Our Take on Dual Citizenship

By Abdoulaye W. Dukulé & George H. Nubo

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
December 30, 2015


Will the Liberian Iron Lady Provide the “bully pulpit” for Dual Citizenship?

A recent article published in the Liberian Observer on the citizenship of former Coca Cola executive Alex Cummings and the public reactions reignited the issue of citizenship, something that Liberia has been grappling with since its foundation. In the beginning, the American former slaves who founded the country put limitations as to whom could be a Liberian. According to Professor Patrick Burroughs, one of the criteria was to be a Christian and another was to be of Negro descent. As the colony acquired more land and assimilated more natives, it also extended citizenship. People of Non-negro descent were excluded and are still excluded as per the current constitution.

It is worth noting that although Liberia never adopted dual citizenship, high officials and affluent members of the ruling class always made sure that their children were born in the US, thus ensuring them of American citizenship they got at birth while they enjoyed the Liberian citizenship which no one could deny them.

As the result of the military coup of 1980 that ended the century-old Americo-Liberian hold on power and the civil war of the 1990s, hundreds of thousands of Liberians sought refuge outside of the country, many taking up new citizenships. Unlike many former African colonies, Liberia never adopted dual-citizenship. That meant that those opting to return “home” and engage in the political process, either had to give up their new citizenship (most often American) or simply lie or bribe their way into high political positions reserved for Liberians.

Since the end of the war and the instauration of democracy, there have been many cases of disputes about citizenship. The first deputy minister of Public Works, Luseni Donzo, admitted of having an American passport but was somehow confirmed by the Senate. The only second person to admit to a foreign citizenship was the president of the Tubman University, Dr. Elizabeth Davis Russell. Dr. Russell was rejected when she was nominated to the position of Minister of Education.  She subsequently withdrew her name for reconsideration for the position. The rule of the thumb seems to be “don’t ask don’t tell.”

Very few former Liberians seemed bothered by standing in front of the Senate and swear that they are citizens of Liberia when actually they have willingly given up their native citizenship to reap the benefits of naturalization of their host country. In the few cases of admission, the wording is deceptive because it comes out as in: “I carry an American passport,” as if they stumbled on a passport somewhere and picked it up for convenience, when they actually went through a gruesome process to acquire it. Morally and legally, breaking the law seems acceptable until one runs contrary to some special interests. Then pictures of the foreign passports are put on newspaper pages. More bribes and the issue is laid to rest.  

To end this situation, the Constitutional Review Committee, after consultations around the country in view of making amendments to the 1986 constitution, has put “dual citizenship” among the issues to be decided upon in a referendum to be held sometime next year.

Dual citizenship would allow many Liberians of the Diaspora to have the opportunity to go “home” and partake in the political process. In the US, with the largest number of professional Liberian exiles, it is a burning issue. Many long to return to the land of their ancestors but are hesitant to give up the American citizenship. They invested in their new lives and they have children growing up in an educational system and with opportunities unattainable in Liberia.

In Liberia, there is a clear divide on the issue. During hearings conducted by the Governance Commission on land issues – also tied to citizenship - and the recent town hall meetings held by the Constitutional Review Commission, many are opposed to the notion.  Maryland Senator Dan Morias once said, “we do not want a two-class system, where those coming back from America would have a clear advantage over those who stayed home.” The Senator was also quoted as saying that he would prefer Anglo-Saxons becoming citizens of Liberia, instead of Liberians citizens who have voluntarily naturalized in other countries.

Liberians in the Diaspora do not hesitate, and rightly so, to claim that when there was no functioning government, they kept the country alive through their remittances, which, at some point, amounted to close to $50 million a year. Many families in the country are still supported by Diaspora money. However, contrary to public belief, the majority of “returnees” do not enter government but go into private practice. 

Liberians in foreign lands, especially in Europe and the US have remained very connected to their country of origin. They have impacted both the politics and economics of the nation during the past three decades. Until the introduction of graduate studies in Liberian colleges a few years ago, every Liberian with a Masters or a PhD had studied abroad. It was therefore no surprise that when forming her first government, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recruited heavily in the Diaspora. During legislative breaks, the great majority of Liberian lawmakers fly to the US to meet their “constituents.” Only a minority of government officials, in all three branches can boast of not having some kind of family with residence in the US. 

