A Williams / Morlu II's ticket in 2017 is the only way to salvage Liberia

By Kadiatu Musa-Frantz

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 10, 2015


John S. Morlu, II

Liberians are generally considered to be undecided people, especially when it comes to choosing who to be their elected national leaders.  This is why the choice of the next Liberian president after Ellen Johnson–Sirleaf’s presidency is of more interest to most people, particularly foreign personalities, who have and continue to watch the unfolding situation in the country. 

As a young Liberian woman with intense interest in the future of my country, I tried by all means to get engaged with happenings back home from as far as Luxembourg City, Luxembourg in the heart of Europe where me, my Western medical doctor spouse and son Mus reside.  After much critical observations, I have reached my conclusion: A possible Jones Nhinson Williams and John S. Morlu II’s ticket in 2017 is the heartbeat to salvage Liberia from everything that has and continues to go wrong.

Most of us have probably heard the phrase that "anybody can grow up to be President." However, not everybody is groomed to be a national leader. It takes a special kind of person, someone visionary, patriotic, transparent, sturdy, smart, and driven, just to run for the Office of President. It takes still extra talent, intelligence and character to hold up under the stress of life and the demands in the position. Mr. Williams and Mr. Morlu II are among the finest and most brilliant Liberians any one can ever meet. Although both come from different worlds with regard to education and experiences, the blending of their combined knowledge and experiences can and will make Liberia a better, if not, the best country in Africa after 2017.

Apart from being perhaps the most visionary Liberian ever, Williams will bring a unique form of educational background and an unquestionable worldview and experience to governance and development in Liberia. His life’s history and experience combined with his love for country and patriotism are unequal to anyone in modern Liberian history.  For his part, Mr. Morlu II is a pragmatist who will bring a unique professional background and education that are critical to instituting transparency and accountability in Liberia as well as in managing Liberia’s economy to meet the test of the 21st century. Both men ideally and practically seem to have zero appetite for corruption and their actions and track records bear witness to this.  One may ask why a Williams/Morlu II’s ticket could be the answer to Liberia now.  There are several reasons, but the most we can outline here make perfect sense.  

Liberians, understandably, have great expectations and as such we expect a lot from our presidents.  We want our presidents to take quick actions on problems facing our nation, problems such as high unemployment, crime, tribal and religious tensions, poverty, poor and weak educational system, the lack of infrastructural development and maintenance, inept institutional service delivery, prostitution, human rights abuses, and of course corruption.  

Although we have a constitutional and democratic republic, the President of Liberia has a powerful platform that allows him or her to set the agenda, draw attention to key issues and implement vital programs.  Both Williams, a visionary, and Morlu II a pragmatist, have what it takes to do these things with excellence.  For example, Williams generally appeals to both religious divide and the tribal makeups of Liberia. He is, therefore, extremely capable, if not the only person capable thus far in Liberia, to reconcile and unite the entire country from its ugly past and haunted history while simultaneously envisioning a comprehensive platform for social and economic progress.  Moreover, since future governance processes in Liberia would require ensuring the implementation and management of sustainable social and economic programs, Morlu, the pragmatist, is well suited and capable in making sure that a proper management and accountable scheme is in place. This is why these two gentlemen would be my preference and the only choice for a better Liberia in 2017.

The best way for Liberian voters to know that their next president will hold up to being the serious and thought leader that our country desperately needs is by critically reviewing the candidates.  A candidate’s character often gives clues as to how the person will react under stress as well as function as a leader.  Although over the years, many people disagree about what character traits are most important in a President, there are some commonly accepted things that people look for in a leader. Traits such as vision or a clear direction, integrity, strength, caring, and perhaps what theologians called a fear of God.  No question, Williams and Morlu meet this yardstick.

My husband, an avid watcher and follower of Liberian politics, and many of his international friends in Europe strongly believe that if Liberians were to make a sound decision in 2017 and if we as Liberians are very serious about turning the page from a pitiful state to a vibrant nation it is important not to follow the stolen money, but to follow the candidates with the character––something that many believe Williams and Morlu bring to the table more than any other Liberian when it comes to the issues that matter to ordinary Liberian citizens and residents.  As a Liberian woman and follower of Liberian politics and issues, I don’t need to think harder to know what a Williams and Morlu’s leadership will stand for, or what Williams is capable of doing about job creation, poverty, infrastructural development and road maintenance, small business development, private sector capacity building, education, support for the elderly and children, and of course the eradication of corruption. Both Williams and Morlu II are tested and passed the test.  This is why I strongly believe that a possible Williams/Morlu II’s ticket could be the only way to salvage Liberia.  I will hope both men will give this a thought and that we the Liberian people will encourage them.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Perspective

About the Author: Kadiatu Musa-Frantz is a young Liberian businesswoman from Lofa County, Liberia. She lives in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg with her husband Dr. Frantz and their son, Mus.  She can be reached at kadimusafrantz@yahoo.com

