Former Auditor General Morlu Requests for Copy of Audit Report

The Perspective
Atlanta, Georgia
April 29, 2016

John S. Morlu, II

Editor's Note: On the 27 of April, the Liberian Observer quoted the Auditor General of Kenya as saying, “the General Auditing Commission (GAC) of Liberia from 2009 – 2013 was extremely corrupt and failed to comply with rules governing international financial best practice.” Though Morlu was not served a copy of the report and was not at GAC for most part of the period under review, drawing inference from comments about the purported audit report, Liberians still feel that John Morlu is still the Auditor General of Liberia. But the former auditor general is now requesting copy of the audit to respond to the “findings.”  It is an open secret that President Sirleaf’s legacy has been ruined by all forms of corruptions with impunity that permeate her administration.  As some observers put it, this seems to be a sinister and calculated attempt to not only disparage Morlu’s reputation, but it is also a gimmick to nullify audits done by Mr. Morlu and his auditors.  Others opine that this is happening because of Morlu’s expressed interest in putting his hat in the 2017 race. Below is the letter from Morlu:

April 29, 2016

Auditor General Yusador Gaye General Auditing Commission
Ashmun Street, Monrovia Liberia


c/o Deputy Auditor General Winsley S. Nanka
General Auditing Commission Ashmun Street, Monrovia Liberia

Dear Madam Auditor General:

More than five years ago, I departed the General Auditing Commission.

I have read multiple news outlets that an audit of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) was commissioned and subsequently conducted by Kenya’s National Audit Office. It is reported that the audit covers six years period, including about a year of the time I served as Auditor General of Liberia:

 John  Morlu ’s  term, Winsley Nanka’s term, Robert Kilby's term and  Y us ador Gaye’s  term.

Although about  one year of the six years relates to my tenure, as the person who built the GAC, I have come to represent the face of that great institution of Government. Fair enough! Highly welcomed!

I know that any mention of GAC hundred years from now, would still mention me and my staff, since we built that great institution from the dust and firth of oblivion, dysfunction and paralysis to a household name of public sector accountability.   I am duly honored that Liberians have continued to see the GAC through the prism of the work we did while I served as Auditor General.

That said, I am writing to request from you a copy of the said audit report and also request that the entire report be published. It does not matter whether it is draft form or final report.

In the same vein, I am requesting also that your office send me copies of all other previous audits conducted of the GAC that affects anytime during my tenure. There were public reports that former AG Robert Kilby commissioned an audit of my tenure to be done by Parker & Associates, yet again, it was just in the media and no published reports and no copy was provided for me even after repeated requests.

Professionally, since a part of my period was included and lumped into the subsequent periods after my departure, it would be the fair and right thing for you to have sent a draft copy for my review and comment. This is required and accepted auditing standard, whether AICPA, PCAOB, or INTOSAI Standards. That is however, a mute point since it was not done, and you will not get a complain from me at all because I believe that in the end the public discussion about the GAC will reignite the issues of public sector accountability and transparency.  It is a minor inconvenience for me personally but the larger society interest is served and promoted by the discussion of fiscal probity and public sector accountability and transparency, especially in regard to the watchdog of Government.

I have said time and time again that audit reports are not taboo; they are public documents to be made available immediately to the Liberian people when they are completed. And I have also said, like Thomas Jefferson, that I wish to live enough to see a day when all financial and related transactions of the government of Liberia are published each day for the Liberian people to see.

I am a strong believer in public sector transparency and accountability and this is why I want you to immediately publish the entire audit so as to give Liberians a chance to see what transpired at the GAC and also for me to have an opportunity to respond for the sake of the men and women of integrity who worked with me at the GAC and for the millions of Liberians who have come to believe in what we did for Liberia at the GAC. As a public servant, I am accountable to each and every Liberian and I owe each Liberian an explanation and presentation of nothing but the facts and truths.

Madam Auditor General, as the main proponent and one of the main architects of the Public Financial Management Act (2009), I ensured that Auditor Generals will never again hide audit report from the people of Liberia. So I fought and succeeded in putting in the law the timely publication of audit reports.  Section 37 (6) of the PFM Act reads:

“The Auditor General shall publish the audit report in the Official Gazette and make it available
to the Legislature and the public within one month of the completion of said audit report.”

