Companies Steal $60 Billion From Africa; 21st Century Slavery

By J. Yanqui Zaza

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
January 4, 2015



“All warfare is based on deception,” says Sun Tzu in his book called “The Art of War.” Sadly, in business, deception is the rule, and not the exception. And so big business, deceptively, does not only siphon $192 billion out of Africa yearly, but it also accuses the victim (Africa) as the perpetrator, says Mr. Martin Drewry, Director of Health Poverty Action. He added that big business siphons about 95% of the $192 billion illicit financial outflows out of Africa yearly, while African officials are responsible for only 3%; this is the statistics obtained from the Report by the African Union’s Illicit Financial Outflows From Africa Commission, headed by the former President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki. 

Yet, “…citizens in donor countries…” continue to ask, “…why are their governments doling out money to corrupt African governments…” even though each African citizen, unwillingly, gave  “…$62 per capital to the rest of the world each year…” Mr. Drewry stated. Also, Adam Davidson of the New Time Magazine, apparently unaware of the Commission’s Report, indirectly blamed Africa as the source of corruption. He stated, incorrectly or deceptively, that the creation of anti-poverty institutions (i.e., the World Bank), and the investment of “trillions of dollars on aid to the world’s poor,” has not reduced poverty in Africa.

Is using deception to hurt someone while at the same time blaming the victim a new game? Certainly not. Stealing $192 billion from Africa yearly, and at the same time claiming that Africa is corrupt, is an economic arrangement that mirrors previous deceptive economic arrangement such as slavery. Slave masters were cruel and got rich from the labor of black slaves. Yet, they stated that slavery was necessary in order to save the victims from self-destruction. The “…Southern plantation owners defined slavery not as an institution of a brute force, but of responsible dominion over a less fortunate, less evolved people.”

But nowadays, instead of using the old ways (slavery) to make money, multinational companies have employed “…global financial system in which economic calculus… determine where money flows” or would determine who gets rich, say Davidson. So, according to Mr. John Perkins, in his book called “Confession of an Economic Hit Man,” the C.I.A does offer two choices to African leaders: institute crony capitalism in exchange for bribes or get killed. Yes, William Tubman of Liberia, Mobutu Sese Seko of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, etc. accepted bribes and facilitated the exploitation of their countries for 27 and 32 years respectively.  On the other hand, Perkins says C.I.A. did kill those leaders, for example, Patrice Lumumba of Congo, who rejected bribes.

Bribing officials or killing nationalists does not only benefit big business such as Liberia’s Firestone Rubber Plantation Company, but it also benefits governments of advanced countries. For example, Akron, Ohio would not be hiring many U.S. workers to process latex from Liberia, if Liberia did build its own tire factory. Also, by Liberia-Firestone paying $3.19 to a worker to tap 600 trees per day, and paying $2.00 per acre for one million acres, Firestone’s parent and U.S. government benefit from lower cost of operation in Liberia. In Guinea, the iron ore mining company remitted $48 million to the government from the $1.4 billion earned in 2011.

These minuscule amounts in royalties and taxes remitted from big business cannot finance the needed social programs. Most important, a significant portion of big business’ products will not be sold if African governments did not borrow money. That is part of the reason why advanced countries do not only encourage African countries to obtain more debts, but they disguised some of the loans as aid (i.e., once the rate is less than 7%) in order to disarm anti-loan advocates. For example, Ghana’s debt has ballooned to $24 billion in 2014, even after its $5 billion debt was cancelled in 2005.

Such a huge debt along with the indirect ownership of lucrative natural resources has forced African countries to transfer utility entities such as Liberia National Port Authority, etc. from governments to crony capitalists. Furthermore, to ensure that future African leaders will not re-negotiate any of these flawed and, or illegal agreements, multinational companies have coerced African countries to join the World Trade Organization (WTO). For more information on the WTO, read an article called, “World Trade Organization: Favors Flawed Oil Agreements

Members of Mr. Thabo Mbeki Commission believe that certain market-oriented policies can reduce the $192 billion illicit financial outflows from Africa. Unfortunately, many of these recommendations did not prevent excessive greed such as the 1637 tulip madness, 1716-1720 speculative bubbles, 1929 to 1940 economic depression initiated by Wall Street speculative transactions and the 2008 crisis. But even after the enactment of the Dodd-Frank Sections 1502 and 1504 in response to the 2008 financial debacle, Bernie Sanders (i.e., a democratic presidential candidate) says the economic system is working against the poor, according to his article called (To Rein In Wall Street, Fix the Fed-Why are bankers allowed on the board of their own regulator?).