David Massaquoi
I think this is the answer to Liberia's problems. These two men are great people and with all the good things I hear about Mr. Williams I have no doubt he is the redeemer Liberia is waiting for. Mr. John Morlu is one of the best financial experts Liberia has. His knowledge of economics and finance is needed to put Liberia in order. Ms. Frantz really got the best team in her analysis. These two men will be undefeated in any elections in Liberia unless they are cheated. But we the Liberian people will allow any fraud in our 2017's election.
David Massaquoi at 12:57PM, 2015/12/10.
Makula Sesay
John Morlu did a good job as Auditor General of Liberia. Our President decided not to renew his contract because she wanted to Augustine Ngafuan to continue signing blank checks for she and her family. This is why people like Ngafuan that encouraged this woman to steal plenty of money need to be investigated. Now, the President brought this computer tech to be the Finance Minister and surrounded him with Dr. Kollie and other experts who have no real signatory control. Then the computer tech turned finance minister brought his first cousin Sekou from Guinea to be the Comptroller General of Liberia. They both are now worth millions. As long as Sirleaf is stealing she does not care what the two cousins do. Morlu would put these two to book when he does and audit. These two men from Guinea are buying homes in America, Guinea and open up businesses all over. Sirleaf and family too are stealing whatever they can.
Makula Sesay at 01:35PM, 2015/12/10.
Garsuah Gborvlehn
Did we not hear these very RHETORICS from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf which are been TRUMPETED by Williams and Morlu? WE DID! Did we not hear the very RHEYORICS from Tipoteh, Boima Fahnbulleh, Sawyer, Dew Mayson, Charles Taylor, or even the TWP and the PRC or the interim governments? WE DID! Make no mistake about that Kadiatu! Nothing will salvage Liberia but TRUE DEMOCRACY! THAT IS THAT INDIVIDUAL WHO THE MAJORITY VOTE SHALL VOTE FOR! Ellen Johnson Sirleaf never won any presidential election! And this is inter alia why she has never and van never feel accountable to voters! An individual who is TRULY ELECTED BY THE MAJORITY- THE MASSES SHALL HAVE THE CONVICTION OF ACCOUNTABILITY TO THE PEOPLE! And this reality is bound to salvage Liberia!ä!
Garsuah Gborvlehn at 01:52PM, 2015/12/10.
denise Togba
I have never doubted Mr. Williams' leadership ability one inch. This is the only guy in Liberia that can change Liberia. His friends from their days in the Catholic seminary where he was head of the seminarian diocesan group (student body) as diocesan head for the Archdiocese of Monrovia seminarians have all shown strong respect for him. The likes of Bishop Borwah and Bishop Karnley, Fr. Kabba and many more regard Mr. Williams as a brilliant and thoughtful leader. Liberia will miss out if we pass on this great leader. Had it not been for Williams our country would have still been regarded as a failed state. His record is unique and remarkable. This is a man whom turned down being interim presidency and instead advanced the oneness of Liberians for a peace process that brought about the 2003 interim government under Gyade Bryant. Apart from that, he work tirelessly behind the scene to ensure that the disarmament process worked, process President Sirleaf undermined after her election in 2006 and for which the final phases of the plan didn't work.
denise Togba at 08:13PM, 2015/12/10.
Garsuah Gborvlehn
No single individual "can change" a country! Besides, you people MUST STOP THE LIE that Jones Nhinson Williams was offered the interim head of state position! The interim head of state position or chairmanship was left to the vote or selection ny the warring factions. And the nominees were Moniba, Tipoteh, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Gyude Bryant. And Gyude Bryant emerged the unsnimous choice of the selectors- the waring factions! THERE WAS NO NAME AS WILLIAMS!

If Williams or Morlu believed any of them had the realistic vision to become president they would have taken the constitutionally democratic path by joining a political party or at least organizing one!If Williams or Morlu had the conviction of democracy they would have spoken out against THE UNDEMOCRATIC MEANS VIA WHICH Ellen Johnson Sirleaf came to Power! The very fact that this your Williams or Morlu supported such unconstitutional and undemocratic nonesense and accepted job evidences their individual DISHONESTY AND INCAPABILITY WHEN IT COMES TO DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP- THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM! WILLIAMS AND MORLU ARE SIMPLY TRYING TO EXPLOIT THE MESS THEIR ERSTWHILE ALLY OR FORMER BOSS HAS PLUNGED THE NATION! BEWARE OF GREEKS BRINGING GIFTS AND THE BREAD OF THE PHARASEES! TAKE THE CONSTITUTIONAL AND DEMOCRATIC PATH!!!
Garsuah Gborvlehn at 12:52AM, 2015/12/11.
Moses Kollie Flomo
Who is this Jones Nhinson Williams? Some tell me that his hands are not clean and that he was official spokesman for LURD. He and Morlu are not compatible. Even Williams' recent articles in which he praised Mary Broh are not my taste.
Moses Kollie Flomo at 11:06AM, 2015/12/11.
Arthur Tamba
How can you tie the progress of a Country to an individual who will only come in the Country when he is given a job? Morlu is not a patriotic citizen and therefore can not be in trusted with Power.
Arthur Tamba at 02:16AM, 2015/12/15.
Lloyd, Wilmot
Mrs. Kadiatu Musa Frantz, I am sure you are a decent person and your heart is in the right place for our country Liberia and us Liberians. However, I think this essay falls short of highlighting any contribution your choice of candidates have made towards helping Liberia. Specifically in reference to Mr. Williams. While Mr. Morlu was contracted to serve as auditor for, he did a great job and I had like to think his being a Liberian had something to do with his great performance. Liberia don't need people who can only create jobs, counsel young women out of prostitution, or help the unfortunate when they are in government.
Lloyd, Wilmot at 01:37PM, 2016/03/06.
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