Fate Of Homeless Liberians And Others Removed From The Streets

CDC Youth League Writes LNP

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October 19, 2016



Oct 17, 2016

Hon. Gregory Coleman
Inspector General
Liberia National Police (LNP)
Caine Building, Capitol Hill
Monrovia, Liberia

RE: Fate Of Homeless Liberians And Others Removed From The Streets

Dear Hon. Coleman,

We bring you greetings from the base of Liberia’s Liberation Movement, the Revolutionary National Youth League of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the RNYL attention is drawn to the actions taken more than three weeks ago to violently removed from the streets, homeless youths, car loaders, loafers and others could be drawn to a life of crime. The Youth League expresses no opinion as to this decision, as there are multiple ways to reduce the possibility of crime and this might be an attempt to work in that direction.

However, there is a level of concern that we have as regards the manner in which these persons have been forcibly and with brutality enjoined from the enjoyment of their liberty by the unilateral directive of Abraham Kromah, one of your deputies. We begin by referring you to Article 20 of the Liberian Constitution which states that “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, security of the person, property, privilege or any other right except as the outcome of a hearing judgment consistent with the provisions laid down in this Constitution and in accordance with due process of law.”

There is nothing that indicates that there were complaints filed against these individuals, arrests warrants issued or that any of them had access to a lawyer. Additionally, no listing has been made available to the public or families of those concerned as regards those targeted (if there was a target) and those actually taken. Consequently, we have no way of knowing whether any individual could be picked up at any time, can this action be justify by AB Kromah as a continuation of his effort to rid Monrovia of the persons in question. Worse still, no judicial proceeding has begun, that would make these individuals wards of the state in any way.

Our constitutional protections are not forms of clay to be molded in the desire of any single individual, no matter how powerful or righteous that person believes they are. Moreover, Abraham Kromah is not righteous. He has arbitrarily disregarded and repeatedly abrogated the laws of our land, in a manner which, if carried out by any other person not so favored by President Sirleaf, would have placed him behind bars and not at the table with you. For example, he is on record for doing physical harm to motorcyclists and peaceful citizens. In the case of a victim Victor Johnson who was victimized by him with his assigned official vehicle marked “102” on February 22, 2015. The 57 years old victor Johnson suffered a horrific broken leg as a result of that situation. From this and many outrageous situation which led to the death of a motorcyclist and the burning down of a police station in Payneville Red light on April 16, 2015. The reoccurrence of these melees immediately resulted to his dismissal by the President on the 4th of May 2015. Furthermore, he has meted out brutality to persons exercising their God-given political franchise, while supporting CDC.

We cannot stand idly by and watch him adding enforced disappearances to his dreadful resume. Currently, the persons he took from the street cannot all be accounted for. We have been informed that a good number of them are sick. Even more disturbing news now in our possession suggests that four (4) of those young people are now dead and being surreptitiously buried without any involvement of their families.

We the Revolutionary National Youth League care for all Liberians, including those who seem to be vulnerable, because we are aware that these unfortunate persons are in their situations only due to the orchestration of individuals, including our President, at whose will and pleasure you serve.

We have waited for all of these multiple weeks to find out if there were any plans for the rehabilitation of these individuals taken from the streets, what is the content of the plan, the duration for its implementation and the expected outcomes when the process, if there is any will be concluded. Yet, information of this sort has not been forthcoming.

In so doing, we look forward to being informed within the shortest possible time as regards to these key indicators:
1. Whereabouts and health of the individuals concerned;
2. Total number of the individuals concerned (taken into custody, healthy, sick and dead);
3. Reasons for information on deaths being concealed from the public;
4. Plans for those individuals still in police custody;
5. Duration of the time of their expected stay;
6. Indicators which prompted this action led by AB Kromah, in order to guide communities; and individuals and prevent arbitrary actions;
7. What steps, if any are being taken to prevent a repetition of such in time to come?

The Revolutionary National Youth League is not oblivious to the pendency of the 2017 elections, neither have we forgotten the role of Abraham Kromah in the 2011 elections, during which he criminally proffered himself as a relative of our comrade, the Late Morris Kromah, who was murdered by state security forces at the National Headquarters of the CDC on November 7th, 2011. This usurpation by Abraham Kromah prevented the true family of that great martyr of democracy from paying their last respects. Abraham Kromah has the color of death all about him. We cannot sit that he who made the dead to disappear, extend his tentacles to the living and bring about their death also.

