"All who draw the sword will die by the sword"

By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
March 11, 2016



 The Holy Bible reminds us that: “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment. Deceit is in the hearts of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy. No harm overtakes the righteous, but the wicked have their fill of trouble. The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy (Proverbs 12:19-22). Therefore, as patriotic Liberians it is our responsibility to speak truth to power no matter the consequence, otherwise, our family members or relatives will fall victims to some of the sinister and ungodly things going on in the country, and no one will be around to save them as underscored by German Protestant Pastor Martin Niemoller in his poem titled: “When the Nazis Came, I didn’t object…” It reads:

They came for the Communists, and I didn’t object
For I wasn’t a Communist;
They came for the Socialists, and I didn’t object
For I wasn’t a Socialist;
They came for the labor leaders, and I didn’t object
For I wasn’t a labor leader;
They came for the Jews, and I didn’t object
For I wasn’t a Jew;
Then they came for me
And there was no one left to object.

In the tradition of Chay, Chay Polly, “My people, that me; I na come again o – to write about what many of our country men and women in the current Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA) dare say or write about. In the past, I have contributed to the Liberian discourse through the articles listed below:


And “All who draw the sword will die by the sword” is continuation of yours truly 45 years tradition of advocacy for equality of opportunities, social justice, and human rights on behalf of all citizens including those who reside within our borders. My people, while others are missing, dying mysterious deaths and the Unity Party government of President Sirleaf violating the Liberian people’s freedom of speech and rights, arresting, shooting and killing a protester, “a ULAA You Can Believe In” on February 8, 2016 issued a press release (that had no teeth) titled: “ULAA CONDEMNS ACTS OF DEATHS AND CALLS ON GOVERNMENT TO END”.

If this is “A ULAA You Can Believe In”, then the question is, which ULAA people did not believe in? Is it the previous administration of Gaye D. Sleh, Jr. or which ULAA the TRUMPCATED slogan is referring to? Based on my historical recollection, I am certain many Liberians at home and in the Diaspora will bear witness to what I am writing here. The ULAA of the 70s, 80s and the early 90s has the history to show for its progressive advocacy. Liberians everywhere respected and believed in its advocacy. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a benefactor of ULAA’s progressive advocacy.

For example, in 1984, the National President of ULAA, Jucontee Thomas Woewiyu invited Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to serve as keynote speaker to its Annual General Conference, which was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  In her keynote address to General Conference, Madam Sirleaf referred to President Samuel K. Doe and officials of People’s Redemption Council (PRC) government as bunch of "fools and idiots".

As the result of her disrespectful remark about President Doe and the PRC, when she returned to Liberia she was arrested and imprisoned. To secure her release from prison, ULAA staged protest demonstrations in both New York and Washington, DC including lobbying the US Congress. The same was done for Liberian activists, politicians, students, teachers and labour union leaders who were wrongly accused and incarcerated. Instead, the present ULAA – “A ULAA You Can Believe In” is all about “Dual Citizenship” and raising funds at its March 25th inaugural program while our people in Liberia are being killed like PIGS and hunted all over the place by the security sector and militarized police units. Is this “A ULAA You Can Believe In”? You be the judge!

To buttress my points, check out Prof. K-Moses Nagbe’s book titled: MY COMPATRIOT, YOUR COMPATRIOT: Surveying the Forces and Voices that Inspired the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas. According to the learned patriot:

ULAA’s story must find a serious vessel of conveyance. It is about time someone set much of that information between two hard covers for posterity. That is what My Compatriot, Your Compatriot hopes to achieve. The book goes beyond peripheral questions like “What is ULAA? How did it come into being?  What was the vision and mission of the organization?” The book identifies some of the critical forces and voices that inspired ULAA. It tells how ULAA impacted national politics and governance, both from abroad and inside the country…   

He added:

In that sense then, there should be an important matrix of consciousness at work here, a matrix comprising race consciousness, cultural consciousness, national consciousness and consciousness of personhood. The order may be rearranged, depending on the milieu of residence.  The point is that whether we deny the existence of that matrix, it is elemental to the grid by which other people judge our words, our actions and the manner in which we interact. While this knowledge is important in home countries, it becomes more valuable when we reside in other countries. It is a conversation whose time of renewal has come for Liberians and indeed Africans in the Diaspora; it is a conversation relevant, particularly in the wake of the present ULAA crisis. May this book contribute immensely to that conversation. (Make inquiries through kateabela@gmail.com / www.Lulu.com)

Strange But Not So Surprising Events
Liberian people, the ungodly events in our country are reminiscent of the time Jesus rebuked Peter, telling him that “all who draw the sword will die by the sword” (Matthew 26:52). Also, it is a reminder about what happened to Shallum (the fifteenth king of Israel). According to the story, with the aid of unidentified conspirators, King Shallum killed King Zechariah “in front of the people of Israel.” That was bold! He did not do it in secrecy, but chose to carry out his treachery in full view of the Israelites. Perhaps, he felt that such bold display of violence would cower the opposition into submission – no one would dare interfere with his corrupt and immoral rule. But history makes strange bedfellows!