However, whenever the issue of dual citizenship is raised, there is negative reaction at home. “They come, take the big jobs, send the money to support their families in the US and when they commit crimes, like corruption, they fly to America,” said a radio talk show host recently. Many point to the case of US citizen Ms. Ellen Cockrum, who was accused by government of embezzlement but could never be brought to court because she fled “home.” 

Perhaps and sadly, the host and some Liberians think that stealing the Liberian people's money to build a mansion in Monrovia is not a crime. People with salaries of not more than US $6,000.00 are building million dollars mansions, sending their children to the most expensive schools in Europe and America but nobody wonders where the money comes from or cares. As long as they are not from the Diaspora, as long as everyone chops, their stealing deranges nobody.

Ms. Ellen Cockrum left Liberia and came to the U.S. but nothing happened to the others who were indicted along with her and who are still walking the streets in Liberia and called “honorable”? The opposition to dual citizenship seems to be more about job security for the opponents – the fear that more qualified Liberians would return home to rebuild their native land.

The issue of citizenship is symptomatic of the state maturity of Liberia as a nation still in transition. Among the clauses to be considered in constitutional amendments, Liberians will decide whether to make the country officially a Christian nation, although no other religious group has ever challenged the notion that the country is run by Christians and every emblem of the country carries the seal of Christianity. It is like an elephant carrying a placard saying “I am the biggest animal of the bush.”

For the dual citizenship clause to pass in the amendments, the Diaspora will have to mount a serious campaign, not only in the US but also in Liberia and reach out to their lawmakers and the ones who vote and who received the monthly “control number.” There are lots of professional honest Liberians who want to go home and help but are not ready to give up their US citizenship nor lie to the Senate to get a job.

There is another fear, deep in the subconscious of Liberians, inherited from the colonial founding days by freed slaves, and that is the fact that dual citizenship could pave the way to the admitting people of non-Negro descent into Liberian nationality.  

Many countries in Africa have adopted dual citizenship and it never let to an invasion by “foreigners.” Such countries include Angola, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, São Tomé and Príncipe, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Tunisia, and Uganda. Eritreans, Egyptians, and South Africans wanting to take another citizenship need a permission to maintain their citizenship. Eritrea taxes its citizens worldwide, even if they have never lived in the country.  Lesotho restricts dual citizenship, but observes jus soli” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_citizenship).

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and a few members of the Legislature have expressed their support for the dual citizenship amendment but the Diaspora will have to mount pressure to make it a reality.  But, as one politician put it, the President needs to provide a “bully pulpit” for advocacy on the dual citizenship issue as she has done in the past on other issues near and dear to her heart.

martin scott
Great article by Dr. Duke and George Nubo!

But repealing or amending the ban on dual citizenship requires the same steps (in the House & Senate) all bills must take to be passed and signed into law: #1) the bill is introduced and sent to committee; #2) when approved in committee, the bill is sent to the floor to be debated and voted on; #3) when the bill is approved by both the House and Senate, it is sent to the President!

But did you know that then-Senator Kupee introduced a Dual Citizenship Bill (to repeal the ban on dual citizenship) that has been sitting in the senate committee (step #1), collecting dust for the past 4 years now?? And it could sit there for another 4 years if it were up the our good-for-nothing senators??

Look, there is NOTHING in this Dual Citizenship Bill for these lawmakers, so don't expect them to be excited about it..

But hey, do you think that same bill would be sitting there if it contain a provision to give each lawmaker US$30,000 of other people's money to buy a car for himself or herself??

Hell no! That bill would pass faster than Robert Kibly's senate confirmation (25 minutes!) These senators only respond to cold water, oops, I mean, incentives!

So if you want them to pass this Dual Citizenship Bill asap, you have to "incentivize" them.. Here are some ways to do that:

1) Take Speaker Tyler to an Eat-all-you-can eat buffet. They say the quickest way to the Speaker's heart is through his stomach! If you want the Speaker to be on your side, a damn good lunch would do the job! Before good food waste, let the Speaker's belly burst!

