Cavalla Rubber Corporation and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation have put in place stringent Ebola preventive measures in both Plantations to ensure that its workers are protected from Ebola virus.
Measures put in place are:

Ebola is a deadly virus disease that has claimed the lives of more than one thousand persons in Liberia including Nurses and Doctors according to medical reports.

Cavalla Rubber Corporation and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation are members of the SIFCA group of Companies.

Just found this blog - great stuff!I lived and worked in Liberia in 2004-5, incduling several months in Harper, and these photos bring it all back to me. Looks like very little has changed since then, which is not really surprising. The decaying grandeur of these buildings struck me at the time as strangely romantic but when I found out about the people who built them and the way in which they ran the country, I changed my views. A colleague and I briefly considered buying/leasing one of the wrecked houses on the cape at Harper and turning into a hotel of sorts, but decided the time wasn't yet right. Some will do it someday.
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