The Liberia National Student Union Commemorates April 14, 1979, Rice Riots


A Statement Issued by Varney Jarsey
President of LINSU
April 14, 2015

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
April 15, 2015


William R. Tolbert, Jr.

Fellow student militants and cadres across the Republic,
Market women, street vendors, farmers and all laborers striving to keep the breath of Liberia,
Members of the Press,
Citizens of our Alma Mata, the Republic of Liberia
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen:

We assemble here peacefully today, in humble remembrance of the historic bravery of the masses of the people to march out of cowardice in defense of the sacred heritage of the Republic of Liberia against the prolonged, oligarchic and barbaric rule of the True Whig Party on this day in 1979.

Many would ask: Why is it significant to commemorate this day? Others will wonder how this day is so relevant to the memory of the National Student Union and why we should always take lead in commemorating it. The answers to these pondering questions have been answered so many times both by senior members of the progressive class and those of the Student Movement. But it is only those on the other side of the barricades- those who were the oppressors of the masses of the people will play blind to the historical relevancy of this day. These are the elements that are commemorating their backward and failed True Whig regime.

Let the fact be established that historical verdict is not render based on neutrality; one renders judgment based on where one stands on the continuum of critical historical issues. The National Students Movement, with its historical revolutionary credentials since its establishment in 1952, has stood in the vanguard against social injustices and backwardness imposed on the masses by micro-nationalists of the ruling clique. This tendency remains our defining trait up to today.

The death of some of our finest cadres is a living testament to our revolutionary existence and our ever resounding victory in the struggle for democracy and prosperity in Liberia. Today, the surviving few are carrying on them the bruises of the tyrant’s whip and the rancid odor of the dingy jail cells. With this memory, we who have inherited the struggle which was begun and passed on to us by our forbearers must continue to submit to the historical mandate, take on the emblems of liberty tainted with the blood and sweat of revolutionaries, and march on to the barricades to continue the struggle, never surrounding.

On this historic day, we recollect the emergence of LINSU since its founding in 1952 and its historical role play up till today.  We remember how, at birth, the Student Movement was faced with the great controversy that had it origin in the class struggle and quest for political dominance by backward elites under the name of True Whigans whose actions paved the way for the dismal state of affairs as we have today. It was a time when the Tubman regime, remembered for its undemocratic tenancies of policing the state to crack down on criticisms from the press and opposition, had gone twenty seven years in what would be recorded as the longest and most controversial rule in Liberia’s history. It was a time when the struggle for the liberation of Africa was in its prime and the consciousness of the Liberian masses was awakening from the abyss it had been subjected to by the suppressors’ of liberty and justice.  Thus the coming of the Student Movement provided the platform to zoom out this consciousness and extend it across the Liberian landscape so as to get the nation on the rightful trajectory of national integration, recovery, and development.

Today we also recall the establishment in 1970 and joining to the Student Movement of the Vanguard Student Unification Party of the University of Liberia to battle against sons and daughters of backward decedents of freed slaves who taught education was only for their race.

Noteworthy, the 1970s saw the few educated sons of the masses, those who understood the readings of the evolution of history and the prevailing circumstances of the day, returning from abroad and taking to the class rooms to educate and open the eyes of the masses to the historical dynamic. Although they were some of the most educated in the republic, these men of virtues refused to side with the elite to wine and dine in the pleasure that all historical calculations suggested had fermented and would soon be ended.

These men, who soon became known by the revolutionary name of Progressives, understood that the suffering of the people was a result of the narrowness of the elite in power to understand that the forward mobility of the country needed to be in the context of the African liberation movement; hence, it was eminent to abandon tenancies that characterized oppression, corruption, and disunity. Thus, the merger between the Student Movement and these senior members of the progressives was firmly established on the basis of share ideology and quest for social justice and academic freedom.

