President Sirleaf Makes New Appointments In Government

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 17, 2014


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

My fellow Liberians:

Even as we continue to combat the Ebola virus and strive to achieve our national objective of zero-new-cases by Christmas, we must also attend to what will be a difficult job of recovery –recovery to the health care system so that we deliver health care services all across the country and are better prepared for any epidemic of the size and scale of Ebola; recovery to the economy so that we are repositioned to produce more opportunities and afford decent and better living conditions for all our people; recovery to governance so that notwithstanding the superficial differences which haunt the body politic, we can still remain enjoined behind the common purpose of national healing and reconstruction.

This requires a team that is adaptable, responsive, disciplined, loyal, and focused – a team that is understanding of the prevailing challenges, and [is] resolved to respond by taking appropriate risks to get things done on time. It is my job to continuously vet and ready such a team for the challenges we currently face and those that lie ahead.

And so today, I announce a number of changes to the Executive Branch of the Government. A few are transferred or reassigned, signifying our recognition of their capabilities and performance. Others are dropped from where they served, but will be given appropriate opportunities to continue to serve the country. I am deeply grateful for the services and contribution of all of those we who have served or continue to serve.

We are not short on expectation that going forward, each working day – indeed each working hour – will be spent not only on catching up and continuing with the transformational agenda of the country but also to exploring creative new approaches by which we deliver on the agenda within the limited time of our stewardship.

My hope is that this team will take us to the finish line. But make no mistake: As Captain, I will not hesitate to change anyone who fails to meet our expectations.

With these remarks, I am pleased to make the following initial appointments, others to follow at a subsequent time:

Ministry of Public Works
Mr. William Gyude Moore - Minister
Mr. Roland Giddings - Deputy Minister for Administration


Ministry of Education
Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell – Minister
Dr. Nancy Freeman – Deputy Minister for Administration
Mr. Anthony Nimely – Deputy Minister for Planning, Research and Development

National Investment Commission
Mrs. Etmonia David Tarpeh – Chairperson

Ministry of Health
Mr. George Werner – Minister

Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection
Mrs. Julia Duncan-Cassell – Minister
Mr. Peter Roberts - Deputy Minister for Administration
Mrs. Sienne Abdul-Baki - Deputy Minister for Gender
Mrs. Mardia Martin Wiles - Deputy Minister for Policy, Planning & Technical Services
Mrs. Lydia Sherman - Deputy Minister for Children and Social Protection

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dr. Wede Brownell – Deputy Minister for Administration
Ms. Albratha Doe – Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Transport
Mr. Bushuben M. Keita - Deputy Minister for Administration Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Mr. Cyril Allen, Jr. – Deputy Minister for Commerce
Mr. Mohammed Turay – Assistant Minister for Industry

National AIDS Commission
Ms. Candace Eastman – Commissioner (replacing Ms. Wessehdi Sio-Njoh)


Ministry of Youth & Sports
Mr. Ramses Kumbuyah - Deputy Minister for Administration (replacing Ms. Jacqueline Capehart)

Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy
Mr. Zack Sharpe – Deputy Minister for Administration

Ministry of Information
Mr. Andrew Tehmeh - Deputy Minister for Administration (to replace Norris Tweah who moves on to the University of Liberia)

Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ms. Gbemie Horace Kollie - Deputy Minister for Operations (replacing Mr. Ranney Jackson)

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Ms. Margretta Smith-General - Assistant Minister for Administration (replacing Mr. James Cooper)

Liberia Broadcasting System
Mr. Ledgerhood Rennie – Director General
Mr. Patrick Honnah – Deputy Director General for Broadcasting
Mr. Christopher Sellee – Deputy Director General for Rural Comms
The special word on the change in the Ministry of Health. Dr. Gwenigale will continue to serve as Advisor until his planned retirement in February.

Source: Liberian Government

There are no permanent friends or foes...only shifting alliances and interests.

Mr. Cyril Allen, Jr. – Deputy Minister for Commerce
Efessayf at 06:00AM, 2014/11/17.
Boniface Wallace
When you recycle the same people you get the same results.
Boniface Wallace at 09:31AM, 2014/11/17.
This president continue to put her friends in place of positions, no matter their productivities level.
All so called Congo-people (Formal slave).
Naz at 11:02AM, 2014/11/17.
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