In addition to the Commission’s recommendations, individuals, civil society organizations, including Health Poverty Action have put their recommendations forward. Mr. Martin Drewry, Director called upon politicians of the United Kingdom to accept the truth that the world steals $60 billion from Africa yearly. He stated that Africa is not poor, but a combination of inequitable policies. Huge disparities in power and criminal activities perpetrated and sustained by wealthy elites are keeping Africans poor. It is time for the British government, politicians, media, and NGOs to stop misrepresenting our generosity and for the UK to close down tax havens, end the plundering of African resources by multinational companies, etc.

The call should not be directed at those who have interest in exploiting Africa. This is because profit-making entities or chief executives don’t worry about lying or harming society. The World Bank Study published in 2013, which disclosed that poverty decreased in Latin America from 38% to 28% from 2005 to 2012, and also, that the size of the middle class grew from 103 million to 152 million, should be the case for analysis. It is clear that Africa’s 21th Century slave system or market oriented policies will not transfer the profits of Africa’s resources from companies (i.e., de facto owners) to the coffers of the governments. Africans can generate adequate revenue by controlling their own lucrative resources such as diamonds gold, etc.

Happy New Year


martin scott
Comrade J. Nikita Zaza----Usually when I see your postings, my red flags immediately go up! I can see the lies coming in black and white!

But look -- If you believe that "companies steal $60 billion from Africa..", can you define "stealing" for us?? Why?

Because we all know that you're a black liar, and your definition of words like "trade", "exploit", and "steal" an have entirely different meaning from their dictionary definitions!

1) For example, if Firestone Rubber Plantation Company remits its profits (after paying taxes to the Liberian government) to its parent company in the U.S---would YOU call that "stealing"??

2) Or suppose Firestone pays a tapper $3.19 to tap 600 trees in voluntary labor contractual relationship--would YOU say Firestone is "stealing" form its tappers?

3) Or if a Firestone signs a concession agreement with the government of Liberia in which the Liberian government agrees for Firestone to pay $2.00 per acre for one million acre---would you accuse Firestone of "stealing" from the Liberian people??

4) Last but not the leas-- suppose you hire a Firestone hooker (I believe that prostitution is a voluntary labor contractual relationship), and you pay her 25 cents for a quickie--should we accuse you of "stealing" from her?? Isn't it "21st century slavery" to pay your Harbel hooker 25 cents for her hard work??

Please define "stealing" for us. I'm dying to hear from you!

In the cause of the people, the struggle continues!
martin scott at 09:17PM, 2016/01/05.
j yanqui

Hi Mr. Martin Scott,

You have asked if "...Firestone pays a tapper $3.19 to tap 600 trees in voluntary labor contractual relationship--would YOU say Firestone is "stealing" form its tappers?"

I surmise you are implying that Firestone did negotiate with elected officials of Liberia, therefore, I should not blame Firestone or big business for getting sweet heart deals for its investors. Additionally, you are saying that all of the slave-owners did get their slaves through negotiations without intimidations, etc. However, you deceptively or incorrectly did not include the other content of the article; patriotic leaders (i.e., less corrupt leaders) versus big business handpicked leaders (i.e., corrupt leaders) in third world countries.

Big business has and continues to support/select corrupt leaders in order to create an opportunity for their representatives to offer bribes to corrupt leaders in exchange for sweet heart deals. In the case of Liberia, the World Bank, etc. did not only indirectly support candidate Sirleaf for president of Liberia in 2005 and 2011, but also continues to praise President Sirleaf even though her government has negotiated and signed flawed concessionary agreements. Why? This is because President Sirleaf is working for big business. In case you have doubt about whether big business does help in selecting corrupt leaders in third world countries, please read the book written by Mr. John Perkins (Confession of an Economic Hit Man).

Also your " flags immediately go up!" because the articles are informing poor people that the interests of big business are different from the interests of their countries. Big business (represented by local politicians and international experts) are doing everything/anything to get the highest profits, even if the profits are illegally earned.

Unlike Liberia, citizens of many other poor countries have come to realize that the so-called experienced business people (i.e., friends of big business) are facilitators and, or business-partners of big business. The $192 Billion Report by the African Union called "Illicit Financial Outflows from Africa" is one of the many reports which might help Liberians to understand that many big businesses and their friends are not good for poor people.

Dictionary: Illicit-"Not permitted by custom or law: UNLAWFUL." Sir, offering bribes to elected officials in exchange for favors (i.e., whether leaders are handpicked or are not handpicked by big business) is unlawful or illegal).

j yanqui at 11:03AM, 2016/01/17.
Rev Christopher Davies

Dear MR Robert sirleaf

i greet you with due respects,in the name of the all mighty,

Am in receipt of your massage 192 bilion yearly former south Afrcian leader thabo,mebeki

please email if your receive my email,

thanks Rev christopher Davies
Rev Christopher Davies at 11:36PM, 2016/09/19.
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