This merger of the conscious student masses and the senior progressives sent tremors down the spine of the oligarchs as the consciousness began to go down to the slum communities and villages where the students hailed from. The battle to open the democratic space was hard on the regime and criticism on the operation of the entire governance machinery became high. It was on this fateful day in April 1979 when the masses of the people came out in the streets to protest against the regime of the wretchedness and hash cost of living of their parents, the True Whig Party regime responded with violence, thereby introducing the gun and killing more than 150 people many of whom were students.  

Today, fellow Liberians, as we commemorate this day, the Liberia National Student Union is challenged and see it most deserving to share light on some contradictions that are stalling the progress of the state, in keeping with its historical mandate to standing on the side of marginalized, spreading consciousness amongst the masses and providing alternative direction for national development and growth.

At this time in our nation’s historical journey from the path of decadence to that of gladden prosperity, it cannot be disputed that education is the foremost vehicle in driving this wheel. The transformation of any society is heavily dependent on the level of education of its people. The advancement in science and technology should cause every country to shift its educational paradigms to this changing dynamics.

Unfortunately, the truths of the above have not been manifested in our educational system. The Republic of Liberia is sadly crawling behind its contemporaries in pursuing quality and affordable education for its students. In this scientific and scholarly age, the Liberian student does not understand what modern laboratories and libraries are. He sits in jammed classes under the tutelage of instructors, many of whom are unqualified. He graduates and can barely compete with his counterparts in the job market where merits are the order of the day. This affliction in our educational system is truly a mess and is even worst in rural quarters of the Republic.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

To you Madam President and your regime, the Liberia National Students Union remains ever unbending in its quest for academic freedom, social justice and peace. Madam President we are aware that history is swinging across starling events of your regime and two years to the expiration of your regime is no time to continue to delay why the educational system lies in total paralyses. The pronouncement by you that the educational system is a mess and that your government is working out modalities to revert the situation is so far a mere bluff. If you think there is progress made in the educational system, we want to challenge all officials of government from you, the Vice president and members of your cabinet, the Speaker, Protempore and members of the National legislature, the Chief Justices, Associate justices and members of the Judiciary and all other government officials to now take practical steps to send your children and grandchildren to public schools. It is only in this way that you will get to know and feel the decency or indecency of the learning condition of other children. This, we believe, is the perfect solution to solving the educational problems of the state because you will not stand the many complaints from your children and grandchildren and will be moved to act.

The National Student Union has been alerted to a pathetic situation in Grand Kru County. Students have been without teachers for more than 30 days in the categories of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Prior to this, they were helped by so called contractors, street passers or helpers. This situation needs serious attention as it is detrimental to the learning of students affected and may keep them short to be on course with other students around the country. Even though education is a mess, these students cannot acquire the mess. We cannot afford to have such a dismal situation in our educational sector if we must transform this country.

Fellow Liberians, the forward march of Liberia is determined by the unity of all its citizens without bigotry to tribe, social status and religion. This Republic is the great melting pot of people from all works of life and the upholding of this is paramount.

Against the foregoing, we the leaders of the National Students Movement, the historical bedrock of consciousness, have deemed it necessary to take our side in the controversy regarding the Christianization of Liberia or not. We put seriousness to this issue because the safety or destruction of the Republic depends on whatever decision comes out. Thus, our side as students of Liberia must always be what it has and ought to be:  The side of liberty and justice for all.

The proponents of Christianizing Liberia by legislation are claiming to restore the country to status quo ante. Let us assume that Liberia was a Christian nation. The nagging question to answer is: Is the action expedient and consistent with the principle of justice and equality before the law? On the analyses of this question rests the basis of the side we think it is most prudent to take.

It is obvious that the Republic of Liberia (the first three counties) was founded by former slaves who became known as Americo-Liberians or settlers. It is indisputable to assert that they were Christians. We should understand the historical fact that the expansion into the hinterland integrated the indigenous tribes and religious traditionalists as well as Muslims. As citizens it became obvious that these indigenous Liberians share the same equality with the Americo-Liberians. Thus, the 1986 constitution of the Second Republic firmly established this, especially on the basis of separation of state and religion.