This is the law of Liberia.

You can email me  a copy of the audit report and also all other audits conducted of the GAC that affects my tenure, whether draft or final. I am also willing and prepared to pay the full cost for DHL or FedEx so that I can get a copy of the audit report by KNAO.

Madam Auditor General, I also request that you publish the KNAO audit of the GAC and all other audits conducted of the GAC to date. This is a legal and professional obligation.





John Morlu II, CPA, CMA, CIA, CFM, CGFM, CGAP, CITP, MBA Managing Partner
JS Morlu, LLC CPAs

CC: Hon. Alex J. Tyler, Speaker, House of Representatives
Hon. Armah Jallah, Pro Tempore Armah, Senate

Peter Brown
Ellen sirleaf and her gang are very corrupt and they just want to distract people by talking about a fine and upstanding man like John morlu. I do not even think why mr. morlu is bothering with this corrupt ellen sirleaf regime.
Peter Brown at 11:33AM, 2016/04/29.
sylvester moses
The big problem with EJS and her strategists is that they are overwhelmed by the known present, yet obsessed with shaping and reshaping the unknown future. But that’s neither being proactive nor farsighted, rather it’s living in fantasyland. Undoubtedly, had they fixed today to regain lost political capital, the chances of tomorrow becoming better would have improved by half. The news of a Morlu audit after a long interval, inundated with corruption scandals, sounds so improbable that some veteran UP supporters in the Diaspora are calling each other pondering the motive for this deliberate stirring of a hornets’ nest. Because they know that even was Morlu destined to be President of Liberia, it would’ve been a taboo to drag an 80 years old grandmother (EJS’s age by 2018) to court. One went on to remind me that to show that the former auditor general isn’t vindictive, he was the one who publicly contradicted Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee when she said that core positions in President Sirleaf’s administration were held by Monrovia elite, or something to the effect.

Well, we will wait for the audit report; needless to say, protective gears, including face masks, are required against hornets’ stings – the venom can be fatal.

sylvester moses at 07:48PM, 2016/04/29.
Garsuah Gborvlehn
What makes one laughs lengthily about this very corrupt and incompetent Ellen Johnson's SCAM is Kenneth Best's PRETENSE furtively trying to give credence to such a dishonest design, when the very Kenneth Best knows that for an Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who would use a pregnant young girl in prison for ritual and lie that the girl committed suicide, bribing some corrupt auditor from one of the most corrupt countries in the world (KENYA) IS A KID'S PLAY FOR THIS CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENT WOMAN ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF! THIS WAS THE SOLE AND PRIMARY REASON WHY BENEDICT SANNOH WAS SACKED - LEAKING THE TRUTH THAT ELLEN JOHNSON SIRLEAF USED THE PEOPLE'S DAUGHTER FOR RITUAL AND LIED THAT THE GIRL COMMITTED SUICIDE. NOW, even if this foolishness or very silly nonsense could have even a tip of truth in it, does this alter the truth that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the most corrupt president in our history and in the whole world? NO! Robert Sirlesf and NOCAL! ELLEN CAUGHT IN ATTEMPTING TO APPOINT HER SON AS GOVERNOR OF CBL! THE CLEMENCEU UREYS CONFESSION ABOUT ELLEN INSTRUCTING THEM TO BRIBE.
Garsuah Gborvlehn at 11:00PM, 2016/04/29.
Mae Moore
Is it not the very Kenneth Best tacitly indicted Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as the one who killed Harry Greaves Jr. and tried to present Harry Greaves as the new Albert Porte or some saint who detested corruption so much, simply because Harry Greaves was his best friend? How subjective! Kenneth! There he went asking "if Weah could fo betyer than Ellen" when even a toddler knows ANYBODY could do better than Ellen Johnson Sirleaf whom he Kenneth implied used Victoria Zayzay for ritual while in prison!

He even has the audacity to justify THE DON'T CARE POLICY Ellen has for the Univrtsity of Liberia and in fact the educational future of othet people's children by saying LU students' criticism of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf' "dont give a damn policy" about the university is a "justification of Doe's 1984 brutality on LU campus". Ellen must have given him something following his recent outburst viz the Greaves tragedy.
Mae Moore at 03:24AM, 2016/04/30.
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