Liberia: Urey Urges Liberians to 'Reject Greedy Politicians'

By Ballah M. Kollie

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
November 7, 2015



The All Liberian Party (ALP) has been launched with a call by its standard bearer Benoni Wilfred Urey on Liberians to reject greedy politicians who want to retain power for personal gain.

Urey alerted partisans of the ills of past and present politicians which, he noted, has divided citizens on multiple lines but are yet eager to maintain themselves at the helm of state power only for selfish gains.

According to Urey, about 99 percent of Liberians are without safe-drinking water, a situation which, he said, the ALP will endeavor to address not only in Monrovia but across the entire country when elected in 2017.

He described the party's vision as one that will also unite citizens void of religious affiliation, emancipate Liberians from the ashes of the devastating civil conflict, seek to build a nation that will feed itself and harness its resources for the common good of citizens, among others.

The Liberian businessman also promised to build the capacity of citizens so that they will be able to rescue the nation's economy from the hands of foreigners.

The launch of the ALP follows the recent certification of the party by the National Elections Commission.

The launch at the Antoinette Stadium in central Monrovia was graced by hundreds of partisans and other Liberians. 

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