The noteworthy contradiction in the entire issue is this: Those who want to reclaim the nation Christian’s status; however, will, till death, not support a restoration to an Americo-Liberia or settlers state even though this was the initial state of the republic at its establishment.

Taking these into consideration, the National Students Union sees a secular state as the best option for a nation whose people are derived from several ethnic, racial and religious background. The beauty of democracy is that it is based on unity in diversity. It is thus obvious that making the republic a Christian nation would negate the true tenants of democracy that many have struggled to protect. We believe that democracy is not only about the majority but it also protects the minority. We hold to the belief that “those who deny others of freedom deserve it not for themselves, and under the rule of a just, will not long retain it.”

The Liberian National Students Union comprises of students of diverse religious backgrounds. The coexistence so far has been rewarding. We cannot afford to have such a situation where others will be seen as lesser in their own country. We therefore maintain that this nation should and ought to remain a secular state.

Some weeks ago, the Constitutional Review Committee convened a conference in Bong County to deliberate on various propositions. The Liberia National Student Union wants to make it clear that her presence was not adequately felt as the CRC members brought in their children to represent the student community. This even contributed to reasons why the proposition to Christianizing Liberia was voted for. This is a serious problem in our country that must come to an end.

To you our fellow students, young comrades and cadres, especially those in the remotest villages and towns across the republic of Liberia, we are aware of the worst conditions under which you are learning: The makeshift structures and total backward learning environment.  We are aware that you are learning only through imagination. We understand the pain you are going through to acquire education for a better future when many of your privileged friends are going abroad to advance themselves in education in order to be at advantage in getting the best jobs. We are aware that the poor quality of education you are acquiring will hamper your dreams and ability of becoming future leaders.

Fellow students, all hope is not yet lost. We challenge you to make it the ultimate sacrifice to go to those makeshift structures and make use of every opportunity to educate yourselves through the rightful means. We also challenge you to go beyond the class rooms, whether by doing constant reading of various literatures or by attending public lectures, forums and seminars. We are calling on you not to abandon your quest for education, regardless of the strife you will have to bear. We believe that your consciousness of pursuing a progressive nation will serve as a lamp to your feet in this dark path.

To you men and women of the progressive class, we salute you for your struggle over the years: the breaking down of the decadent and moribund True Whig Party, a party of 133 years rule of suppression and oppression of the masses of the people through its refusal to allow the people to be educated and join the governance machinery. During the 133 years rule where a few conservatives sat in the headquarters of the True Whig Party and decided the fate of the whole nation, it was you, members of the progressive class, who stood in rejection and demanded that the democratic space be opened and allowed the people to participate in the governance process of the state. When people of certain names were the only ones given access to attend the University of Liberia, again it was you who shoke the pillars and vibrated the system by saying a resounding no and requested that the masses’ children have the same right to education. When tail coats and bollah hats were the official dress code for state occasion, it was you again, members of the progressive class, who lifted high the African dignity and culture by walking in the gowns and lappers of our indigenous people.

Why it is true we admonish your tremendous role in strengthening the democracy of Liberia, it is our sincere disdain and outmost frustration that the division among you is not helpful at all and is major reason for the leadership gap of the state and its backward state of affairs. Remember that when good men stand aside and do nothing, evil men prevail. It is in this light that we challenge all of you to begin looking toward the solidification of your bonds for the betterment of our country and people.

Today, we still have major challenges. In the midst of abundant resources, we still languish in abject poverty with thousands of people finding their way out in the diaspora in search of greener pasture. But we have come to the realization that the problem of the country is the leadership. There is complete moral and patriotic breakdown in the Liberian leadership. The love for self has overtaken the love for country. You, the Progressives, along with us, must continue to confront these issues and at the same time prepare ourselves to take on the mantle soon.