Unfortunately, the public execution of King Zechariah had the opposite effect; it made King Shallum a prime target. Only couple of weeks in office, he was betrayed by Menahem, a military commander loyal to the assassinated king Zechariah, who took his revenge by killing Shallum in Samaria. This was history being repeated; yet, many leaders are prone to repeating the same mistakes. The question is why are all of these ungodly things going on in a country led by a president with a Nobel Prize for Peace?

Seemingly, we the people allow our leaders to treat us as if they were elected “to do us favors.”  And whenever one raises legitimate concerns, or attempts to take the leader and party in power to task regarding not having safe drinking water, electricity, good roads, sewer system, quality healthcare system, accountability, and rampant corruption in the administration, all one hears is, “The oldma is trying!” Was she elected to be trying? Eleven years are too much time for her to be trying!

Too Many Suspicious Deaths…
The ‘suspicious deaths’ of Victoria Zarzar, Harry A. Greaves Jr., former Managing Director of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC), Cllr. Michael Allison, Fayah Saah Gbollie, Keith Jubah and Dan Orogun, Guarantee Trust Bank-Liberia Limited Managing Director should be of serious concern to ALL OF US. In the case of Dan Orogun, it is alleged he fell off a boat while on a ride with his wife, his two children and a Liberian businessman named George Kailondo. His body was recovered from the waters on Tuesday morning, January 26, 2016 in a bad state of decomposition when it was brought to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center.

Furthermore, a FrontPageAfrica article titled: “Fear Grips Judiciary Employees 37 Deaths In One Year” dated December 4, 2015, informed of an unnamed employee of the Temple of Justice who told FPA reporter Mae Azango the following: “You must know where you are standing when you take a job at the Temple of Justice, because, it is not a small place to work. It is just like the Capitol Building, where they use juju to fight one another.” The article continued: “…within a period of one year, it is said that 37 persons have died at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia. The sudden death of Sengbeh Johnson, former Director General of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), came as a shock to many journalists in the country…”

And not too long ago, police officers hassled a FrontPageAfrica reporter, preventing the taking of photographs, and deleted some photos already captured (FPA, February 7, 2016). Of course, MPC opposition party leader Mr. Simeon Freeman escaped from the country after police invaded his compound, terrified his family, barricaded his house, and traumatized the neighborhood because he didn’t turn up for an invitation from the police director. Of course, the recent arrest and manhandling of social activist Vandalark Patricks suggests that anyone can be arrested for exercising their rights guaranteed by the Liberian Constitution. Mr. Patricks was arrested, denied bill and spent eight days in prison on the basis of alleged and unfounded claims he made against the President and the Government of Liberia. After six days in prison, he was charged with sedition and criminal libel by the state.

Yet the Unity Party government boasts of having democracy and not having any political prison. Now, Mr. Patrick has written a letter of complaint to President Sirleaf of abuse the police and a police officer injecting him with unknown substance on the way to the Monrovia Central Prison. This is a serious offense the police committed against Mr. Patrick for which the public should be concerned over.

Another area of concern is the increased of ritualistic killings in the country. This should be reason for security concerns for both Liberians and foreign nationals.

Short Memories
Liberia is a country where our leaders and officials have very short memories. The current President once protested and lobbied the United States Congress and other world forum in support of Press Freedom, human rights and abused of power by Liberian government officials.  Yet today, she runs a government whose officials attacked and criticized the press – the same press whose rights she once fought to uphold.

Fellow citizens, too many strange things are happening in our country. Remember, Jesus rebuked Peter about “all who draw the sword will die by the sword”. The wrath of the Almighty awaits those who engage in ungodly practices that are causing the deaths of many innocent people. The fate of those that are responsible will be similar to that of King Shallum of Israel. He too was killed by Menahem the military commander loyal to King Zechariah that he assassinated in public.