2) Entertain Edwin Snowe at a bar and make sure they have strippers there! Snowe has a thing for strippers, you know: When Snowe gets inebriated (drunk), he usually pays strippers big bucks (US$1,000) for lap dance!

Ok, make sure you take a picture of Snowe with his stripper lap dancing! Use that picture to blackmail Snowe if he threatens to vote against the Dual Citizenship Bill.

3) Promise to buy a bag of ganja (marijuana) for Rep. Gray, if you can get him to vote in the affirmative for the Dual Citizenship Bill. But don't give him the bag of ganja until he casts a yes vote! Hey, you have to be careful, when Gray gets high, he does all kinds of crazy shit.! A hint to the wise is sufficient.

4) Sent some American prostitutes to the Capitol to celebrate "Lap Dance Day for Lazy Lawmakers!". Make sure they give a blowjob to Senator Weah and Senator Teahjay!!

5) Offer to pay alimony to Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor! After all, Jewel is a former first lady and a former first wife. That woman needs every penny to buy Gucci bags, exotic African attires and high end fashion accessories (false hair)! Hey, we want our warlord ex-wife to look like a million bucks! Oh wait, she still has to lose some weight!

6) Campaign to unseat all these anti-dual citizenship lawmakers including Senator Prince Yucky Johnson! Johnson is a big time anti-dual citizenship advocate!

7) If #1 thru #6 fails, sent them a picture of your middle finger! and ask the President to use the "bully pulpit" to persuade lawmakers to pass the Dual Citizenship Bill.
martin scott at 05:37PM, 2015/12/30.
Theodore Hodge
I am deeply appalled by this article; not by the message it delivers, but by the principal messenger, Abdoulaye Dukule. Yes, Liberians have a need to sit around the fire, or in any conceivable forum and discuss this very important topic of Dual Citizenship. However, in my view, this discussion needs to take place among Liberians, even including former Liberians who have legally lost their Liberian citizenship through naturalization elsewhere. I beg to add that the discussion could include outsiders who are not Liberians, but the disclosure must be made up front. I believe that if outsiders were to enter this public debate, it must be based on some sort of expertise. They must disclose their interest and what qualifies them to spearhead such a sensitive discussion. For example, are they constitutional lawyers, historians or experts in any areas specifically related to Liberian studies?

This gentleman, Abdoulaye Dukule has recently admitted that he is not a Liberian citizen, but a citizen of the United States. Specifically, here is the comment he made. This is a direct quote: "I stand on my own as a proud American, with enough knowledge and creativity, I can make life anywhere."

In case you're wondering about the source from which I lifted the quote, here is the source. I hope you'll have the patience to read the entire script, maybe you'll be as outraged as I am over these con men and vampires who see us Liberians as suppliers of blood for their insatiable appetites and games. These questionable characters are playing a high stake game at the top levels of our national government, and the say so themselves. See for yourself by reading the following: http://myafricanwoman.com/2015/12/konneh-under-attack-jackson-dukule-battle-finance-minister-for-presidents-love/

This Dukule man has been a questionable and dubious character for a long time. Right here in the pages of this very magazine, theperspective.org, Dr. Boima Fahnbulleh questioned whether Dukule was ever actually a Liberian or someone who conveniently grabbed hold of a Liberian passport and fraudulently claimed to be a Liberian citizen. Was he a Guinean, a Malian, or perhaps of some other West African origin? Did he go to school in Liberia, if so, what high school did he attend? Who were some of his elementary, junior high and high schoolmates? Dr. Fahnbulleh surmised that Dukule was a native French speaker who perhaps went to school in Guinea, Mali or Senegal. Those questions were never resolved because Mr. Dukule adroitly dodged the issue and never responded to the challenge of proving to us that he was indeed a natural born Liberian.

If he is not a natural born Liberian, did he acquire citizenship through naturalization? If he is now a US citizen, did he give up his naturalized Liberian citizenship to acquire American citizenship? That is a crucial question which sets him apart from natural born Liberians, I would argue.

Now we know that Mr. Dukule is a personal friend and adviser to Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. He has the president's ear on crucial matters. He is a big player and roller among top stakeholders in the country; he gets paid handsome fees for a number of dubious activities, including consultations and seminars.

