Leaders with Slave Mentalities: The Strange Case of Liberia 

By Theodore T. Hodge 

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
Reposted On November 28, 2014


Theodore T. Hodge

john W. Ellis
A friend of mind told me in an argument, when people say something try to you access their frame of mind at the time the statement is made. Two things we fail to realize: One... slavery was supported by Africans. Slavery started in Africa - the trans-sahara slave trade give rise to the cross-atlantic slave trade. Second: ....the education of the settlers in the 1800 was limited. Most especially those that came to Liberia, they just "photocopy" what they new from the oppression they lived thru for centuries. So they were mentally, sociologically, emotionally... tune to a special living what is by far different from today's experience. Whatever they wrote, our constitution, flag, national emblem, etc.... are all carbon copy of America.
One would think that today's generation will redefine these to suit our present existence. But our PhD's have failed us... We are still fighting.
john W. Ellis at 02:48PM, 2014/11/29.
A brilliant piece.
koquay at 10:56AM, 2014/11/30.
Ansu Dualu
Anybody reading this MUST read 'The Liberian Psyche '. I couldn't agree more Bro. Hodge.
Ansu Dualu at 01:55PM, 2014/11/30.
Harry Conway
They only copied the emblems, names and constitution but failed to practice those things. Because,had that being the case, Liberia would have been the United States of Africa.

So, of what use is all this copy, copy?
Harry Conway at 08:05AM, 2014/12/04.
Eric Spann
@John Ellis...please tell me more. As it is very difficult to get the truth on the matter of slavery is there a resource/book etc. that further outlines your point about "slavery was supported by Africans"?
Eric Spann at 10:01AM, 2014/12/04.
Guawon Siasia
I have read many articles pertaining to this same topic from many Liberian professionals or PhD holders. The case of the Congau and Natives of Liberia can somehow be compared to the African Americans living in the United States and the Caucasian population. I totally agree that there is identity problem in Liberia. What are we doing about it...Talk,Talk,Talk? START A MOVEMENT TO CHANGE ONE OF THESE EMBLEMS. Lets change the Flag or the Seal of Liberia if we think this is a burning issue. Talk is cheap. Thank you
Guawon Siasia at 02:55PM, 2014/12/04.
Hi Jennifer,I like your story on your work at Mweso, and I had been thinking of the place for nrealy thirty years when I went there to inspect the tea plantation of Unilever. It was a scene of peace and pastoral bliss with millets and coffee on the flats, and Friesian cattle on the slopes along the way from Goma. The tea plantation too was like a haven for Rwandans who wanted to work and enjoy the stability that went on decade after decade there. Since then I do not know what happened to the tea fields and the bungalows that looked over the slopes. We had cultural dances put on by the different tribes and I thought peace would last a long time. But it was not to be.
Brice at 04:54AM, 2015/10/16.
Ya learn something new everyday. It's true I guess!
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