Those that committed such heinous crimes must NOT go scots free. They must be pursued and brought to justice. The deaths of Victoria Zarzar, Harry A. Greaves Jr., Cllr. Michael Allison, Fayah Saah Gbollie, Keith Jubah, Dan Orogun, Sengbeh Johnson and others that are unknown MUST NOT DIE IN VAIN. My people, if we continue to ignore the facts, we will have NO country; unless we want to be employed by Sirleaf &Company.

We can no longer afford to live in denial. Powerlessness of the majority due to poverty is not a condition for lasting peace, but a foundation for civil conflict. There are certain root causes of the crisis in the Liberian society/polity that have not been adequately addressed, which merit our immediate attention and action. They include but not limited to:

Fellow Liberians, truth is the same yesterday and today; it cannot be sugarcoated. What is outlined here informs just how explosive our situation, and merely reexamined how we got where we are. But most importantly, it’s also a prescription for attaining lasting peace and in our country. A repeat of the “Business as Usual” taking place in Liberia is recycling danger, a specter of chaotic events stalking Liberia and the region. We have the opportunity to avoid repeating these failed policies of the past, The Republic of Liberia CAN be a success story. Since Liberia has to be completely rebuilt; change it must! Liberia can become a model for Africa if our resources are used for the benefit of the Liberian people and NOT for the exclusive use of our leaders who are making themselves wealthy at the expense of the majority.

Given the unfolding crisis in our capital, Monrovia, we’re appealing to all peace loving peoples and nations of the world to assist us in our predicament as we campaign for the future of Liberia. Therefore, come 2017, in deciding on the question of leadership, we must first consider that - all those who succeed in life at times get off to a bad start, and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they arrive at their goal. The turning point in the lives of those who succeed usually comes at the moment of some crisis, through which they are introduced to their "other selves."

In planning to follow one’s dream, however, a visionary leader can’t abandon his/her vision, or be influenced by the parochial concerns of those who would try to pigeonhole them in a particular category, or age bracket. Actually, popularity is not a requisite in the struggle for reconciliation, stability, and peace. In fact, longevity plays a role but passion and commitment to a cause make the difference. To achieve any goal in this changing world, one must possess the spirit of great pioneers of the past, whose dreams have given to civilization – everything of value, which today serves as the life-blood of our humanity.

In other words, "no condition is permanent", and as long as breath well in our body, we shall continue to fight for affirming change to the logical end by exposing injustices and corruption wherever they exist in Liberia. This should be our commitment and not how young or old one is. Human tragedies cannot be camouflaged or forgotten; age and longevity are relevant to the cause for which we continue to struggle. To erase their significance is to incubate and manufacture divisions that will lead to more atrocities. Instead, we should prevent past mistakes from being repeated. Because if we don’t, we will run the risk of having generation of people around who cannot remember the horrendous crimes committed against humanity by the Atlantic Slave Trade, the likes of King Leopard, II of Belgium, Adolf Hitler, Charles Dunbar Burgess King, William Vacanarat Shadrack Tubman, Samuel Kanyon Doe, Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the so-called ‘Iron Lady’.

Finally, the truth of the matter is — those of us critical of the bad governance/ policies do so not because of dislike of any official, but “truths in the service of bigotry create falsehood.”  This is what we’re bitterly against. And, frankly, if the operation of the government in Liberia is not based on the democracy it claims to practice, there will always be serious disagreements. Which means the governors will have to govern according to the wishes of the Liberian people who voted them into power. Citizens in a democracy perforce disagree to agree, and no administration should use that as pretext to charge some with sedition, or lack of patriotism.  Our political leaders need to heed the advice “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time,” for the eyes of the suffering vast majority are wide open now.

My people, on behalf of the Liberian people at home, let’s expose the perpetrators that committed these heinous crimes against our people. They must NOT get away with it! With God all things are possible! AMEN!

About The Author: Elder Siahyonkron Nyanseor is man of God; former Chair, Vice Chair & Secretary of the ULAA Council of Eminent Persons (UCEP), Inc. He is a poet, Griot, journalist, and a cultural and political activist. In 2012, he Co-authored Djogbachiachuwa: The Liberian Literature Anthology; his book of poems: TIPOSAH: Message from the Palava Hut can be obtained at: Kiiton Press – www.kiitonpress.org. Nyanseor can be reached at: siah1947@gmail.com


