Is there Spine To Withstand The Ebola Challenge?

By J. Jaye Larblah

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
June 29, 2015


President Sirleaf

The United States Government has once again announced the modification of “its enhanced Ebola entry screening and monitoring program for travelers entering the United States from Liberia.” This modification of the travelling restrictions on travelers from Liberia to the United States of America took effect on June 17, 2015. Past experiences have shown that once the United States takes such action against any country, it generally and automatically becomes the position of other countries around the world, especially those of the West.

The travelling restrictions being imposed by the United States Government are understandable. Apart from the impact commonly felt of the disease, some medical scientists have said Ebola is the most deadly of all diseases known in the history of mankind. This makes it necessary, if not imperative, for every responsible government to act decisively and proactively to protect its citizens against coming in contact with the disease.

This smart move has not been done by only America. Our neighbor, Ivory Coast, was among the first countries to close borders with her Ebola infected neighbors. Then a little country like the Gambia, then Senegal, then Kenya and even Guinea, which now reports the highest recorded cases and the country in which the current outbreak started, were smart enough to consider the immediate closure of their borders as first step to preventing the entry or containing the widespread of the virus.

Airlines suspended their flights to Liberia and other countries advised their nationals to avoid traveling to our country. Liberians who have travelled to other parts of the world since the Ebola outbreak can tell you about the embarrassment they face on their journeys, even on our own African continent.

When it came to Liberia, it appeared as if our government was waiting for the International Community to tell us what to do. Worse of it all, very top officials of Government, including a first branch of Government member, openly denied the presence of Ebola in Liberia. It was disheartening to hear from such sources that the Administration was using the Ebola issue to extort money from the International Community. It can’t stop pondering on these things. Is it chronic ignorance on high display or what?

The answer I give to these types of behavior is that these people are not ignorant, but they are extremely wicked. They are the ones that structure the national budget, they are the ones that sanction the national budget, they are the ones that gloat of being overseers of the national budget. But in so doing, they go to all length in making sure that vital social institutions responsible for providing health, sanitation, good roads, safe drinking water, light, education, etc, are disabled so that the common man, the common woman, the common child cannot ever have the privilege to live a decent life or rise to catch up with them. I can only attribute this gross neglect by Government to a desire to subtly create and force a class system on Liberians. This must be the sole cause of our leaders’ refusal to meaningfully address critical national issues that affect their citizens’ wellbeing, and not because of their ignorance or lack of funds.

What would be the sensible justification for our health facilities, especially the John F. Kennedy Hospital, not being effective as a referral hospital, after ten consecutive years of relatively good peace and the earning of over US$1.3B? Why is there no light up to now or safe drinking water? Why is Government continuing to kill education in Liberia? Why be only concerned about increasing your salaries and ignore the civil servants who, in many instances, do more work? I can only think that it is intentional, it is wickedly designed, and THIS MUST STOP.  CLOSE THE BORDORS!

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