To you the people of Liberia listen to us. We are your children, your brothers and sisters. We are passionate about this nation. We have travelled the world and have seen how nations are progressing. We have seen great leaders and how they are developing their nations. We are convinced that one day the development of our nation will rise like a desert storm where we will be able to account for every Liberian citizen around the world, where our educational system will be second to none in Africa that every child will have access to decent education and better livelihood, where our homes shall flourish with food, and every Liberian and non-Liberian will see this country as a place for decent living. When this day comes, respect for one another will be the order of the day, prostitutes will be turned into modern nurses, and drug addicts will be rehabilitated and their lives will be transformed as they will be reconnected with their families and join the crusade for nation building and many more.

But these can only be realized if you the people can think out of the box this time around. We can only reach that juncture when credibility, nationalism and experience are the major credentials that convince us to vote our leaders. Your vote, which is the instrument of decision making, must be used wisely. The next two years will determine the future of this country. During the period of electioneering, let us stop taking it as a time of merrymaking but rather see it as a moment of deep reflection.  

The democracy which you enjoy today was fought for by men and women who have paid with their sweat and blood many years ago. By their committed confrontation of tyranny, many are lying in martyrdom -peace be to their ashes.

As we commemorate this day, fellow Liberians, let us be ever reminded by ultimate price paid by those who fought to make our country better. Let us take on the emblems of liberty and justice which they passed on to us and move on to the barricades to defend our beloved Republic.

We salute you for your courage as a people to keep the faith despite the many problems.

Long Live the National Students Union of Liberia.

Long live the workers, students, marketers, carpenters and all people of the Republic of Liberia.

I thank you.

Ivor S. Moore
Braving to Cde Jarsey and colleagues for this great comemoration remark. The liberian people must get to understand the historical role and mandate of the Student Movement of Liberia. I have not felt so elated in months than after reading this statement.
The messages to the progressives, students, Madam Sirleaf and all government officials, and the people of Liberia at large, are worthy.

Continue to raise high the emblems of liberty and justice staied with the blood of revolutionaries like Wiwi Debbah, Wuo Tarpia, etc. If we dont to this, these martyrs will not rest and we will continue to be hunted by their memories.

Amanda Social Justice, Academic Freedom Awetu.
Ivor S. Moore at 02:19AM, 2015/04/15.
Tiptoteh Toponagbe
Continue to focus on the past instead of charting a course for the future. The TWP was never the problem. Most Progressives would dream of a Liberia under the TWP today. What the TWP had was unity, vision, and singleness of purpose. What the Progressives had and still have today are lies, more lies, and a lack of clear vision of the Liberia they want to see. It is one thing to criticize but another to provide solution. Fast forward, 30 plus years, you have over 90% indigenous as leaders but you have confusion, chaos, lack of education, healthcare, more corruption.... Most do not understand what being a law maker is but they took it on just for the money. Most cannot craft a simple sentence more less write s new law. Your president who who was also a Progressive is a beggar without a clear strategy how the money will be used. But beg spends, beg spends, with no regards for your children future.

TWP is gone. Forget about it. Let's see what you can do now!
Tiptoteh Toponagbe at 06:14AM, 2015/04/17.
Ivor S. Moore

Tiptoteh Toponagbe, I respectfully disagree with your claims. It is foolhardy to assert that a people can chart a course for the future that is not informed by the past. Do you not know that the past is experience, the present is experiment and the future is expectation; that it takes experience and experiment to project a better expectation? Gothe said that he who does not know his history from past to present is living from hand to mouth. It is our past the provides light to our path in the future. That is why someone said "he who forgets the past shall be bound to make the same mistakes of the p

Because we understand the above as young revolutionaries, we shall not forget the past, especially to commemorate a moment as the Rice Demonstration of 1979 when the conscious masses awoke from their languor to demonstrate against the babarism of the TWT. This incident gives us the courage to be steadfast in our struggle to fighting injustices and backwardness despite the threats of the tyrants whip. The courage of those who participate in that great stampede in Liberia's history is the source of strength of those of us who have inherited the emblems of liberation.