sylvester moses
Mr. Siahyonkron Nyanseor, thanks for expressing righteous indignation over the gruesome killing of Mr. Harry Greaves; a man whose political leanings, and yours were as different as night and day. Such demonstration of being ‘our brother’s keeper’ is needed today as Liberia obstinately draws closer to unravelling. Apparently, your topic “All who draw the sword will die by the sword” was foreshadowed by Canon James B. Sellee, rector of the St Thomas Episcopal Church on Camp Johnson road, when he noted “that those who lived by the sword will die by the sword” during home - going celebrations for the deceased brother. But the similarities of both takes didn’t end there. He also railed against the many killings, and would prefer that citizens speak up in the face of injustice. Well, many won’t be surprised that two men of God though thousands of miles apart near – telepathically thought along the same lines to address the death of a man who might have met his demise for also speaking truth.
sylvester moses at 05:02PM, 2016/03/11.
James W. Harris
My older and dear brother, Nyanseor, I sincerely empathize with you for your strong feelings about how things are going on badly in Liberia today. I really do! Unfortunately, just exposing the very bad things that are currently happening in Liberia, including, the continuing senseless mysterious deaths in the country and broad daylight theft of public resources by a handful of chronic opportunistic Liberians, will not cut it. Also, I’m not so sure why you are surprise by the actions of this failed Unity Party (UP) government. As a professed wise man you definitely should have seen this one coming just as Attorney Charles K. Sunwabe, Jr. and I plus a few others saw it coming. Moreover, we expressed this to some of you in person as well as our numerous articles contributed to this same Perspective website and other Liberian online sites, including, FrontPageAfrica, LIMANY, the Liberian Journal and TLCAfrica, among others. Our many articles are still readily available on the World Wide Web (WWW) just in case you and others care to go back to them. Posterity will definitely prove us correct and all of you wrong.
Now, as for you and your ULAA, please count me out! I’ve never even attempted to be a part of it since I learned about its existence. You see, in order to be a functioning member of an organization, I believe that the first thing one must do is to determine whether or not the organization’s goals and objectives are squarely aligned with your own. Secondly, one must also determine whether or not the organization has the necessary means (including members with unquestioned high integrity and good leadership track record, among others) to lead the organization towards successfully achieving its mission. When I checked out the background of some of ULAA’s so-called leaders in the 1980’s, I immediately reached the conclusion that the organization was going nowhere. It was apparently doomed from the very start as a viable organization that would hold the Liberian government’s feet to the fire for continuing to run the country into the ground. I’ve seen nothing so far to convince me otherwise that ULAA could play a more constructive and meaningful role to bring about good governance in Liberia. I surely don’t!
Besides holding demonstrations to advocate on behalf of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and others who fell victims to previous despotic governments, what has ULAA actually contributed to Liberia? Charles Taylor? Tom Woweiyu? There are a few other unprincipled Liberians that ULAA produced in the past whose names don’t come to mind right now. The main point that I’m trying to make here is that ULAA has been bad for Liberia as much as Sirleaf, who you all have supported in the past and are still supporting to this very day. Seemingly, some Liberians join organizations like ULAA just to raise their personal profiles, build networks within the government in power, etc. just to crash the gate and become members of the so-called “Liberian inner circle” to get their fair share of the loot. Any Liberian that accepts a position with this government, especially, with its current record, is an “enabler” as far as I’m concerned. They absolutely have no excuse!
Another critical aspect of the still unfolding Liberian nightmare drama is the way forward for the crippled country. On this, Liberians who claim to love their country must immediately adapt a new way of thinking. By this I mean that they should begin to think outside the box and realize that yet another round of elections as they are anticipating in 2017 will surely not fix the broken country. What “serious minded” and “principled” Liberians need to do is to come together and draw up a credible plan to put Liberia under some sort of trusteeship for at least 10-15 years. During this entire period, “serious minded” and highly “principled Liberians” MUST ensure that all resources derived from the country’s vast natural resources (including gold, diamonds, rubber and maritime, among others), MUST be used wisely by the proposed trusteeship to build roads throughout the country, revitalize the broken health and educational systems, make electricity available to all, etc. While the trusteeship is taking care of providing Liberians their basic needs – some of which I just listed above – the group of “serious minded” and “highly principled” Liberians could decide on a timeline for the holding of “free and fair” elections. Hopefully by then, the equally suspecting Liberian media (newspapers, radio, TV and Internet) would have done their part to educate Liberians, particularly, the most vulnerable, about the rights and privileges that they are entitled to in their own country. I’m not sure whether the Liberian media is doing much of this at this time. After all, you certainly can have a so-called democracy (a term some Liberians like to use loosely) but not a “functioning and participatory democracy” if the majority of the country’s population is grossly illiterate. For democracy to work, the people (masses) must be adequately informed; they must be able to sift through the volume of information constantly thrown at them in order to make the right choices. When you have a good number of Liberians, especially, young men and women, screaming “You killed my Ma and you killed my Pa…I’ll still vote for you” then you know that the country is really in serious trouble. Education is very, very critical for democracy to work my friend, and this is one area where Liberia falls short – and dismally too.
Lastly brother Nyanseor, the next time you decide to take on the incredibly failed Liberian government of President Sirleaf (of which some of us are not surprise) please also mention the names of your friends, like Dr. Abdoulaye Dukule (one of Ellen’s trusted mouthpieces) and the Perspective’s own George H. Nubo, who have helped willingly to prop up this rogue regime by accepting positions in the UP government. I don’t think any principled Liberian who sincerely loves his or her country would accept a position in a government that is clearly against the interests of the Liberian people. Personally, I won’t --- not even if I was offered a million dollars. Trust me! First of all, I’m not philosophically in sync with this rogue government and so, for me, it’s a no-no. Also, why are you not calling out the likes of Togba Nah Tipoteh, Amos Sawyer, Dr. Boima Fahnbulleh, Dew Mason and many other so-called prominent Liberians (please note that I deliberately left out the word “progressive”), who through their rhetoric, apparently misled the Liberian people into thinking that they were their saviors? It’s not really difficult to figure out why they have all suddenly become quiet or silent – they too may be benefitting directly from the country’s spoils. Today, it’s no longer about the masses but their personal survival after the Liberian people rejected them at the voting booths in previous elections.
So, as all of us would like to see Liberia do well in terms of “good governance” and lifting up the poorest amongst them as Jesus Christ himself preached, you may want to ponder some of the points I hope I’ve made in these comments. That’s my challenge to you and other Liberians. Otherwise, you all too are part of Liberia’s age-old nagging problem. Continuing to kick the ball down the same old road by having election after election with the same old pool of severely tinted Liberians is not the right way to resurrect a failed country. Indeed, a new approach as I discussed above is urgently needed if Liberia is to survive as a “functioning democracy.” I’ve said enough – haven’t I?