But he has admitted that he is not a Liberian citizen. On what grounds does he stand to publicly discuss this crucial matter on our national agenda? He claims to have "knowledge and creativity" to live anywhere. Is this his creativity at work? I don't know about the rest of you, but I am deeply appalled by this affront to our national dignity. I think Mr. Dukule should have the decency to abstain from such a sensitive debate; he has no part in it. We're sick and tired of his con games.
Theodore Hodge at 08:42PM, 2015/12/30.
A. W. Dukulé
Brother Theodore, admitting that I have US citizenship in no way disqualifies me from speaking about Liberian issues. Don't kill the messenger. We have have worked together before and my status does not change my stands on issues. I am glad you appreciate the content of the article.
As a fellow writer, I expect you to stick to the issues in the piece.
Have a happy New Year.
Do not personalize issues. May be I can help in the struggle to get that dual citizenship that many Liberians are yearning for.
Again, don't shoot the messenger, my dear friend!
A. W. Dukulé at 09:52PM, 2015/12/30.
Dempster Yallah
My suspicion is that this dual citizenship proposition will encompass other African countries as well, any other citizenships which Liberians purportedly adopted on account of our war years. In that case one wonders what will be the distinguishing criteria in identifying bona fide Liberians from illegals from neighboring countrie, for instance? This concern gets more worrisome during election seasons for example, when the potential and lure for importing illegals from neighboring countries to impact the outcome could be rife and just there for the taking. Secondly, it is a fact that the basis for the untendable state of affairs between aborignees and settlers which culminated into war was education, commercial knowhow, exposure to the rudiments of governance, etc., a leverage exploited by the latter group to relegate and marginalize the former. That the potential for the reemergence of such relations is embedded in this dualism may not be farfetched, after all. Especially that special endowments, economics being prime culprit have often formed the basis for class distinctions and superiority complex between people. And by the way, that other countries are "successfully" experimenting with this dualism concept is not lost here either, save the Liberian situation just happens to be unique and different. Unique in the sense Liberians come to this bridge with scars of humiliation, exploitation, socio-politico oppression and marginalization as reminders. As they say, bitten once by a snake, any ruffling of leaves around you leaves you traumatized, if not paralyzed. So, the proponents of this dualist quest may be heralding manna as a potential outcome for Liberia, to which we can only counter in whatever weak way, "Trojan Horse!" ...Carpe diem.
Dempster Yallah at 08:47AM, 2015/12/31.
Kou Gontee
Mr. Abdoulaye Dukule, at times it becomes legitimate and very much necessary to "shoot the Messenger" when it is factually established the so call Messenger is not a boni fide Messenger but actually a mala fide Messenger as is the case with you.
Kou Gontee at 04:25PM, 2015/12/31.
Kou Gontee
Mr. Abdoulaye Wahab Dukule, you are not a bona fide Liberian!
Kou Gontee at 04:57PM, 2015/12/31.
martin scott
Kou Goatee, are you saying that because Mr. Abdoulaye Dukule is NOT a "bona fide" Liberian citizen THEREFORE he shouldn't express his opinion or publicly debate the Dual Citizenship issue in Liberia?? Is that your reasoning?

If so, would you, for example, OBJECT to any natural-born Liberian who fraudulently (fake marriage) obtained her American Citizenship from discussing Dual Citizenship in Liberia too?? What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right??

martin scott at 07:31PM, 2016/01/01.
Where is the birth certificate of Mr.Dukule.To asserting the truthfulness of the matter being asserted by Theodore,let Theodore published Dukule birth certificate. Theodore has the burden of prove.
Garblejay at 01:34PM, 2016/01/02.
Joan George
Even in the U.S. where dual citizenship is allowed you have to renounce your citizenship to be able to hold certain positions. I'm for dual citizenship for Liberians who for one reason or the other had to obtain other citizenships to survive in other lands. I also, understand why Liberians have reservations on this issue a few of which you have mentioned in your article. When things are as they are right now and people feel that they are being surpressed or taken advantage of by their own Countrymen and women and now, you want to add foreign nationals into the mix, this will definitely turn people off.

If/whenever dual citizenship is accepted we should be careful not to allow it for certain positions including that of the presidency.

