President Sirleaf Issues Executive Order No. 65: Is The President Using Ebola As A Front To Rig The Senatorial Election For Her Son?

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 5, 2014




Prohibition on mass movements of people including Rallies, Parades, and
Demonstrations on the streets of Monrovia.


WHEREAS, the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia vests Executive Power in the President of the
Republic of Liberia; and

WHEREAS, the exercise of Executive  Power  requires the President to take all appropriate measures to protect the security of the State, maintain law and o order  and promote peace and stability; and

WHEREAS, the  existing law  requiring persons desiring to march  or  demonstrate to  obtain prior permits from the Ministry of  justice have proven ineffective to address rallies, parades and concerted mass movements on the streets of Monrovia and its environs; and

WHEREAS, the Government has noted  with concern the increasing number of incidents of concerted  • mass movements of people on the streets of Monrovia and its, environs, including in particular rallies, demonstrations, and parades, which have led to persistent and frequent violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Laws of Liberia,  obstruction of the free flow of traffic and the movement of peaceful citizens, the disruption  of economic activities, and  concomitant panic in the City with total  disregard of the consequences thereof; and

WHEREAS, to  allow  the  aforesaid conduct to  continue with  impunity and  without  control, will frustrate efforts to contain the Ebola virus Disease in Liberia, undermine the security of the State and the maintenance of law and order, and negatively impact  the economy.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia, by virtue of the powers vested in me, do hereby, by this Executive Order and-for the purposes of the aforesaid, order and direct that:

All concerted mass movements of people on the streets of Monrovia during the ensuing special elections, including in particular rallies, demonstrations and parades, are prohibited and for thirty (30) days after the announcement of election results, thereby strengthening the efforts of the Government of Liberia to contain the spread of Ebola, to protect the security of the State, maintain law and order, and promote peace and stability in Liberia.








Boniface Wallace
Liberia is the only country in which citizens are totally occupied with colonial mentality without the want to eradicate it or to show that they are not inferior. Where in Africa will a president son think about winning a senatorial election after the parent had created a mess, from Ebola to corruption, to disregard of citizens rights to good health care, only in Liberia. Liberians prefer to die in cold blood than to exercise their rights either at the ballot box or through direct protest in order to change their condition. Liberian citizens' love for those who do not like them, even after knowing the truth, especially at this time,defies Liberian history and vindicates the Americo-Liberians in their treatment of indigenous Liberians.
Boniface Wallace at 10:06AM, 2014/12/05.
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