James W. Harris at 03:40PM, 2016/03/12.
Teah Jardia
Mr. Nyanseor,
The article is an interesting read especially the biblical analysis provided and the contrast between the Union of yesterday and the Union of today. There is no question that the present day Union has lost its moral compass and can’t be considered as a liaison between the government and the masses of Liberia. The Union is nothing less than an incubator of beggars who don’t have the political will power to challenge the roguish regime of Liberia. The last time I check, begging for job and advocating for social justice don’t mix and that is the parody of the difficulty facing present day ULAA. The so-called leadership is compromised and use as a political pawn and paid agent of the Ellen’s roguish regime. The Union of the past collaborated with MOJA and PAL to open the political floodgate that brought about multiparty democracy in Liberia. Together, they fought for democratic change in the Country as compared to the inconsequential of dual citizenship that was unanimously rejected by the Liberia people during the gbange’s Conference.
I subscribed to the adage, “ “You lived by the sword, and you die by the sword.” Harris Greaves paid a dear price for his involvement in the senseless war that killed so many innocent women and children. He must now answer to God as to what happened to the over 350,000 innocent Liberian slaughtered during the course of the 14 years war imposed upon the Country. Liberia is a passive nation so much so that these killers and their coterie of friends continue to masquerade as leaders without a mandate except to siphon the country’s resources with impunity. Today, The Legislature and the Executive are in sue sue, you eat I eat that reduced the Country to an Elephant meat whereas the masses continue to languish in the corner of their own society. Given the level of ritualistic killing by this unfortunate regime, there will never be anything called peace as long as these bombastic killers are on the loose.
I respect the bold step taken by Mr. James Harris when he mentioned the names of Dr. Amos Sawyer, Dew Mason and other progressive who have abandoned their political principles for the Ellen’s grave train. Dr. Sawyer and Dew Mason can’t boast of clean hands about the 14 years atrocities because they were the foot soldiers for the war and in my considered opinion; the omission of both Dew and Dr. Sawyer’s names from the TRC report drew the entire document into question. However, I also want to respectfully disagree with Mr. James Harris on the question of Trusteeship for the Country because the Country is not brain drain to compromise its sovereign’s right. What we need is a radical leadership that will institute measures where no man is above the law…one that rewards the competent over the incompetents and do away with cronyisms. I am saying this because in my view, There are other progressive with moral turpitude poised with the leadership acumen to lead the Country for the better provided we are willing to grant them the opportunity in 2017. There is reason to believe that Dr. Togba-Na has been consistent in speaking out against the political degradation of the Ellen’s roguish regime. Instead of generalizing, I think Dr. Togba-Na Tipoteh have been on point about the egregious political glitches now degenerated into the level of ritualistic killing the Country has ever experienced. Unlike the so-called Good Governance Commission that is undoubtedly in cahoots with the Ellen’s roguish regime, My comment about Dr. Tipoteh is predicated upon the fact that I have not read any documents where is name was mentioned about corruption nor has he ever slept toward revolution regarding the political circus concerning the unfortunate roguish regime in Liberia.
Teah Jardia at 04:01AM, 2016/03/13.
Moses Kollie Flomo
Mr. Harris,
What make you to think that you are more principle than George Nubo? I have not met Mr. Nubo before, but I admire the guy. I know he is not perfect, but he is consistent and principled. You hit-and-run Harris do not even come close. Nubo was offered a position by Ellen and Bropleh to overhaul the government newspaper. He refused, stating that publication was a government propaganda machine. Moreover, he was quoted as telling these people in the faces that “any editorial published in the paper that is critical of the government or the president is going to be the end of my position.” This was a big hell no to Ellen and Bropleh! Nubo worked with the General Auditing Commission as the Chief Operating Officer under John Morlu. Every objective Liberian knows the work that was done by GAC under the leadership of Morlu and Nubo. Before Nubo joined GAC, he joined Morlu to analyze the 2007/2008 budget. He was one of those Morlu referred to as working pro-bono on the analysis.