You argue that the TWP was not the problem. My questions to you is : Who is to blame? The sufffering people? You see, this is just a stamp to the fact that a lack of true historical knowledge can cause the mistakes if the past to be repeated. A better reading of history will tell you that the TWP did not live up to its creed: Deeds not words. Instead, the leadership was responsible for the backward state of affairs of the country during its long rule. Just the stepping on the tenets of democracy such as opening the electionering process alone left its toll on the nation and people. Except you are not aware, democracy opens the space for participation of the people and political competition where the people can be able to determined the best persons to lead them. The list can continue in unending cascade of facts.

It is laughable to accuse the Progressive of being the problem rather than the TWP oligarchs who have been steering the state of affairs of Liberia for decades. To say they distribute lies asserts to a serious fartfetchedness from understing leadership and governance. The progressives emerged about a time Liberia's economic growth was on pal with Japan but development was not parallel. The Progressive emergence was an historical effect of these causes. The objective conditions were ripe. Remember this was also the time Africa was in its liberation struggle. These progressives had come to consciotize the masses to historical realities, to trigger the people's quest for a paradigm shift that would secure for them better life. It was not lie to say that the people's condition was poor, that government could do better, that corruption was high, and that poverty, illiteracy and disease had plagued the country. The actions of the Progressives made manifest the aphorism that the "evil of the night must be caught in the web of a sunny day. The progressives provided the alternative solutions to the problems as oppose to your claim that they dudnt. What would you say of their call to open the democratic space, the proritising of education, etc?

Ivor S. Moore at 05:47AM, 2015/04/19.
Ivor S. Moore

In continuation of my response to your lambaste against the Progressives, for you to mention the issue of indegineous ruling without change as the cause of the Progressives is unfortunate. The progressive did not call for absolute indegenous domination but integration. The reason why these problems are still in our lies in the way the people vote their leaders. If you votes for otherreasons other than competence, credibility and experience, you sure will have a backward state as before even if those elected are indegenous.
Change your formula of decision making and, trust me, all that the progressives had fought for will come to pass.

Have a blessful life.
Ivor S. Moore at 05:59AM, 2015/04/19.
William T.B.King
To:Varney Jarsey et. al
I think this article polarizes our nation even more. education was never withheld from indigenous people nor did the Americo Liberians-Settlers have an abundance of resources as some may believe. These were people forging their path. Your labeling of them as people without morals and decadence is a bit strong, in addition you mention 133 years of oppression by the true Whig Part, but u fail to mention faults of other people regime. I think there is a strong lack of appreciation of what it must have been for our forefathers both settlers and indigenous to want to forge a new nation and bring together men not base on ethnicity or tribe but a common belief that the love of liberty brought us here. Are u saying that J.J.Roberts was about oppression and suppression of indigenous people? I so wish u understood how to write with objectivity and not accusations that puts a blanket on everyone. Are you saying that in all his 27 years of leadership that nothing good came from it at all. Do u know that Pres. C.D.B. King ancestors were from Nigeria, and then Sierra Leone...This was an indigenous presiden. I want to challenge you to write objectively and one who is able to see all angles.
William T.B.King at 01:27AM, 2015/04/21.
William T.B.King
The progressive had every right to protest, I think it is a fair assessment to say that none imagine a military rulership style like Pres. DOE. In addition u forget those who were executed on the beach...Liberia need the energy of leadership like yours, it simply needs to be harnessed and well rounded.
William T.B.King at 01:43AM, 2015/04/21.
Julius Saykergeepo
Tiptoteh Toponagbe or whatever you called yourself, are you serious the progressives must be blamed for whatever transpired in your history? How do you hold the progressives responsible for agitating for the democratization of this space and the inclusion of the people in the governance process? How do you hold the progressives responsible for a system that constructed a single university (University of Liberia) only special for their race?