The Revolutionary National Youth League of the CDC will ensure by its utmost efforts, timely checkmating of every creeping or walking threat having the proclivity to undermine a peaceful transition of power to the CDC during the General and Presidential Elections come 2017.

Behold…our time is now!

For sincere change,

Signed: ________________
Barsee Karr- Barley
Revolutionary National Youth League-CDC

Approved: ________________
Jefferson T.Koijee
Revolutionary National Youth League-CDC

CC: Minister of Justice
United Nations
United States Embassy
African Union
European Union…

Emmanuel F. Saingbe

Long Live the African Revolution!

Emmanuel F. Saingbe at 11:50AM, 2016/10/19.
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah
What do you expect from a blood-drenched despot Ellen Johnson Sirleaf! She dismisses her thug Abraham Kromah for his lawlessness and incompetence,then she turns around and appoints him based on those very VICES. Now why Tipoteh who claims to be so justice conscious,cannot speak against these injustices? And then minion of his should come to tell people Tipoteh is in any way useful.The guy is simply damn well useless!
Kandajaba Zoebohn Zoedjallah at 05:39AM, 2016/10/22.
sylvester moses
INSPECTOR GENERAL OF THE LIBERIAN National Police recognizes gaps and shortcomings and admitted in an interview with FrontPage late September. “Whilst it is true that these people themselves are victims of the systemic issues—the problem we have to deal with is not Police problem is system problem—they kind of impede our functions, so if we cannot deal with them we cannot have our parts of the job taken care of ” Inspector General Coleman said. He also said the Police was concerned about rehabilitation for some the young men and women on the streets doing drugs.

“WE ARE CONCERNED ABOUT IT. We are not just trying to move them from the street, we are going beyond that. We have been trying to talk to other partners to see what other programs can be developed to incorporate them and try to rehabilitate them and put them back into society. “BUT FOR NOW, WE HAVE to keep the street free that people can walk, people can take taxi freely at night and during the day and create a safe zone,” he told FrontPage Africa.

That, obviously, showed IG Coleman as approaching the issue with sensitivity - causes of homelessness - and hence groping for a solution. Additionally, referring to homeless people as “victims” is a welcomed novelty in recent Liberian policing diction.

Clearly, the alternative to LNP moving our unfortunate folks from the streets was for officers to have used vagrancy laws to “arrest, prosecute, and harass homeless people and poor people suspected of criminal activity, or considered undesirables”. Nonetheless, I’m not excusing the allegations against Deputy IG 102, just simply looking at the issue with a wider lens. The overarching question, though, is, how could legislators of all political stripes not have foreseen that by allocating a third of annual budgets for salaries and compensation packages instead of providing opportunities, such as jobs and skills’ training, to thousands of restless unprepared youths and young adults, would result in a law and order crisis?

Nobody can’t wish away this problem by a blame game no matter how painful the reality of corralling “victims” of governmental neglect like runaway cows is. All political parties (CDC included) in the Legislature are guilty of representative negligence, or care deficit toward “we the people” that elected them to the positions which some erroneously believe they got from a divinity. A Turkish proverb says, “No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, turn back”.

And until our political leaders change course, and start behaving (as the constitution and democratic tenets intended) like servants rather than masters of the people, the anger of the majority masses might grow, and one day morph into madness. Needless to say, no patriot or concerned person would want to root for instability. But, for heaven’s sake, let’s free ourselves from the 159 years’ sentence to slavish selfishness. Liberia is all we got regardless of how convenient other countries were or are for creature comforts, or seeming safety.

sylvester moses at 01:59PM, 2016/10/22.
Arthur Tamba
The CDC Youth League was using the Zokos to generate income. Most of the phones you see with the Youth League Officials are phones stolen from citizens.
Arthur Tamba at 06:30AM, 2016/10/24.
Sylvester Moses
CDC youths aren't in league with anyone to commit crimes. In as much as the letter made some unsupported allegations, it raised legitimate concerns which IG Coleman had already addressed. If Chairman Kojee, however, has some evidence to corroborate some of the claims, he can take them to the IG directly; otherwise, let's deescalate tension.
Sylvester Moses at 03:02PM, 2016/10/24.

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