Regrettably, you were rejoicing when Morlu was replaced with you cousin, Robert Kilby. But sooner than later, Kilby’s hand was caught in the cookies jar. When the Kilby you hailed as the savior of GAC and Liberia at the get-go was fired for engaging in corruption, you immediately became mute. This is disingenuous.

Not only that, when Nubo realized that the direction the government in was not in the interest of the Liberian people, he did not hide his feelings: he penned some editorials, articles and letters on that. So, Mr. Harris, you are not being honest here.
Moses Kollie Flomo at 08:17AM, 2016/03/13.
Moses Kollie Flomo
Mr. Harris,

What make you to think that you are more principled than George Nubo? I have not met Mr. Nubo before, but I admire the guy. I know he is not perfect, but he is consistent and principled. You hit-and-run Harris do not even come close. Nubo was offered a position by Ellen and Bropleh to overhaul the government newspaper. He refused, stating that publication was a government propaganda machine. Moreover, he was quoted as telling these people in the faces that “any editorial published in the paper that is critical of the government or the president is going to be the end of my position.” This was a big hell no to Ellen and Bropleh! Nubo worked with the General Auditing Commission as the Chief Operating Officer under John Morlu. Every objective Liberian knows the work that was done by GAC under the leadership of Morlu and Nubo. Before Nubo joined GAC, he joined Morlu to analyze the 2007/2008 budget. He was one of those Morlu referred to as working pro-bona on the analysis.

Regrettably, you were rejoicing when Morlu was replaced with you cousin, Robert Kilby. But sooner than later, Kilby’s hand was caught in the cookies jar. When the Kilby you hailed as the savior of GAC and Liberia at the get-go was fired for engaging in corruption, you immediately became mute. This is disingenuous.