No, the progressives were simply interpreting the reality and how the masses of the people were feelings. It was you that was controlling the resources and must take responsibility for the backwardness of this space. It was you that was controlling an economy that was compared to Japan and yet presided over a country whose inhabitants were living in slums, ghettos and poverty. Please don't blame the progressives.

We been hearing of memorial services for the oppressors and some hypocrites like Samuel Jackson apologizing to these people. My question is, who apologizes for the masses of the people that were slaughtered on April 14, 1979? We must be honest with ourselves!
Julius Saykergeepo at 05:54AM, 2015/04/24.
Julius Saykergeepo
And let me inform you in all honesty that anybody or group of people whether so-called indigenous or so-called Americo-Liberians in whom the masses of the people impose their confidence by electing them and they betray their trust; those people must be considered and compared to TWP oligarchy!

This is not about who's in power, but who recognizes the betterment of the lives of our people and believe in the forward march our people.
Julius Saykergeepo at 06:03AM, 2015/04/24.
Anthony Cofrancesco
Liberians must be realistic and determine to build a nation on the basis of patriotism and love of country. The so-call word progressive is misuse to describe a group of people who are radicalize and not realistic to what it means, "building a country".



The foundation of the progressive movement is in education. Where are their leadership? either in government enriching themselves or trying to get in to do the same. They do not want to identify with the masses by being poor TO demonstrate their sincere intentions. What programs have been put in place to uplift the living standard of the Liberian people? The Liberian people know when a group, political party or government is doing good things on their behalf.

In short, we have no progressives in Liberia. What we have are people with divisive mentality and greed to penetrate the system to be heard,IN ORDER TO mislead and steal from the country.
Anthony Cofrancesco at 06:43AM, 2015/04/27.
Varney Jarsey
Our position remain clear and we have an understanding of what things was like. The TWP regime is responsible for all of the problems in our country. Their 133 years rules kept us in mass illeyracy and backwardness. So what do you want to say here? Who cares if their own soldiers that they instructed to kill innocent people and the very same soldiers turn the very guns back to them? So what does the progressives got to do with that? They created their own wahalla... Again I want to say victory to the progressives and may God bless them all.. On the issue of where liberia is interm of development please understand that you are not speaking to a young baby okkk how can you blame the progressive when you have not yet given them state power? were the progressives, especially a nationalist like Dr. Fahnbulleh to capture state power, them by now there would be no need to fight corruption because by not liberia would have been better than what it is now. The blood of our poor students will never be forgetting.
Varney Jarsey at 06:30AM, 2015/04/28.
Ivor S. Moore

Anthony Confrancesco, you seem to be farfetched from understanding the Progressives and what they stood and continue to stand for. Only one who has not read or followed the struggle of the Progressives that began in the 70s who render such charges as "so-called progressives", radicals and non realist. Because I, a young progressive, would like for the truth to triumph over falsehood, I would make it my duty to take you on a journey in history to understand how and why certain things happen especially in relations to the advent of the Progressive Forces.

Liberia history is replete with a long rule of the True Whig Party. This party( formerly the Pro Administration Party)contrary to upholding the true tenants of democracy for the advancement of the nation, became a platform for the marginalization of the masses of the people. This became virtually apparent during the administration of Tubman. Under his regime, there were suppression of the press and opposition political. The True Whigans could not afford to loose political power; hence, the running of PROs and others became eminent.

In politics as in history, when a people continue to suffer the tyrant's suppression, their consciousness will rise and they will eventually rise out in the name of justice. This became evident by the writings of Albert Porte and the agitations of others. As more and more of the masses children became educated and awared of the suffering of the people in Liberia and across the African continent, it became evident that there would be a stampede against the regime of the TWP. Thus, the emergence of the Progressive was done with in these objective conditions. It was an effect of the cause of the people's consciousness of their suffering.

