One of Our Repositories of Knowledge has Faithfully Departed Us

A Tribute to the Late Sheikh Kafumba Famod Konneh

By Mohamed Lavalie

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
July 23, 2015



To God we belong, to Him we shall return and every soul shall have a taste of death, then to God we will be ultimately returned. These are words of the Holy Quran Surah’s Al Baqarah 2:156 and Al Ankaboot 29:57.

In a simple term, this means whatever we have is not really ours. It belongs to God. Having looked around us; everything we see, all that we have and all that there is in us, on us and around us belongs to God alone. It is God who has given us all the property and cash we possess, the cars that we own, the house that we live in, the kids with which we are blessed, the health that we have and the time that we are allowed to live on this earth.

On Monday, 20th of July 2015 at about 1700HRS, the true owner of all things said, Sheikh Kafumba Famod Konneh was going to observed his last Ramadan in 2015, the Islamic Holy Month but was not going to see the Ramadan in 2016 because there was absolutely no contract signed between him, Sheikh Kafumba and God to see all Ramadans even though God allowed him to see light and observed the Holy Month for 71 unbroken years. Further, as a manifestation of his ownership, God in his infinite wisdom ordained the impossibility of this astute clergyman, lawyer, Judge, great teacher, leader and scholar to see the 168th Independence Celebrations of the land he has so well worked for in all of his life as a Magistrate in Yekepa, Nimba County, Secretary General and Chairman, Inter-Religious Council, Commissioner, Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and Chairman, National Muslim Council of Liberia. Truly, the owner of all and everything has recalled one of Liberia’s repositories of knowledge, an immaculate scholar thus; Nimba County has lost a son, Liberia a repository of knowledge, West Africa a peace negotiator, Africa a clergyman and the World a symbol of tolerance.

Death is a reality that none of us can deny, neither are we denying the passing of Sheikh Kafumba but itwould not be fair if we deny that Sheikh Kafumba has given his whole life into the service and the work of God. Also, it would not also be fair if we deny the fact that Sheikh Kafumba was a faithful, loving, upright, religious and dedicated service man to the Liberian Society. And because he did, we must honour and celebrate his passing, especially so when we look back at his role in the Liberian society. For me and many others who knew Sheikh Kafumba at the TRC, we knew a statesman; we knew decency, tolerance, a reconciler and well-articulated example of the Muslim Faith.

He was a founding member of the Inter-Faith Council who engaged warlords to stop the senseless 14 Years Civil War of Liberia and an outspoken member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Liberia. The passing of Sheikh Kafumba is a great lost for Liberia and the Muslim community he headed as Chairman since 1980. We would have pleaded with God to bring back Sheikh Kafumba to Liberia if he was not going to meet his fellow revolutionists among the likes of the late Catholic Archbishop Rev. Michael K. Francis, Baptist’s Prelate Rev. Levee Moulton, Pentecostal’s Bishop William Nah Dixon, the Episcopal’s Prelate  Rev. Canon Burgess Carr and the Baptist’s Prelate Rev. Dr. Walter D. Richards. May God bless them all together with whom he Sheikh Kafumba cemented peace treaty for Liberia and today we enjoy the ambiance of peace and stability.

I remember late last year, when Imam Varmuyan Abdullah NyeiChief Imam of the Republic of Liberiapassed, May God forgive him, Sheikh Kafumba warned that we should all live as Muslims and must pray to never approach death until we are Muslims. Now hereof, because you Sheikh Kafumba, was a Muslim and approached death as a Muslim, we therefore ask O God, to forgive you and have mercy on you and give you strength and pardon you. Be generous to you and your fellow revolutionists cause your entrance to be wide and wash you with water, snow and hail. Cleanse you of your transgressions as white cloth is cleansed of stains. Give you an abode better than your home, take you into Paradise and protect you from the punishment of the grave and from the punishment of Hell-fire. And bless you as a man who spread the repository of Godly knowledge on earth.  

Mohamed Lavalie:

I love the handwritten leettr RAOK. Just the other day I was putting away a box of my fall decorations and saw a box with things I saved that were important to me while growing up. I took it down and looked through it. I found leettrs from my Grandma and Grandpa written back in the 80s. When they moved to a different state I would write them and send them copies of my report card. Of course the only way to do it then was snail mail. Those leettrs are such treasures to me and I am so glad I saved them. I am sure your children will feel the same way.
Leon at 04:49AM, 2015/10/16.
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