As to the Supreme Court’s Stay Order: Is Robert Sirleaf an Exception?

By Alston C. Armah

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 5, 2014


Robert Sirleaf

Robert Sirleaf is not yet senator and already he has embarked on a spree of flagrant disrespect for the rule of law and civil authority. I wonder what kind of senator he promises to be, in the unlikely event that he gets elected.

When the honorable Supreme Court issued a stay order last Friday, it was expected that, in full obedience to the rule of law, all actors (aspirants, political parties, and electorates) would call off all campaign activities until such time when the Court issues further notice to proceed or not to proceed with the elections. Contrary to this and in a blatant disrespect to the Court’s stay order and the NEC’s admonition to all concerned parties, Candidate Robert Sirleaf is still canvassing and conducting campaign activities. Specific reference is made to giant size billboards bearing the portrait and campaign messages of Robert Sirleaf. These billboards, located around Parker Paint Community and at the Old Road Junction just across from the President’s house, have been placarded with Robert’s campaign portrait days after the Supreme Court placed a stay order on all election activities.

People who want to lead this country, especially those who want to be our senators ought to be law-abiding citizens. I would rather hope that Robert Sirleaf would be a law-abiding, humble personality, and hence an example to emulate. But so it is, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Robert must not go with impunity. He must be investigated, and if found culpable, must be punished so as to deter him and other people bent on disrespecting our laws and legal processes.

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aggela, Απριλίου 17, 2013 στις 11:25 Θα ήταν καταπληκτικό αν είχαμε μια προσφορά από το elamazi για αυτή την παράσταση. Θέλουμε πολύ να το δούμε.
Diana at 03:07PM, 2015/12/01.

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