Joan George at 02:55PM, 2016/01/02.
sylvester moses
The question is, to what purpose? Apart from creating a false impression that the 1980 coup, and the civil wars of the 1990s were the known tumultuous events that had had thousands of our people seeking “refuge outside the country” with “many taking up new citizenships”, the apparent motive is a PR ploy for EJS. It is indicated by positioning the crux of their piece in the concluding paragraph, as follows: “President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and a few members of the Legislature have expressed their support for the dual citizenship amendment but the Diaspora will have to mount pressure to make it a reality. But, as one politician put it, the President needs to provide a “bully pulpit” for advocacy on the dual citizenship issue as she has done in the past on other issues near and dear to her heart”.

Obviously, the message is that if those in the Diaspora want EJS to use the “bully pit” to sell “dual citizenship”, they should stop shouting about executive overreach, corruption, unaccountability, pervasive poverty, and the fact that her reckless nonchalance to reform governance could precipitate commotion. In other words, this well – packaged propaganda underscores the Iron lady’s political philosophy that ‘everyone has a price’, thus people will do anything if they are paid enough money, or ‘given what they want’. It wasn’t, therefore, surprising that EJS’s last honor for 2015 was from a diaspora group giving her a “Person of the Year’ award. And no wonder many wrongly assume that gullibility and selfishness had stuck us perennially in political naivety, and socio – economic stagnation.

By the way, the inordinate greed for money had stoked wars before 1980. They scattered thousands of southeasterners and Bassa natives asunder to Freetown, Ghana, Nigeria, Liverpool, Manchester, London, New York, Baltimore, and so on, where many claimed citizenship, and some, especially in Africa, yearned for home. Tellingly, EJS and her ACDL conspirators, who plotted the 1985/ 1989 invasions, were supposedly motivated by Edmund Burke ‘patriotism’: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. But don’t they see the need to stop the “evil” of despotism and greed that sanction preventable deaths, suicides, unsolved murders, ritualistic killings, or have the swollen bank accounts from funds that should’ve made Liberia more stable numbed the urbane sensibilities and humanity of some of our brightest and best?

sylvester moses at 06:23PM, 2016/01/02.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
This is simply one of Abdoulaye Dukule's opportunist ploys. And he thinks by tricking the most senior editor of such a respected news outlet - George Nubo, the public would see the article as a de facto editorial or The Perspective's advisory opinion incognito on dual citizenship.

This is why Dukule begins with THE LIE that being a Christian was a requirement for Liberian citizenship. How on earth the very settlers who were practically begging the defiant natives to join them in making possible the state of Liberia would have made such illogical or unwise precondition! Dukule's fraudulent intent is to have people wrongly conclude that Liberian citizenship has always been unjustly denied. But the irony here is that the very Dukule gained Liberian citizenship in a very short period after his arrival on Liberian soil and even rose to governmental powers during the Amos Sawyer's presidency.

This guy who acquired American citizenship through Liberian citizenship in just less than a decade goes on to list African countries allowing dual citizenship WITHOUT LISTING THE MANY MANY AFRICAN COUNTRIES WHICH DO NOT ALLOW DUAL CITIZENSHIP - RWANDA, NIGER, GUINEA, SUDAN, CAMEROUN, UGANDA, ZIMBABWE, ALGERIA, CONGO, MANY OTHERS AND EVEN HIS DUKULE'S OWN COUNTRY .. MALI!!!

As a matter of fact Dukule would go at length to lie that in order to acquire dual Us/Liberian citizenship the ruling class would ensure their children are born in the US! But Dukule CONCEALS THE TRUTH THAT A VERY HUGE NUMBER OF COUNTRIES IN AFRICA AND AROUND THE WORLD GENERALLY DO NOT ALLOW DUAL CITIZENSHIP TO A PERSON WHO HAS A US CITIZENSHIP! AND ABDOULAYE DUKULE SITS ON THIS FACT TO LEGITIMIZE HIS LIES!

Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 07:28PM, 2016/01/02.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 07:41PM, 2016/01/02.
martin scott
Buffoon Zoebohn----To support his position for Dual Citizenship, Mr. Abdoulaye Dukule listed ONLY countries that permitted Dual Citizenship, but (a big but) you accused Mr. Dukule of "CONCEAL(ing) THE TRUTH" because he (Dukele) failed to mentioned "THAT A VERY HUGE NUMBER OF COUNTRIES IN AFRICA AND AROUND THE WORLD GENERALLY DO NOT ALLOW DUAL CITIZENSHIP"!