Not only that, when Nubo realized that the direction the government in was not in the interest of the Liberian people, he did not hide his feelings: he penned some editorials, articles and letters on that. So, Mr. Harris, you are not being honest here.
Moses Kollie Flomo at 09:37AM, 2016/03/13.
Teah Jardia
Let me reecho to Mr. Harris that all is not lose despite the political kaleidoscope that is seeping through the crack of our democracy headed by a woman who is nothing less than a replicate of the old order. In no uncertain terms, Her public policy agenda are reminiscent of the shibboleths of yester year’s good governance methods when friends and family connection are the prerequisite for position in government. As we all know, She was a principle player in that oligarchy, a complete apartheid that put asunder the right of the majority and granted unlimited privileges to the so-called “Pioneer Children” in Liberia. Let's be clear that Ellen Johnson sirleaf is invariably presiding over an organized crime called government in Liberia, a complete tyrannical system that is blinded by prejudices and hatred as evidenced of the senseless killing. The temerity to tap into the socio-economic philosophy that was brought to beared by Mahatma Gandhi to provide a means by which the wealthy Country would become the trustees of trusts that looked after the welfare of poor Countries as a means to quell corruption and engage in infrastructural development is disingenuous to the progressive of Liberia who fought tirelessly for change and opened the political floodgate for democratic participatory process in the Country. There is no question that the chilly wind that have culminated in to the 14years fracas may have slow down the progressive in the quest for genuine democratic change however, the attempt to pulverize them and draw the country in the spectacle fear by the Sir leaf roguish regime has not work because the progressive have managed to keep up the political current for change. Together with the Union of yesterday, the progressive remained the impetus for change and will never shrink away from that pedagogy until final victory is won. I am reminded in the mid 90s especially after autopus in Liberia when cross section of Liberian in the diaspora met in Washington and demonstrated against Charles Taylor, once again, remnant of the old order sieged that moment to called for a trusteeship in Liberia as a way to prevent the progressive from taking state power. It seems interesting that whenever the tidal weave of political current is against them, they would quickly called for a trusteeship as if the country is politically brain drain, laughable. My question to Mr. James Harris is, why a trusteeship now and not 11years ago? This beg the question when the late Gabriel Baccus Matthew, the father of multiparty democracy in Liberia, spoke prior to the war that if allowed, will take the country back 100 years. His prophetic analogy has come to passed as he laid comfortably in the pantheon of the world’s great thinkers and watching the country which he sacrificed his life for along with Dr. Togba –Na Tipoteh and other progressive sinking into an unspeakable horror and decadence thereby dashing the hope of the forlorn and dispossessed of our republic. Despite the anemic pasturing by the present day ULAA, I am of the opinion that in time, the organization will redeem itself from the wreckage of the dependency syndrome and quick fixes and redefined its role as the impetus for change in favor of the proletarian of our society. By then, we will all become our brother’s keeper through the lenses of farness and equal justices as compared to the unwarranted title of being an “enabler” of a corrupt system. Against backdrop of the aforementioned, I will urge the honorable James Harris to join the chorus of good will to champion the cause that stymied patronage politics and corruption in favor of restorative justice in Liberia. As we all know, The Country is bog down with serious immigration problem with illegal alien taking advantage of the spoil system! Everybody from Timbuktu is citizen of Liberia and clamoring for the leadership of the country not to mention there is a possibility the country is likely to become a theocracy if dual citizenship is allowed. I want to thank the historian, Mr. Saihyonkron Nyenseor for the brilliant piece that chronicled the endemic disease that is forging the ambience of our politics especially with a killer woman as president. Finally, let me once again register my disagreement with the honorable James Harris that he misspoke in his generalized vilification of the progressive as the political formula about which a trusteeship is necessary for Liberia. Make no mistake, there are capable men and women with the political foresight to lead the country if granted the opportunity to explore those possibilities for the necessary seismic change the country desire as compared to trusteeship which only undermine the sovereign’s right of the nation
Teah Jardia at 10:15AM, 2016/03/13.
Bravo Nyanseor!

We must remind ourselves and all else that : Those who forget history will be doomed to repeat its mistakes and of course, reap its consequences."

As you make your bed, so shall you lie on it!
zumoamos at 02:59PM, 2016/03/13.
John Erakias Fallah
Elder Nyanseor,

what a brilliant expose! It is always worth the time reading your articles. They are often impregnated with historical facts, reasoning and suggestions that add to the substance of your arguments. I am particularly interested in your suggestions for a new outlook on policy formulation and implementation in Liberia as well as the need for genuine national reconciliation. The policy formulation process of our country is deeply flawed. Good public policies or the formulation of such policies is usually informed by good research data and projected outcomes or matrix that can be measured. Unfortunately, in the case of Liberia the policy-making process is a crapshoot--no data to support policy-making.

The other suggestion about genuine national reconciliation can not be overemphasized. I firmly hold the view that the Liberian civil war "ended" in the exhaustion of the warring factions to make war than their genuine belief in reconciling the differences that got them in the war. The issues or factors that drove them to war still exist. Hence, a genuine reconciliation would only be realized when those issues are addressed,not in a mere conference, but using such conference to carve out policy objectives to address those longstanding issues or differences. Revisiting President Tubman's National Unification Policy and looking at the failures and successes of that policy may be a good starting point.

