Memo to the Liberia National Police: You Guys are Monsters, At Best, Period 

By James D. Torh

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 17, 2014



The world over, everyone loves the police. They serve and protect. They are strong, competent and save lives. They look good, decent and neatly in their uniform and badges and in the communities. People are always happy when there is a threat to public safety especially the vulnerable when the police show up and respond promptly. The police should be polite and caring people and that is why they are known as special people worldwide. In fact, there is an antiquated idea that the police are your ‘’friends’’ or they are there to help you.

But here in Monrovia people do not love the police and cannot honestly trust them. Across Liberia, towns, cities and villages people complaint of police behavior of extorting money from powerless drivers and passengers/travelers at self-created check-points for crimes that cannot be well-defined. They lumped together or jam packed in the traffics, jumping in the streets like bewildered children with endless war against the drivers of taxis, trucks and other transport vehicles, stop vehicles for no reason and concoct stories and claiming that they violate the traffic law. Even their appearance will make you want to throw out.
They are out of control, no accountability and have done this repeatedly with impunity, running jokes and laugh at the public, knowing that little or nothing will be done to them. They are untouchable! We should be ashamed of our men in blue; they are disgrace to the uniform and justice system of this country. The police lack courtesy and are fearful coward, poorly trained and unrestricted moron. In their own mind, they are there to protect each other and we just necessary flotsam in their way. With all the training, though some without high school diploma, recruits screening and with the little good salary, we end up with this.
What invites grief and anger of every Liberian and indeed insane is the tax payer dollar that purchase uniforms and arms of a group of rude and unlettered peasants are being used against the very people with threats and violence in your brutality and hunting them down. The nation is still waiting for the police public affairs department and its chief okra mouth, tongue-torquing, lip-biting prevaricator and lie-master-in-chief Sam Collins who treasured his lying to produce the living body of the fellow (the alleged armed robber) who was allegedly shot by Sam Nimely (aka) PI, admitted at John F. Kennedy Hospital and was being process to be charged by the Ministry of Justice. ‘’He is at JFK undergoing treatment after which he will be process at the Ministry of Justice and charge’’ These were the words coming from the actual grimy monster with their own gag-inducing filth. What a pity!


Though, there were unofficial and tragic moments, a scene that were captured by an eye witness who came forward to narrate how Intelligence Chief Nimely allegedly brutally murdered a resident on the Old Road. The eye witness, a moral hero acting in casual nobility with real concern further narrated that he saw image, huddle of police officers bent over the body of the victim that were allegedly called in by Nimely, bagged in Ebola bag and was taken away while probably breathing his last breaths. Of his pure bravery and courage in the face of danger that takes our breath away, the unassuming gentleman found immediate home in the hearts and minds of those of us who listened to his narration.

The dark and most chilling month, but one too that had more than its share of special light of police organization evil; the institution that we suppose to trust and admire is the month of October, 2014. A business man was murdered in the morning hours of October, 2014 at the intersection of ELWA and the police were accused of baptizing in the blood of that innocent man and 6 police officers were arrested and charged. Because of police symbolism and what the organization should represent in an ideal world, it was the larger story in Monrovia and indeed summoned the angry response of the entire country.  To the most enduring questions of ours-what does it really mean to be a police officer in Liberia?   
It is no shock that we are cynical about the police organization in our country. They have displayed and continue to display not only corruption but incompetence and insanity. Amid panic and disorientation, I think the police, this inept organization lost its moral compass and what we called temporary insanity and subsequently its role in our society and made awful judgments to please only the police organization.        
So the Liberia National Police is homicidal lunatics and indeed murderous monsters that take visceral pleasure in it with blood on their lips. Hummm!!!


Augustine Kollie
How do we then deal with this national crisis? The superannuated president brazenly wanted the presidency for the purpose of fulfilling the so-called prophecy of an oldman whom she claimed saw her baby and anointed her as someone who was going be great.

As she claimed in her book, This Child Will Be Great, when she waited for so long and greatness could not come in the form a presidency she began to re-examine the veracity of the oldman's prophecy.

So, finally benefiting from the fountain of ignorance of the Liberian masses, that greatness she longed for finally came when the Liberian people elected her to supervise over the remains of their country.

She had no moral or concrete rationalization of how the country should be reconciled, restored, revamped, redeveloped, re-educated, and reconstructed for the greater good of the people. All this woman wanted was the name--PRESIDENT! Nothing else....

In short, the police force Mr. Torh alluded to in his essay is only following the footprint of their chief.
Augustine Kollie at 07:50PM, 2014/12/18.

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