What you call radicalism such as shouting slogans were meant to give stimulus to the masses to remain committed to the struggle. The Progressives did not rely solely on the slogans but the revolutionary struggle was guided by the revolutionary theory that outlined the problems in society and how they could be resolved. Read the speeches and articles of Fahnbulleh, Sawyer, Togba, Matthews, and others.

No bloc of Liberians have adequately espoused the problems of Liberia and provide solutions to them as the Progressives. A classic example is this fine Lecture of Dr. Fahnbulleh delivered in 1979: The Changing Liberian Society in the Context of the African Revolution. Read this and show me a match. I challenge you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ivor S. Moore at 06:48AM, 2015/04/28.
Julius Saykergeepo
Anthony, these are your words: "What we have are people with divisive mentality and greed to penetrate the system to be heard,IN ORDER TO mislead and steal from the country."

And I ask you these questions: was it the progressives that denied indigenous people from voting in their homeland for nearly a decade? Was it the progressives that assimilated against the indigenous people by changing their names before they can get education, etc, in their own country? Was it the progress that were giving positions based on names and associations?

No, Anthony, the progressives were never divisive. You divided the country and refused to identify with the people and incorporate them in their own country. The progressives were simply agitating and interpreting the reality of how the people were feeling, Anthony.

The progressives could have worked with the backward system of the TWP you had here, Anthony, because you gave them education. But their interest was the mobilization and inclusion of the people. Don't hold them responsible for the current level of madness and stealing taking place in your country; you have never entrusted them with power.

Their mission to transform the system has never been realized because of you. You continue to mislead the people so that your children can remain in power. That's your problem.

Don't blame the progressives!
Julius Saykergeepo at 09:00AM, 2015/04/28.
William King
@ Varney, Tiptoteh Toponagbe, JULIUS SAYKERGEEPO
You cannot be serious, you need to go back and read about Liberia's history. You sound like you got your information from some polarized cook shop. I do not how a riff raff like you became a student president. People like you give Liberia a bad name always assuming that there was some kind of conspiracy by the True Whig Party to oppress indigenous Liberians. I am trying to figure out how you are about unity and then from the same mouth say "Who cares if their own soldiers that they instructed to kill innocent people turn their guns on them." You sound like one of those player haters who always get mad and blame the referee. Do you know how many people got their education sponsored during the Tubman and Tolbert era, or how many current leaders in Liberia received scholarship from the J.J. Robert Foundation? Do you know how many other African leaders from the first OAU conference were sponsored or helped by Liberia to during their fight towards independence...(Nelson Mandela, Kwame Nkrumah),we even sponsored education for one of Nigeria president and was mentored to another one. Do you know that when Ghana was getting independence that they almost got cheated out of their land and resource was it not for a team of geologist from Liberia who made sure that all the maps of mineral resources were delivered? You sound so ignorant and stupid talking about True Whig Party rule was responsible for the trouble in the country. During Doe time do you know he received almost 500 million from the U.S., besides SKD and a few roads, please let me know how many how many scholarships were given compared to Tolbert and Tubman era, although Doe received $500 million, do you know where the money went? It is fully documented that most of the people he appointed in leadership after the beach execution did not even know how to read or write. You have not mention how during Doe how he handle the student riot, or how the massacre that took place in Nimba… – “oh I forgot you are going to say he learn that behavior from True Whig” By the way in the 133 years of True Whig rule show me where the U.S. or any country provided them this kind of money. The blood of all victims of civil unrest or injustice should never be forgotten not just those students. You forget Mt. Coffee hydro plant was built during the 1960,hmm, I wonder who was in charge then. You are what Jesus might call a “forever hearing, but refusing to see the truth for what it is.” Even if someone pointed it out to you, you will ignorantly and stupidly stick to your polarized view.
Also what barbarism is Tiptoteh speaking of? Julius, your comparison is a bit off. In West Africa, Liberia was a settlement then an independent nation. We were never colonized, most West African countries surrounding us had multiple universities that were built by it colonial rulers. Liberians through innovation and network and strategy built LU. Tell me one African country during the 1920-1970 that tried to do what Liberia did…which was to attempt to bring into modern times over 70% of its citizens. Currently if I am not mistaken I believe about 70% of our Judiciary and Legislative consists of indigenous people. I do not need to repeat articles of certain officials who believe that the nation’s resources are theirs and that they deserve a cut of every government contract.
I wonder what things will look like when the sons of indigenous people who fled the war and want to return home if they will be consider Congo people or Americo-Liberians or welcome back as educated Indigenous….this will be very interesting if they will become progressive and accuse the legislation and judiciary of denying them land rights….”This too will be Liberia”
William King at 02:33PM, 2015/04/29.
Patrick Samolu
Mr. Varney Jarsey and the So-called Progressives:

The monument of Matilda Newport was demolished during the Doe administration, as the result of the social awareness created by some of our so-called progressives.

The intellectuals contested among other things, that the monument was a symbol of disunity. How could one build an inclusive society by erecting a monument to serve as a constant reminder for the wounds his ancestors inflicted on the other group? Would it not only serve to ignite the fire of hatred continually? This argument resonated well into the Liberian society and the celebration of Matilda Newport Day was abandoned.

However, the natives find themselves repeating the same acts today. How can one commemorate April 14, `1979, when it will only serve to bring back bad memories and further divide the society. April 14, 1979 became the prelude to April 12, 1980. This is a day of infamy in the history of Liberia, as the citizens of Liberia and the world at large witnessed the savagery and unprecedented bloodshed of a country once known on the continent of Africa as very peaceful and God fearing.

The resurgence of tribalism and tribal t is on a sharp rise in Liberia! How can two wrongs make a right? Malcolm X once remarked, “The language and logic of the oppressor should not be the language and logic of the oppressed.”

LINSU’s Commemoration of April 12, 1979 is duplicitous. Is this one of our contributions to world civilization when we set days aside to boast and celebrate barbarity? What kind of pathology is this? Why do we constantly strive to poison the well, when we know that it is from the same well we all derive water?

LINSU should strive to promote a society of ethnic diversity in which we recognize the contribution; the similarities and dissimilarities of each and every one of its citizens.
Patrick Samolu at 02:08PM, 2015/05/15.
Patrick Samolu
Mr. Varney Jarsey and the so-called Progressives:

The monument of Matilda Newport was demolished during the Doe administration, as the result of the social awareness created by some of our so-called progressives.

The intellectuals contested among other things, that the monument was a symbol of disunity. How could one build an inclusive society by erecting a monument to serve as a constant reminder for the wounds his ancestors inflicted on the other group? Would it not only serve to ignite the fire of hatred continually? This argument resonated well into the Liberian society and the celebration of Matilda Newport Day was finally abandoned.

However, the natives find themselves repeating the same acts today. How can one commemorate April 14, `1979, when it will only serve to bring back bad memories and further divide the society. April 14, 1979 became the prelude to April 12, 1980. This is a day of infamy in the history of Liberia, as the citizens of Liberia and the world at large witnessed the savagery and unprecedented bloodshed of a country once known on the continent of Africa as very peaceful and God fearing.

The resurgence of tribalism and tribal bigotry is on a sharp rise in Liberia! How can two wrongs make a right? Malcolm X once remarked, “The language and logic of the oppressor should not be the language and logic of the oppressed.”

LINSU’s Commemoration of April 12, 1979 is duplicitous. Is this one of our contributions to world civilization when we set days aside to boast and celebrate barbarity? What kind of pathology is this? Why do we constantly strive to poison the well, when we know that it is from the same well we all derive water?

LINSU should strive to promote a society of ethnic diversity in which we recognize the contribution; the similarities and dissimilarities of each and every one of its citizens.
Patrick Samolu at 09:04AM, 2015/05/16.
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