Again, great job, Elder Nyanseor!
John Erakias Fallah at 11:27PM, 2016/03/13.
Common English Bible (CEB) - Deuteronomy 18:22
22 Here’s the answer: The prophet who speaks in the LORD’s name and the thing doesn’t happen or come about—that’s the word the LORD hasn’t spoken. That prophet spoke arrogantly. Don’t be afraid of him.
Efessayf at 07:08AM, 2016/03/14.
Ksndajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
Efessayf, you mean the prophet who prophesied that "this child Ellen would be great"? Then you couldn't be more right, Efessayf! Or did you expect Elder Nyanseur to write as Pastor Alex Redd the paedophile who was caught at the bordet and jailed for sex offenses with an underage Little girl! Unlike Alex Redd who exonerates the perpetrator and blames the victims, Siahyonkrohn deals with the issue as such prophets as Amos, Jeremiah, and Isiah! PREACH IT PREACHER NYANSEUR!!! YOU MUST HAVE DONE HOMILETICS AND EXEGESIS ANALYSIS!
Ksndajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 03:30AM, 2016/03/15.
Jeneka Snetter
Mr. Zoebohn:

Efessayf is referring to the fact that Mr. Nyanseor uses grotesque interpretations of the Bible to predict occurrences within the Liberian society.

To add insult to injury the essay lacks cohesion. He begins it by quoting a German cleric and relating his Nazi experiences to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in whom he has found his regular punch bag. After that he branches off to the ULAA delivering another scathing indictment. And here comes the big one -- the death of Harry Greaves.

Regarding Harry Greaves he delivers his diatribe with the strongest conviction that Ellen is responsible for his death and many others; what is so ridiculous about this assertion is that it comes in the midst of the finding of a renowned forensic pathologist; and it states that Mr. Greaves was not sodomized and that he drowned. Mr. Nyanseor discards the validity of this scientific proof for the spreading of vicious lies and propaganda.

Your elder, Mr. Nyanseor, is verging on the brink of profound insanity! He calls himself a griot and a man of god. His conduct is not new to the keen Liberian observer. Traditionally you find preachers within our society who profess to believe in Jesus but at the same time believe in voodoo or the science of the para-normal.

Mr. Nyanseor’s queer religiosity is very similar to the practice of Santeria or Obeah which is a form of religion commonly found in the Caribbean or Brazil. Usually these religions always have soothsayers or people who are believed to possess divination and are therefore capable of foretelling the future.

According to him he has written several books. Nevertheless, what impact have they had on the culture is unknown. May be the books could do well for Liberia if he can only offer simple, practical and measurable solutions to the problems afflicting the masses.

The problems that beset our people do not lend themselves to theosophism or the reading of the “Summa Theologica”. Liberians are deeply longing for down-to-earth solutions.

To conclude, the sword which the Bible talked about is a double edged sword. It cuts both ways. If Mr. Nyanseor’s dark side predictions of Ellen are always true then he will be blessed; on the other hand if they are meant to play on the vulnerability of our poor native people, then he will receive his reward.

As much as God is a God of love, He is also a God of dire vengeance and consequences. His name is not to be taken in vain!
Jeneka Snetter at 11:51AM, 2016/03/25.
James Samolu

Yes, Jeneka you are not alone in noticing that Mr. Nyanseor’s writings are sometimes infused with flights.

I have not read any of his books. Nevertheless, I am thinking here that if he rambles like this in trying to keep a short topic within borderline then I wonder what reading his tomes would appear like.

I read Mr. Nyanseor's essay on his, “… LAMCO’s experience.”
http://theperspective.org/2015/0925201502.php?page=1. In this essay, he pours out his grievances against the then Swedish conglomerate over pay and labor practices. All of a sudden his ramblings set in. He digresses from this subject to environmental pollution. Last, he concludes the essay with the unsanitary condition of Monrovia.

I hope that Mr. Nyanseor does not quote me out of context, as I do not intend to belittle him in any form, shape or manner. However, writers try to buttress the theme of their writings with as many cogent points that they can garner to support their arguments. However, they sometimes end up of with incoherent essays because they have touched too many grounds with some of them being directly related to the topic while others are remotely related. Such was the case in that essay.

The unsanitary condition in Monrovia which he referred to still exists; however, as a supporting line, it should not have been in-depth as if it was the main subject matter of the essay.

This kind of deviation takes away from the main core or the essence of the message that a writer intends to expound.
James Samolu at 10:10AM, 2016/03/26.


1. a member of a hereditary caste among the peoples of western Africa whose function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village and to entertain with stories, poems, songs, dances, etc.

Molly Dolley was a praise singer (a GRIOT). Remember his singing about A. B. Andersen, the then superintendent of the then Bomi Territory?

Efessayf at 07:40PM, 2016/03/30.
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