Based on such reasoning, should we accuse you of "concealing the truth" because you ONLY use your 15 syllabic indigenous name (KANDAJABA ZOEBOHN ZOEDJALLAH to refer to yourself on this website, but you chose to conceal the fact that a huge number of Liberians also know as "Joe Jallah, from Jallah Town"??

Come on now, Joe,oops, I mean, Zoedjallah--can you be intellectually honest, for once in your life??
martin scott at 04:28PM, 2016/01/03.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Martin Scott it is your mother who is a buffon. Abdoulaye Dukule claims to be a journalist. Being OBJECTIVE is the key Mark of professional journalism. Dukule has a professional duty and responsibility to list at least few neighboring or continental African countries which do not allow dual citizenship when listing African countries allowing dual citizenship.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 05:05AM, 2016/01/04.
martin scott
Buffoon Zoebohn---I'm tired of schooling you, bro—but somebody has to respond to your buffoonery!

So, let's look at your thought process, shall we??

You say that since Mr. Dukele claims to be a journalist, he has a “professional duty and responsibility” to be ”OBJECTIVE”!

Of course, as journalist, he has a duty and responsibility to be objective. But being OBJECTIVE means that when he, Dukele, is doing his job as a journalist (reporting the news to the public), he should NOT be influenced by his personal feelings or his opinions! He should report the NEWS objectively! That's what objectivity in journalism mean!

On the other hand, when Mr. Dukele writes an opinion piece (expressing his personal views on an issue)-- as long as it kept separate from NEWS REPORTING and presented clearly as HIS opinion---he has NO obligation to be objective! It's his opinion, and nothing more.

Anyone with an IQ higher than a door knob can easily figure out that “Our Take on Dual Citizenship” is an OPINION piece (personal)!

But hey, Joe Jallah, oops, I mean Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah do you know the difference between news and opinions??

Oh wait, I just realized that if you scramble up the 30 letters in your 15 syllabic indigenous name (KANDAJABA ZOEBOHN ZOEDJALLAH), it reads: Dumb mother (expletive deleted)!!!
martin scott at 10:06PM, 2016/01/04.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Martin Scott, objectivity simply means been HONEST in whatever reportage - feature(opinion etc.) news or whichever media dissemination. We are not surprise of your disregard for HONESTY for you inherited such immorality and criminality from your mother - a nature and character of hers resulting Into your paternity been in doubt as we have been informed herr by those knowing you and your parents in Yekepa. Just bear in mind that until you have grown up to discuss or chsllenge without insulting others, we shsll tame you in this manner.

Your belief that it does not matter if one's opinion is fundamentally a distortion, onesidedness, the concealment of relevant facts, and fraudulent misrepresentations, EVIDENCES the harm opium and drunkeness have done to your psyche. Dukule's DIABOLICAL INTENT AND DISHONESTY ARE MADE CLEAR IN HIS FRAUDULENT DISTORTION AND CONCEALMENT OF THE FACT THAT THE LIBERIAN PEOPLE OVERWHELMINGLY AND VEHEMENTLY REJECTED DUAL CITIZENSHIP WHICH CORRUPT ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF AND HER STOOGE GLORIA SCOTT HAVE REVERSED.

Dukule in his fraud tries to make this dictatorial and anti-democratic reversal appear as the decision reached by the Liberian people through their delegates at the CRC Conference in Gbarnga.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 07:32PM, 2016/01/05.
Christopher Davies
Hi madam president

i greet,you massage well understood.am
a citizen of two countries.my time has
come,i love to be a leader in ivory coast
Gabon morrocco or south Africa,

then a footballer in Australia,

am in root,once my son and his mother
are settle.Malcom Turnbull responsibilty
to heal Asia,he will pay before i return to Australia
in ten years,i was Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey.

Isreal won,when Tony Abbot was in office.
MY REGARDS TO YOUR enter government.

thanks christopher.
Christopher Davies at 09:16PM, 2016/03/29.
Volusion Development Services at 02:37AM, 2017/09/12.

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